Best Laptop Tables In India Buying Guide

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Do you experience solidness and torment in your back, neck and shoulders in the wake of working for extended periods of time on your PC?

May be it is the consequence of wrong sitting stance that is causing all the strain and negatively affecting your general wellbeing.

Probably the simplest approaches to address this issue without surrendering the opportunity of taking a shot at a PC is utilizing a PC stand.

A PC stand is a convenient and helpful connection that improves the ergonomics of utilizing a PC by holding the gadget at the correct stature and point so you can keep up a better stance while working.

Most PC stands are amazingly adaptable and can be utilized on work areas, tables, beds and floors.

PC stands additionally keep your PC from getting warmed up by permitting better air dissemination to the base of the PC.

Yet, with regards to picking a PC represent your PC, you should investigate a couple of significant factors, for example, regardless of whether the stand accompanies an inbuilt cooling fan, whether the tallness of the PC stand is flexible or not, material and manufacture nature of the PC stand, versatility and structure of the stand, and so forth.

How To Choose A Laptop Stand?

 Ergonomic Factor(Best Laptop Tables)

This is the most significant factor to check while picking a PC stand. You ought to pick a stand that prop up the PC screen at such a point, that it serves to you to keep up directly back and neck act when you are situated down.


Albeit, numerous upscale PC stands have a smooth and sleek plan, they ought to have the option to help hefty weight PCs with no danger of crumbling. You ought to likewise guarantee that your PC sits easily on the stand. Check the greatest weight that a PC stand can hold and whether it has a completely upheld base or not. It forestalls the PC remain from bringing down.

 Material Used

The material utilized for making the PC decides its weight and usefulness. Most PC stands are made utilizing aluminum and different compounds to keep them light weight. Metals, for example, aluminum additionally permit quicker cooling of the PC. Stands are additionally made utilizing wood, ABS plastic and steel.


In the event that you like to convey your PC remain alongside your PC to your work place then it is ideal to pick a lightweight and foldable stand that occupies negligible room in your sack and is anything but difficult to set up.

Extra Features

Numerous multifunctional PC stands accompany different helpful highlights, for example, inbuilt fans for cooling the PC, cell phone, tablet and book holder, elastic grasp for included security, inbuilt mouse cushion, and so forth.

Best Laptop Tables To Lookout For

Let us have a look at the best laptop tables to look out for in 2020

 Portronics (Best Laptop Tables)

To make this PC stand extra ergonomic, it has wrist lays on both of its sides. Furthermore, the additional room on the correct offers enough space for utilizing an outside mouse with your PC. 

You can even change the stature of Portronics POR-704 PC stand utilizing its legs to have an ideal and ergonomic position while utilizing a PC. 

Since this is one of the main PC stands apart there that has a functioning cooling fan, it can help a considerable amount in heat the executives for your PC. In the event that you have a PC with warm issues, at that point this PC stand can be useful. 

The legs of this PC stand are very adaptable and permit the client to effortlessly modify them. Accordingly, you can utilize this PC at any tallness of your decision. 

That as well as since these legs can crease up, putting away or conveying it is very simple. Perhaps the best thing about this PC stand is that offers an enormous surface zone. Accordingly, you can utilize it for utilizing a mouse alongside your PC. 

Since Portronics is a serious famous adornments brand, it offers a 1-year guarantee on the vast majority of its items. On the off chance that Portronics POR-704 clients are confronting any issues with this PC stand, at that point they can just reach them utilizing the accompanying connection: 


  • Offers a huge surface for PC and mouse. 
  • Tough and durable development out of MDF Board. 
  • Incorporates a 1800 RPM fan for dynamic cooling of your PC. 
  • Permits you to change the tallness of the PC stand without any problem. 
  • You can utilize it in your bed just as on a work area. 


  • Not the most versatile PC stand. 
  • Does not have a cell phone holder. 


Amazon basics (Best Laptop Tables)

The laptop stand at AmazonBasics provides a great value for money rather than relying on outdated features. As a result, no USB hubs or cooling fans are to be found on this laptop stand. But that helps you to easily use it to boost this laptop’s ergonomics. And it offers the consumer a robust build quality for the comparatively lower price. This laptop stand’s metal mesh construction also lets you cool your laptop very quickly.

One of the most interesting features of the laptop stand at AmazonBasics is that it has a cable management clip on the back. You will use it to connect your charging cable, your keyboard cable, your cursor, and more.

The AmazonBasics Ventilated laptop stand can be adjusted from 12 to 35 degrees, as needed.

It is one of the smallest Amazon laptop stands on sale. When folded up, it can be easily transported in your backpack with you. It can be useful for people who sometimes do use their laptop on the go.


·        Compact laptop stand, and compact.

·        Metal structure robust and strong.

·        Construction of metal mesh for optimal airflow.

·        Offers variations of 12 to 35 degrees using hinge.

·        Great for go-to use.


·        Possibly lower weight.

·        In this laptop stand no height change.


MEMEHO (Best Laptop Tables)

If you want a big laptop booth and table combo which you can use in bed, then the MemeHo laptop booth can be a great choice. You may even use it in your bed for research. One of MemeHo ‘s special laptop stand features is that it has a groove to the top. It can be used as a holder for smartphones and tablets which many users would appreciate. And since this laptop stand is very big, you can also use the laptop along with your mouse on it.

The laptop stand ‘s legs give simple fit with antiskid feet. But as these legs can be folded up with ease, it becomes very convenient to place this laptop stand.

It also lets you stand your laptop either on a tabletop or in your room. Because of this, the laptop stand is very flexible.

This laptop stand has a rubber groove at the back that can be used as a brace for smartphones and tablets. It lets you have all of your gadgets in one location including your laptop.

Because for its construction the MemeHo laptop stand uses iron legs and plywood, it has a great quality of design. Often you can find antiskid rubber feet that can be very useful in different situations.


·        On Amazon one of the biggest laptops is

·        Offers rubber feet antiskid, and iron thighs.

·        Includes a tablet holder and a smartphone on the back.

·        MemeHo can be used both as a stand for a laptop and as a study bench.

·        Nice build quality of wood and metal.


·        Legs provide simple customization options.

·        Does not give guarantee to any producer.


Lapcare (Best Laptop Tables)

Lapcare is a brand which makes a lot of laptop accessories, as you would expect from the name. And we’ve got a highly portable Lapcare laptop stand at fourth place in this article. Despite its small size, this laptop stand offers a fantastic design that allows you to use it with your laptop without any problems.

The laptop stand at Lapcare provides a foldable configuration that has a rotating joint. And this joint also helps you to change the laptop stand height and angle while using it. You will also get a holding handle on the back that can be handy when you’re driving. It can fold up flat, so you can take it with you in your backpack.

It is a lightweight device, to make this laptop more travel-friendly. Since it is made from high-quality ABS plastic, it’s much lighter than most other laptops stand out.

Another cool thing about this laptop stand is it’s got rubber feet. This laptop stand therefore provides a great grip when being used on a tabletop.

It’s very compact, since this laptop stand will fold up flat. You’ll even find a carry handle on top to make it convenient for traveling.

There is an adjustable joint in the middle of the Lapcare laptop stand which offers a lot of adjustability. It helps you to change your laptop stand height and angle to fit your requirement.


·        It stands out as the most compact and lightweight laptop.

·        For robust construction made from high quality ABS.

·        Folds up flat into your bag to carry.

·        Allows you to change both the height and angle according to your requirement.

·        Includes a handle for carry on the go to use.


·        Does not have a fan that cools down.

·        Mechanism of the hinge lock should have been stronger.


Smart homez (Best Laptop Tables)

Smart Homez offers various furniture items on the Amazon. And this also includes their wooden laptop stand that is ideal for home use. In this article the laptop stand in sixth place offers a great wooden construction along with various useful features.

One of Smart Homez’s best aspects about a laptop stand is that it has two cooling fans. These fans help to keep your laptop running cool even under load. And you can also change the angle of the stand for Smart Homez laptops as half of it rotates on a hinge. The other section of this laptop stand provides enough surface area to use a mouse.

This laptop stand also features a drawer that can be used to store small laptop accessories.

Since this laptop stand is made of wood it provides a solid and durable quality of construction. And like many other wooden items this laptop stand feels pretty good too. Because of its folding legs you can use this laptop stand in your room, as well as on a tabletop.

One of Smart Homezlaptop’s best aspects about it is that half of the top surface rotates on a joint. The Smart Homez laptop stand lets you change the angle and height according to your requirement.

Also the legs are foldable allowing you to use them both in bed and on a tabletop.


·        The top surface can hold a laptop and a mouse.

·        Offers a good, quality wooden build.

·        Includes two fans to cool for maximum laptop efficiency.

·        For angle change, half the top surface can be rotated.

·        Great for both bedside and desk use.


·        Does not give consumer warranty to any manufacturer.

·        Legs have no height change.



A laptop stand can give the average laptop user a variety of benefits. Because of the ergonomic role it will help you develop your typing experience quite a lot. Also, because some laptop stands have cooling fans, you can help your laptop cool down a little better.

Another nice thing about laptop stands is that owing to the increased height of the computer they can reduce eye pressure. Lots of laptop users end up purchasing a laptop stand for all these reasons. Though in this article we have provided numerous laptops stands along with their features and prices, some of you might not be able to choose the best one for you. So here are some of our suggestions:

The Portronics POR-704 Adjustable Laptop Stand can be a great option if you are looking for an all in one laptop stand which offers portability as well as active cooling. Although this isn’t the smallest laptop that stands out, it can fold up. And if you consider its excellent build quality, it stands out there as one of the best laptops.

But if you want a laptop stand for home use that looks nice as well as practical, then you can go to the multi-purpose Smart Homez Bamboo Laptop Table. It offers a beautiful wooden style that both looks nice and very durable. And the fan holes in this laptop stand provide good airflow during use.

On the other side, if you’re looking for the most portable laptop stand on Amazon, then the Portronics POR-835 My Buddy Lite Foldable Laptop Stand is a great option. You can quickly fold this laptop stand into your backpack and take it with you. Although the most durable laptop may not stand out there, it is definitely the most portable one.

Be sure to express your thoughts in the section Sections. If you have any, you can ask any questions down there too!

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