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It has been a widely accepted fact that stationary is supposed to be characterless, the utilitarian essential element that sat neglected on your work desk. Is this what do you think as well?

Then you need to recharge your thought process to a great extent, because the very products included in the stationary like a pen, pencil, etc, are no more lifeless objects lying on your desk, but there is a full blow of colors, shapes, patterns, designs which bring life to your desk.

1. Navneet (Best Stationery Products)

Navneet Education is the leading player in the space of Educational content, General & Children’s books and Stationery products. It was founded in the year 1959 by Gala Group in Mumbai. The stationery products are offered under brand names of Youva – which covers a whole range of student stationery from Notebooks, Longbooks, Drawing books, Colour crayons, poster colours, Canvas and many more, as well as HQ – that offers premium office stationery like Diaries, office notebooks, Multi-subject books amongst other. Both brands offer well designed and uncompromised quality products. If you are thinking of buying stationery for yourself or gifting someone check out this coolest range of products.


2. ITC Classmates

Although a new brand, it’s a household name in India, where every kid to office goer is well aware of the quality and variety offered by this brand. It was launched in 2003, with an array of student notebooks, Classmate currently is India’s leading notebook brand and is offering a wide range of stationery products with ball, gel & roller pens and wood-cased & mechanical pencils,geometry boxes and compass kits,erasers, sharpeners and rulers and art stationery products like wax crayons, plastic crayons, sketch pens and oil pastels to name a few. They encourage the kids with their tagline ‘Likho Apna Kal!’


3. Repro India (Best Stationery Products)

In 1984, the Repro India Stationery Company was conceptualized, and with the present as a small printing press in 1990, this company has grown into a comprehensive, international publishing industry services company and today holds a presence in four continents from Asia and Africa to the U.S. and the U.K. In the market, there are multiple products offered by Repro, such as books, e-books and other interactive content to its customers.


4. JK Paper Limited

This company is the largest producer of Branded Papers in India, and JK Paper Limited Stationery Company is a business venture of the wider JK Organization. You can buy a huge variety of product portfolio like Office papers, Packaging boards, Printing & Writing Papers, Speciality Papers, and help your work operation to run smoothly.


5. Rabbit Stationery Pvt. Ltd

This company was established in the year 1972, and since then it has maintained its quality, turning it into a pioneering manufacturer of stationery products in India and for a surprise, this very company was behind manufacturing Erasers first. The Rabbit brand has been nurtured with innovations and revolutionized by the simple utility; products that have undergone the tests of time and are today the most preferred brand by the millennials.


6. Kokuyo Camlin Limited (Best Stationery Products)

Kokuyo Camlin is a joint venture between Kokuyo, Japan, and Camlin India and was started in 1946 as Ink manufacturers, but gradually they took hold on producing other print and stationery products.

Now they are the leading manufacturer of art materials, fountain pens, marker pens, inks, colors, pencils, oil pastels, and other stationery products. Their commitment to delivering superior quality has led the customers from diverse fields to try their products.


7. G.M.Pens (Reynolds)

Every kid from 90s cannot forget the craze of Reynolds, which drove everyone berserk. So this very pen was manufactured by G.m. Pens International Private Limited. This company was incorporated on 10 February 1995 and today they are the most popular brand with manufacturing and marketing more than one million pens a day. Yes, you heard me all correct! G.M. Pens has a wide network of more than 3000 re-distributors and 40 distributors. It ranks in the list of the biggest Indian stationery industries. It offers a complete range of world-class writing instruments and stationery products which would enhance global standards of writing. Designed to offer the ultimate writing comfort and style, and stands tall in delivering the essentials for perfect writing.


8. Archies Limited (Best Stationery Products)

It was founded by Anil Moolchandani, who started his career in a family-owned sari shop in Delhi, after graduating from college. His first order, worth Rs. 12 (now US$ 0.25) came from a customer in Lucknow. Oday Archies has become a well-known brand and the Archies Gallery chain is the most visible shop in every big malls or shopping center. It has grown from a cards-only company to a complete social expressions company and the stationary products from Archies are little different from casual stationery and are the perfect options for the gifting purpose.


9. TCPL Packaging Limited

It was established in the year 1990 Kanoria family ventured, TCPL Packaging today is one of India’s largest manufacturers of folding cartons and India’s largest standalone converter of paperboard.

It manufactures folding cartons, printed blanks and outers, litho-lamination, plastic cartons, blister packs, and shelf-ready packaging. It has ventured into the flexible packaging industry, and today produce the printed cork-tipping paper, laminates, sleeves, and wrap-around labels.

You can get the Folding cartons, Printed blanks & outers, Shelf ready packaging, Litho Lamination, Plastic cartons, and Blister paper to name a few.


10. Sundaram Multi Pap Limited (Best Stationery Products)

It was established in the year 1985 at Mumbai, as a paper stationery manufacturing company. This company has a wide range of paper stationery products such as notebooks, note pads, long books, scrapbooks, graph books drawing books and all other types of office stationery and printing products.

I am sure after going through this list you wouldn’t be thinking of keeping your table pain and dull, rather you would bring the extreme flood of design, pattern, quality laden products from these brands.

Although I strongly believe that every brand is the best and has the potentiality to reach the top. This brand number place may go up or down as per time.



Hindustan Pencils is India’s largest pencil manufacturer with high quality products being delivered to over 50 countries worldwide. Their brands include Nataraj and Apsara. They are committed to manufacture and market quality products of international standards. Consistent efforts are being made by the company to meet the international safety norms. The company believes in continuous improvement of the processes and the maximum utilization of the inputs to prevent degradation of the environment. All ingredients used by the company are non-toxic in nature.


12. LINC (Best Stationery Products)

Linc Pens and Plastics Ltd. is the exclusive importer and distributor of the world famous brand Umi-ball, Mitsubishi PencilCo. Japan. It is one of India’s most trusted writing instrument manufacturers with a national and international presence in over 50 countries. The organisation constantly endeavours to bring out new and innovative products and packaging and has an extensive and diverse range of products catering an assortment of ball pens, gel pens, retractable ball pens and stationery. 



Born out of a grocery store nestled in one of the many Bombay lanes, JAGRUTI is one of the most popular stationery brands in the country. Launched in 1969 under Maharashtra Book Manufacturing Company, Jagruti now boasts over 2500 products – Each one of which is painstakingly designed to its last detail. Their mission is to maximize their production and minimize turn-around-time with state-of-the-art manufacturing houses and technologies. They deliver paper stationery across India and around the world.


14. TIRUPATI INKS LIMITED (Best Stationery Products)

Tirupati Inks Limited (TIL), a public limited company with its Equity listed at BSE Limited and having a widespread family of about 10000 shareholders is a freshest entrant in the Indian Printing Ink manufacturing scene, with a commitment to offer products & solutions optimally placed on Price Value Matrix. TIL has two manufacturing facilities each at Greater Noida (2012) and Jammu (2007). Their portfolio ranges from Solvent Based Liquid Inks for packaging applications, UV & Water Based Inks. Offset Inks and Digital Inks being next online for near future introduction. 



DIC India is a part of the World’s largest manufacturer of printing inks and allied materials. It is one of the largest companies in the Indian printing, publishing and packaging industry segment, serving top-of-the-line newspapers, magazines, packaging and printing establishments in the country. It focuses on development of new products, improvement of existing ones, new technologies, processes and applications for indigenous and pan Asia-Pacific markets.


Things to consider when buying stationary

Every office work is performed with the help of office stationery and forms. These are also known as “Office Supplies.” In modern office, computer is also used to reduce the need and importance of office stationery and forms. Even though, office supplies are treated as an integral part of any office organization.

There is no possibility of elimination of 100 percent office stationery and forms by the application of computers. Hence, adequate attention should be paid with regard to the use of office stationery and forms. Cost of stationery may account for up to 30 percent of non-salary expenditure.


Office stationery and forms occupies a significant place in office management from cost point of view. Generally, the value of office stationery and forms is very small but used regularly in any office. These includes paper, envelope, latter heads, paper pads, printed forms, rubber, carbon papers, ink, stencil, typewriter ribbons, pencils, correcting fluid, pens, gums, stamp pad, pins, duplicating paper, paper weight, file covers, duplicating ink, tag, clips, sealing wax, glue, and the like.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the office is based on the adequate availability of office stationery and forms. Every office staff must be provided with the best tools of right type in order to enable them to produce the best possible results.

The office manager or a responsible person has to decide about the quality, types, and needs of stationery before purchasing office stationery. Besides, the following points have to be considered while deciding the stationery.

1. Standard: Separate standard is followed for each type of stationery. There is no link of standard with cost. Only utility is taken into account while deciding the standard.

2. Suitability: The stationery should be capable of satisfying the needs of the office and well suited for-the purpose for which they are purchased.

3. Cost: Clerical operations cannot be carried out in the absence of stationery. Even though, the cost of stationery should not exceed 40% to 50% of the non-salary expenditure.

4. Goodwill: The letters must give a good impression to the recipient. They create goodwill for the firm.

5. Durability: Cheaper quality stationery has a shorter life. The papers are kept for long period and used as documentary evidence. Hence, superior quality stationery should be used for important matters.

6. Preservation: The carbon copy of the letter is preserved for future reference. Hence, the letter appears on the carbon.

7. Performance: A specified brand of stationery has to be used continuously until the stage of availability of satisfaction. If not so, it has to be substituted by another brand.

8. Quality: Stationery has short life if ordinary quality is purchased. The stationery of superior quality will be profitable since it may go for double the time of ordinary quality and incurred low expenses.

Remember to plan for the year: Assess the amount of stationery each employee would use. Especially when you are dealing with an office with a lot of employees, it always pays to plan ahead so you can buy in bulk and get a lot of discounts.

Remember to choose the right products – Your office may not need color pencils or paints, but certainly needs markers and stamp pads. So making a list of stuff that you need helps you eliminate useless expenditure and saves you a lot of time.

Remember to focus on quality as much as quantity – Quality means the products will last longer and turn out to be more cost-efficient in the long run. Of course, there are a lot of products in the market with the price ranging from really low to hugely expensive. But focus on the quality of the products that you are going to use along with the price factor. Also, going for a brand that has been in service for years, always helps. E.g. The Camlin range of markers available in the market have a chisel tip for those broad and fine lines.

Remember to budget for refills of stationery – Mid-year, you might find you are running short of some items. Of course, in spite of all your planning, you may go wrong at times with your calculations and end up falling short of a few items because of reasons like extra employees added to the team, a project that took longer to complete, etc. Make sure you can handle the emergency by setting aside a budget for these emergencies.


Remember to encourage responsible usage: Send out an email to your office employees highlighting the importance of using stationery judiciously to make it an eco-friendly office. If employees are better informed about what they can do, to improve their carbon footprint, it will go a long way in sustaining the environment and will prove cost-effective to your organization as well.

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