The Best UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Of The Year 2020?


If you have spent hundreds of dollars on a laptop PC or game console, you need a UPS or a power source that’s uninterrupted.

There are several choices to choose from on the market for an uninterrupted power supply. We have narrowed down the best of those choices to five essential selections in this post. If you are using a low-power laptop, a tablet, a high-end gaming PC or something in between, all of our suggestions will suit your budget and needs. When you are not sure what you like, feel free to scroll down at the bottom of the article to our purchasing guide. We’re going to talk you through every of the specified vital specs and help you make the right decision for you.

Since power cuts in India are so frequent, an inverter is a must-have device to get an uninterrupted power supply. Users typically don’t connect the inverter to computers or ACs. Instead, the modules are using UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

UPS units help to protect the data by protecting the PCs from power outages or fluctuations. An iBall Nirantar UPS 622 is one of the most popular UPS systems used in India. If you are looking forward to purchasing your PC a UPS device, here are the essential factors you should look for:

  • Outlets: For this, you’ll need to be specific about the buying intent–whether it’s for household use or you want to link it to several devices. A UPS device with three outlets is nice enough for home use, but you can go for more outlets for office purposes.
  • Indicators: The lights on the UPS show how the device operates. Each color tells you something. For example green color shows regular operation, red color means you have to change the battery, etc.

Best UPS Available In The Market

Following is the list of the best UPS for the year 2020: 

1. Amazon Basics Standby UPS 400VA

The AmazonBasics 400VA UPS is our first entry for that list.

We recommend this one, not for owners of desktop PCs. There’s just not enough wattage for this UPS to support most desktops, particularly modern ones, though some PCs with HTPC and SFF form factors might be out there to address that point. Nonetheless, this UPS is much more suitable for those who wish to secure their game console and LCD, with a wattage limit of 255 Watts.

The Xbox One X’s average power draw is approximately 175W, according to an analysis by Digital Foundry. For absolute worst-case cases, PS4 starts at 250W, with PS4 Slim having a slightly smaller amount of power usage. You will also be able to fuel your Television with an Xbox One, or PS4 Slim. PS4s will require a more significant UPS to support a TV as well, and in general, PS4 Pros will need an even bigger UPS yet.

A low-end UPS like this one may also be seen in a dire situation as an adapter for a laptop or tablet, in addition to game consoles.

Although the 600VA or 800VA models can minimize this drawback, its main flaw is contained in its tech, which is quite barebones. In those situations where control comes back on, it doesn’t even feature auto-restarting. With this feature, you will have to reboot the device manually. Otherwise, you will have a horrible shock if you start to work on your standby power supply until it is finished.

Finally, the absence of voltage control and a restricted one-year warranty are also present. It is somewhat disappointing relative to the regular three years given by every other unit on this list, and it betrays a commodity of more inferior quality.

When this product suits the needs otherwise, then the quality can’t beat. If not, try out our other options.

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2. APC Back-UPS 650VA

Next is the Back-UPS feature APC 650VA. Here, the 650VA converts into 390W, making it suitable for full console + TV setups, as well as low power PC setups.

As for PCs, with budget gaming PCs, you are unlikely to be able to do it. However, if their actual wattage requirements are lower than this unit’s 390W goal, you still face the question with low-efficiency power supplies. If you’ve estimated your total wattage to be 350W or below and invested in a 400W PSU with 80 + Gold Rating or better, you’re not going to do this on a budget gaming machine.

Where this UPS comes in handy is as a low power PC and console machine. E.g., many prebuilt HTPCs and office PCs would have much lower wattages than the 390W target that this device demands. The maximum power consumption gaming console (the PS4 Pro at 310 Watts) also leaves ample space for a medium-sized HDTV to share the battery backup on this unit.

Nevertheless, the more significant advantages of APC’s budget UPS package over the AmazonBasics model are not just in wattage. You get a three-year warranty, an auto-restart feature for your extra money, so you don’t empty the memory backup of your UPS unintentionally, and a much-improved management program overall. Also, if the Amazon Basics model mentioned above meets your simple power requirements, we suggest bumping up to this one for a little more robust space and a better quality of life.

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3. CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS System 750VA, Best UPS of 2020

When you are searching for a backup of the machine batteries, you’re in luck; we’ve found a UPS that’s decent enough for mobile PC use.

Most real Desktop power consumption, whether you may or may not realize, is far below 400W, even with high-end components. Particularly modern PCs have low power requirements— my PC will never exceed 310 Watts at peak load, for example. That means I will be consuming an average of ~370W for an 80 + Gold rated PSU, with a decent 50W left for my display and peripherals. Not bad, huh?

Oh… that’s, really, a little bad. It is terrible, at least, if I were to run my Machine at full load while my power goes out because I would be extremely close to reaching my limit threshold. In reality, my PC is very vintage, though— what about a newer gaming PC?

These pieces together will never use more than 250W, looking at the design of our gaming PC. For an 80 + Gold Capacity PSU, the average power output is about 300W. It leaves peripherals and a computer of about 120W of power open, which is a much healthier area to operate within.

Just be sure, you will want to measure your desktop PC’s exact power pull, but every new midrange computer design or prebuilt PC will fall well within this PSU’s limitations.

Beyond the high-enough-for-proper-desktop wattage, you do have the additional advantage of improved applications, auto-restart capabilities, and even a nifty little LCD screen on which to operate.

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4. CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS System 1350VA

This UPS would undoubtedly be popular with proprietors of mid-range PC gaming.

It has about twice the overall power potential on this page, as the previous article. The 815W wattage is well above what the PC would currently absorb for a current gaming Machine… as long as the PSU has a reasonable power output and is of course not bigger than 800W. (A typical high-end PC with i7-9700 K and RTX 2080 Ti does not use more than 375 Watts of power until overclocking.)

All the extra wattage will match a full gaming rig here. This means a big TV, speaker, or multi-monitor rig will all be beyond the capability of this UPS device, as long as you’re not driving your PC to its limits by yourself. The built-in monitor can also serve as a perfect way to calculate your energy usage in real-time, and you know for a fact whether or not you are driving this UPS too hard for your good.

In terms of battery life and app functionality, CyberPower offers up there standing with the industry’s finest like APC. Oh, with this package you do get the additional advantage of voltage control, which can be useful in areas of exceptionally low or intermittent electricity.

The only real drawback of such a UPS is its high price, but if you want to secure your tech investment, every penny is worth it.

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5. APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA | Best UPS

If you do not want to settle for something other than the finest, the APC Back-UPS PRO 1500VA is the perfect, continuous power supply for you. Its power of 1500VA/900W will be more than adequate for any current gaming Machine, as well as for any displays, TVs, speakers, or peripherals that you have plugged in.

Beyond the crazy-high power, you do have stellar tech and construction efficiency. It is a UPS meant for technical use, as the “A” in its name suggests, and it reflects in usability and price. All the most essential features are USB interface, good design, high storage, and an embedded LCD panel to track your UPS.

With this model, we have only one downside to note: its high price. It is the most expensive model on this list and is the consumer’s highest-end UPS available. But, if you do have very high-end hardware, it’s worth every cent. What’s an additional ~$170 on equipment to cover $1,000+?

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6. Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS is one of the best and most cost-efficient UPS on the market. It contains all the features that should be present in a UPS and are compatible with all types of PCs for use.

This UPS offers a battery backup of about 28 minutes for devices that use a high amount of power, and for low power consumption devices, it can provide a continuous backup for 3 hours. And you can always rely on this device for backup.

The system is useful for heat exhaustion too with a change in the waveform. You will be tension-free and expect maximum performance from it once you charge it entirely for about 6 hours.

  • Auto-restart-when a virtual sine wave is recovering from the AC. It allows the device to restart and resume service when the power supply is off, and manual adjustments are not needed.
  • Overload safety–This UPS not only stops the device from accidental power loss but also protects the Machine if power overload occurs.
  • LED Indicator–The LED indicator tells you when the battery is small so that you can charge it for a continuous power supply.
  • Charging the sleep mode & Audible warning–UPS supports charging the sleep mode and also has an LED indicator. It also has an audible warning, so that if there is a problem, the user is alerted.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)–It regulates the voltage of the output according to the voltage of the input such that a constant waveform is given.

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Buying The Best UPS In 2020 | Questions To Ask

In this segment, we will clarify why you need a UPS and what you need to know when you purchase trying to find the right backup for your battery. Let’s just go inside.

Why Do You Need A UPS?

A whole power source, as the name suggests, is precisely that: unbroken. That means power spikes, blackouts, brownouts, and all other technology-related problems do not force your UPS to go offline. The UPS can shut off only if its battery is drained, switched off manually, or an external force physically disables it. However, these machines are engineered to be durable and can survive the harshest power conditions.

The uninterruptible power supply has the function of securing whatever is plugged into it. It means the Computer and Display for a Computer customer. To a computer player, that means your Computer and probably your TV, but, as with personal computers, you can easily switch off modern consoles with only the power button. You may also use this same logic for non-PC or non-console devices, such as Smart TVs or video players.

Clean and continuous power is crucial in the case of electronics, especially “smart” electronics such as a laptop, console or smart TV. You risk disrupting or losing the whole network with power spikes or outages, particularly in the case of a power failure. If you are still using your Computer for essential work, a sudden power outage will lead to the loss of all that work.

A continuous power supply is essential to preserving your possibly costly investment. It refers in particular to areas suffering from regular power outages, mainly rural areas, harsh temperatures or locations with low power grids.

However, to purchase the correct UPS, you will need to ensure certain specific criteria are fulfilled. Wattage is the most critical of these, as we’ll describe only below.

The wattage of USP

Note: If you have an older high-end Laptop or are overclocking, you may want to check the real peak power output using a wattage measurement device or wattage calculator.

Wattage is a crucial thing to remember when purchasing a UPS. The UPSs that we have mentioned come with VA and wattage scores. You don’t have to think about VA–it’s a different calculation for the same thing, so we have included the wattage ratings for both of the above listed UPSs.

We will mention specific wattage ranges below to get a more definite sense of what you would like.

  • 200W– It is sufficient for starting up a games console, Computer display or a compact (sub-30) “LCD.
  • 400W– It is adequate to fuel a games console and a big screen, or a laptop computer with a regular Computer.
  • 600W– It is sufficient for running a budget gaming PC and primary Desktop display.
  • 800W– It is sufficient to fuel a modern middle PC and a proper Desktop display. Probably a bigger Screen, depending on the PSU capacity.
  • 1000W+– It is adequate to power a high-end gaming machine, and a larger Screen, based on PSU performance.

For a PC user, you will also want to go for a regular display or small TV UPS with a wattage that suits your PSU, or at least 50W of extra capacity. Higher-efficiency power supplies are also going to be useful here, as PCs rarely need to draw 100% power from their PSUs.

If you are designing a PC, and this is part of your construction process, also take a look at our guide on power supplies.

Battery Life | Selecting The Best USP

For calculations of Battery Life, we are not referring to the life of the battery, and you will feel when the power goes out. Alternatively, we’re referring to the battery’s total lifetime within the device you’re purchasing, which is usually about three years or so. (If it fails before that, you can use your warranty to get a replacement!) In the event of an outage, the average UPS battery can last anywhere from 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the load you put under it. There would be enough time to shut down the Machine safely in almost every situation.

When power comes back on, your UPS battery will recharge, but you will need to manually reset the device to turn back to wall power first in the case of Amazon Basic UPSes.

Software and Interface

The functionality is an important aspect to consider when purchasing an uninterruptible power supply.

Every continuous power supply that we have mentioned provides software that you can use to track the UPS. If you’re a PC user, you can also use this app to automatically shut down your computer once the battery life of the UPS power backup is small, which is particularly useful if you aren’t around to switch off the Machine yourself. Apart from this simple feature, higher-end software also provides superior monitoring and control functions.

As for the interface, the standard is a USB port. On this list, you can see a USB interface for every UPS, except for a model that also offers serial connectivity.

Warranty Of The Best USP

Note: You will not be given a free replacement if your battery fails after your warranty period has expired. Then you would need to buy it.

Your warranty here is very relevant–make sure to sign your UPS properly!

Your warranty must protect the uninterruptible power supply package and the battery itself. If one falls within the agreed warranty period, the supplier will grant you the right to a replacement. 

A 3-year warranty is standard, and this warranty period is consistent with the typical UPS battery life expectancies.


Any UPS system comes with some outlets which enable you to attach it to other devices. And you must finalize the number of devices you need to connect to the UPS before you buy a UPS.

Typically, buying UPS with more number of outlets is favored. You can purchase a UPS with a limited number of outlets if you want to use it at home where you can connect a laptop, router, printer, or modem to. However, you can buy a UPS with more than three outlets if you want to purchase it for company or office use. That would add to the device’s versatility.

Another thing you should be searching for is whether or not the ports protect against surges. UPS with surge protection typically has fewer ports than a traditional UPS. The surge security feature is mounted in only a few ports in most UPS while other ports usually operate. Since the ports without surge protection will damage your devices, this aspect is essential to remember.

You can pick a UPS with three ports for general use where you use the PC with speakers, but if you want to connect a printer to it, you can use four ports to go ahead.

Extra Features To Look For While Buying The Best USP

Any UPS offers different types of services and is graded as simple and professional apps.

Certain basic features include USB contact, battery disconnection warning, and the PC-controlled ios app as well as run time, outlet numbers and performance. The app also shows the unit’s power consumption and use of the batteries.

In addition to all the necessary features, UPS’s technical features include LED screen, fast charging power, warning signals and much more.

After a thorough analysis, we have summarized all the items and considerations that will help you purchase the best UPS for your PC. Since every product is unique in its way, it is yours to take the final call. They are all durable and powerful.

We hope, this article was helpful.

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