Best Table Top Fridge In India

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A mini-fridge is very useful for storing milk, fruit, drinks, and other foods. Unlike conventional fridges, it doesn’t even take a lot of space. You can’t use a mini-fridge to store daily food products, though.

They are compact and can be kept anywhere, making it suitable for bedroom use, gym, small shops, etc

Mini refrigerator capacity ranges from 50 liters to 120 liters. For 1-2 people, these types of fridges are best. Some mini fridges also come with a space for freezers.

At Rs. 7,000, you could easily get a decent mini-fridge. Energy-efficient mini-fridges might be a little costly, though.

You should search for factors such as height, storage space, energy efficiency, and much more before you buy a mini-fridge for your home. To learn more about these factors, please read the buying guide below.

We’ve shortlisted some of India’s best mini-fridges. This list can help you purchase the best one for your home. Let’s look forward!

Type of fridge

Beverage mini fridge

The mini-fridges are used to keep the drinks at the right temperature so you can serve them chilled. These kinds of fridges typically have a glass panel at the front. They also have several racks and shelves, so you can store as many drinks as you want. You can drink a chilled beverage whenever you want, with the help of a mini-fridge.

Unlike a standard mini-fridge, however, this type of fridge does not have a separate section on the freezer. The temperature inside the mini-fridge drink is also not ideal for storing food. You may also check for a model that cools down the beverage and helps you to store the food products for a short time.

Wine mini fridge

Similar to mini-fridges for drinks, there are separate mini-fridges for wine that come with multiple shelves. These types of fridges are suitable for holding bottles of wine. Also, they have separate parts to store bottles of red wine and white wine. In these fridges, you can set different temperatures for different parts. This helps to retain long the wine’s flavor.

The wine mini-fridge comes with a tinted front panel to prevent sunlight from passing through the glass into the wine and to impair the wine’s taste. Reliable wine fridge models also feature automatic temperature control.

Travel fridge

Travel mini-fridges have enough space to hold food products when on a journey. They are more or less like a basket for picnics but with special abilities for cooling. They are comfortable, and they can be conveniently transported wherever you wish. Those types of fridges come with a compact design at an affordable price.

Maintenance tips for mini refrigerator

  • Always put the mini-fridge upright. You can never have it horizontal, as it can lead to problems in the fridge’s interior. However, if there is no other choice but to hold it in a horizontal position, make sure you place the refrigerator on its back or angled for a small period of time.
  • If trying to keep the fridge upright, make sure you wait at least 24 hours before turning the plug on. This will help re-correct the fridge mechanism in its place to provide sufficient cooling.
  • Keep the fridge away from any direct heat or sunlight source.
  • Make sure you’ve kept the refrigerator on an even surface.
  • Keep a medium level when turning the switch on. You can change the settings according to your needs.
  • Don’t overload the fridge, as it will result in inappropriate service.
  • Use periodically to remove expired or rotten food products.
  • Place the stuff inside the fridge in an ordered manner so that the proper ventilation and even cooling are possible.
  • Regularly defrost refrigerator.

Best table top fridge to look out for

Here is a quick rundown of the best tabletop fridge to look for in 2020.

Haier 52 liters (Best Fridge)

With its advanced direct cool technology, Haier 52 L is ideally built to meet your cooling needs, and this mini fridge consumes less space while providing the same facilities equal to a large refrigerator. Because of its clean back & luxurious look, it is also addressed as a mini-bar refrigerator.

  • Free service with a stabilizer
  • Low Noise and Vibration Compressor-32 dB super silent compressor with low vibration
  • Best energy efficient ranking-3 stars
  • Anti-fungal gasket- easy to clean
  • Wired shelves-change it to your requirements
  • Separate ice field
  • Spacious as it has a capacity of 52 liters


LG 45 liters (Best Fridge)

LG has dominated the world of home appliances for years, and this mini fridge is able to give you optimal cooling, including enough space to store water bottles of any size, fruit, and medication. By giving you the freshest and healthiest experience, its ready-to-use manual churns out the setup issues.

  • Compact & Trendy in look
  • Free operations with the stabilizers-no need for a stabilizer
  • Big baskets with doors
  • Best Bachelor Product


Mitashi (Best Fridge)

This mini refrigerator helps you to adjust the temperature without plugging out in the freezer portion with its built-in thermostat. It comes up with a user-friendly manual with its advanced cooling technology to give you a safe future.

  • R600A refrigerant:- causes less environmental damage & potential for loss of ozone.
  • Manual defrosting:- saves 40 percent of energy usage, and this will help prevent daily ice build-ups.
  • Compact size:- Its height is 49.3 cms, which can be kept either in the kitchen, bedroom, or under shelf anywhere in the house.
  • Lock & key:- blocks children from opening the fridge.


Whirlpool (Best Fridge)

Whirlpool is one of the best refrigerator manufacturers and other home electrical appliances. It is a direct cool refrigerator with a capacity of 46 liters and has ample space to store bottles of water, fruit, food, or medicine. It has seven customizable cooling modes, making it suitable for all of your year-round cooling needs.

  • Cooling Modes: The seven customizable modes provide the ideal temperature for all of your year-round cooling needs.
  • In-built Ice Maker: Get fast ice in the refrigerator at any time with its easily accessible ice tray, and have a separate freezer portion.
  • Big storage: Up to 30 cans (300 ml) or 11 bottles (500 ml) or 90 tetra packs (200 ml) can also be stored to be chilled and ready to serve cold drinks or juice packs at any time.
  • Door Racks & Chocolate Tray: It has two dedicated spacious door racks conveniently accessible for spreads, sauces, juice packs, or cold drinks. It also has a removable tray for storing chocolates, cheese, butter, and so on.


Croma (Best Fridge)

This stylish Croma compact fridge features PCM outer body finish, mechanical temperature control thermostat, and defrosting feature. Owing to its separate chiller compartment, it holds food products in frozen condition.

  • PCM Finish Outer Body: The phase-change material ( PCM) provides the fridge with anti-rusting and improves its durability while offering a high gloss finish.
  • Separate Chiller: Helps hold ice trays in this room, or freeze food items such as meat/fish.
  • Mechanical thermostat: This temperature control thermostat helps you to control the refrigerator’s indoor temperature and adjust it to suit your needs.
  • Steel Wire Shelf: Can withstand a wide range of temperatures.


Koryo (Best Fridge)

The eco-friendly r-600A coolant from Koryo 45 L makes it stand out from other mini-fridges. Its glasses are built with heavier vegetables or bottles in mind, and thus it can hold 120 kg of load without collapse.

  • Best energy efficient:- Rank 3 stars
  • Toughened glass:- can withstand up to 120 kg without collapse
  • Compact size:- It is smaller in size, and can therefore be stored anywhere in the home.
  • Separate ice zone:- Ice cubes can be kept for all uses at the same time.


Kirchoff (Best Fridge)

This mini-fridge features compressor and absorption technology and is designed to keep your home, office, or hotel energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. You won’t need to go for a demo or installation as it all comes with ready-to-use standards.

  • Metal shelf rack adjustable:- It is easy to clean and adjust.
  • A good body of aluminum:- helps to protect and removes bacteria and germs.
  • Compact size:- its compact size suits anywhere and everywhere to put it.
  • Strong gasket:- helps keep the air inside cool and avoids fungi.


Buying guide for the best tabletop refrigerators in India

There are a few really important things to review before you buy a mini-fridge for your house. These considerations will help you better understand the appliance and be of long-term use. Some of the determinants are as follows:


One of the most important aspects is managing the storage space. By measuring the space, you can get an idea of how large and how many things you can store in the fridge. However, the freezer room and shelves fill some of the rooms inside the mini-fridge. The mini-fridge size ranges from 45 liters to 120 liters. You can pick one depending on the storage space you want to use.


Obviously, the size of a mini-fridge is less than that of a large fridge used in the kitchen. Depending on the designated room at which you intend to hold the fridge, you can pick the size. There are three different types of mini-fridges available on the market, depending on the size. They are as follows:

Cube refrigerators

The Cube mini-refrigerators are the mini-refrigerators that sell best. One of the key factors behind this is that because of its shape and scale, these types of refrigerators are highly portable.

A cube mini-fridge has an interior volume of around 28 to 59 liters. It weighs approximately 12 to 15 Kg. This tiny refrigerator comes at an affordable price.

The mini-fridge cube is perfect for use in small offices, sleeping places, or playrooms. You can just bring it over a counter and use it. Some also come with removable doors, so you can open the refrigerator from either side.

One of the drawbacks of this type of fridge though, is that they are not well insulated. Consequently, they end up using more fuel.

Mini refrigerators

The mini-refrigerators in the mid-size are bigger than the mini-fridges in the cube. But with the ideal scale, they’re more spacious. With an average height of 66 centimeters, the interior of this type of fridge ranges from 80 liters to 96 liters.

Besides that, there are more shelves, and the portion of the freezer is a little wide too. The mid-size mini-fridges with these measurements are the ideal choice for putting them in offices, bedrooms, and hotel rooms.

These forms of fridges are available in many versions. Reversible doors, freezer pockets, and lock features are some of the popular variants.

Counter high fridge

The height of a mini-fridge counter-high is close to that of a cooking counter. So it’s also often referred to as a mini-fridge under the counter. You can put the refrigerator under a wall.

Its volume ranges from 99 liters to 127 liters. A counter-high mini-fridge has an average countertop height of around 90 centimeters.

Double door configuration, thermostat control, and energy efficiency are some of the factors behind the popularity of counter-high mini-fridges. These fridges are not very compact due to their size and weight and are the most costly of them all.


For different purposes, the majority of the mini-fridges create such noise. A successful brand mini-fridge does not produce much noise unless you sit really close to the fridge.

However, if you’re using the fridge for a long time, because of uneven positioning or lack of maintenance, the fridge will start making noise. So make sure that you review the noise levels in the product information section before you buy the fridge.


Mini-fridges from successful brands often come with a warranty, comparable to standard fridges. There are a range of newer brands that offer no warranty period. Now they are providing a chance of return. Even if certain versions come at a lower price, you need to avoid buying them. You can buy a mini-fridge that comes with a warranty of at least one year.

Some good brands offer even two separate warranties: one for the whole product and one for the compressor. You may assign certain marks priority. The greater the warranty period, the better it will be in the long run.


How fast the food and drinks cool down inside the fridge is largely based on the equipment used. It also gives you an idea of how much energy the fridge is making use of. Such technologies widely used in mini-fridges are as follows:

Mini-fridges compressors use much the same equipment as a standard full-sized refrigerator does. It has compressor oil, which vaporizes and passes through all the pipes connected to the refrigerator’s interior. The gas present in the vent begins absorbing the inside heat, making the inside cooler.

The kitchen, dining hall, office, or bedroom can be fitted with a compressor mini-fridge. It absorbs low energy and generates less noise.


Another significant consideration you can look for before you purchase any electrical appliances for your home or office is power or energy consumption. Buying an energy-rated fridge that has a highly efficient cooling system is always a smart idea. One thing you should note is that a smaller mini-refrigerator uses more power than a larger mini-refrigerator.


Thermoelectric refrigerators use a pump to draw out the heat from inside the refrigerator and then dispense it out of the refrigerator. This helps keep a steady temperature inside the refrigerator. Opposite, you can also customize the pump to function. You can also keep the food products warm inside the refrigerator this way, as the pump can transfer the heat from outside to inside.

Mini thermoelectric fridges are available at a lower price. They’re much lighter and compact. They even make no distracting noise. The only sound you get to hear from the fan is that. However, as the size of the fridge decreases, so too does the amount of noise produced.

Door options

Mini-fridges are available as a single door, double door, and reversible door options.

There is only one door in a single door mini-fridge from which you can hold all the items, including frozen food items such as ice cream, in one place only.

There are two separate doors in a double door fridge, where the upper door is for the freezer section and the lower portion is for the section of the fridge.

The door can be opened in either direction, in a reversible mini-fridge lock: from left to right or from right to left. Buying a reversible door mini-fridge can be the best choice if there is a shortage of room, as you can open the door from either side.

Adjustable shelves

A mini-fridge still has limited space, and it can also be difficult to handle space inside the fridge as it has fixed shelves. Some mini-fridge models come with adjustable shelves. These shelves provide you with the flexibility to adjust the height of a compartment so you can better fit all the objects.

Some mini-fridge models also feature door-mounted dispensers where you can carry bottles of milk or taller bottles of soda.


Before buying any electric appliance, including the mini-fridge, you should always settle on a budget in your head. Also, you should make a list of the features you’re looking for. This will help you determine what amount you’re willing to pay. Also, you can compare all the models available at the dedicated budget and buy the one that fits all your needs.

Freezer options

Some mini-fridge models come with a separate freezer compartment. So if you’re planning to store ice cream or other frozen food products in the refrigerator, you should buy a mini-fridge with a freezer option

Mini refrigerators with a single door typically have a smaller freezer compartment within the main compartment. Most of these fridges, however, do not maintain the exact necessary freezing temperature (especially those operated by thermoelectric systems). In addition, the freezer is usually so small in single door mini-refrigerators that it is of little practical value.


This was a quick guide to shop for the best tabel top fridge in 2020. 

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