Video Streaming Services

Video streaming services are nowadays a complete substitute to the traditional cables. The video streaming services initially started to watch the content in the second run and offers to download and keep the content for whenever to see. They were initially used to watch the shows you might have missed in the first run. With the high speed of internet service it is quite more comfortable for video streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon, etc. to build a massive library of streaming videos, put loads of money for the content that is available being it original. They play many of the original as well as the traditional TV content.

Watchable Online TVapp, AT&T’s Direct TV Now etc. are the TV tycoons who gave a reply to the video streaming services by introducing the online alternative options. HBO, Star now have their shows plus some more of the original content added to its online alternatives. What all can be provided that differentiates from the other makes the game going.

Netflix has the best of original contents like one of the biggest hits “Stranger Things” and the shows that have begged the awards like “The Crown”. Amazon, one of the biggest rival is not way behind with having Mozart in the jungle and even Hulu has just begged the Emmy for its show “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Netflix also has shows that were broadcasted long back or maybe not on the broadcast list now. Actually, the competition is more for the original programming rather than the selling again the broadcast shows or the movies.

Amazon played a good move by offering its services at a lower price than Netflix, who just increased the subscription fee from $7.99 to$9.99, which Amazon offered for $8.99 for a month.

Content in many of the cheap and small video streaming services like Crackle are updated one in a week, therefore you can find movies or any TV show you wanna watch. Mubi is a hit amongst the once who look for the movies that are not available elsewhere. So, if you are looking forward for the best of the video streaming service provider and just wanna cut down the cable, then we are providing you with few of the top options here:


Netflix is the one who is top-notch in the field. It has a superb selection every time and best to it is that you will find new once replacing the old every month. To the addition, it has original series of Netflix too. Some shows like Jessica Jones, Stranger Things are just available with Netflix.

The subscription for the standard video streaming is $7.99 for a month, and if two people want to use the same account then the subscription is for $10.99 and the four concurrent streaming it is $13.99. The content support of Netflix is 4K. Video streaming service is the priority of Netflix, although if you are the one who wants the newer releases than the DVD service is also available. Netflix is available on game consoles, tablets, Chromecast, Android, iOS and web.

Amazon Video

Amazon has around 40,000 titles for its video streaming. It has a subscription of $8.99 for a month and if you are the one who is going with it for more than a year then go for Amazon Prime as well, it has loads of stuff like Amazon music, Amazon photos, Amazon Videos and much more at the cost of $99 for a year. Many of its videos come especially for the prime members, but still, a lot is available without it as well. Amazon gives you the liberty to download the shows and movies you want and watch it anytime later.

Amazon supports SmartTV, Fire TV Devices, Roku, but with little disappointment, it does not works with Chromecast. It has also arrived on Apple TV as well. Amazon supports just the co-current streaming of two people that too if they are watching the different stuff.

Direct TV Now

Direct TV Now works on a four-tier plan, Live a little, Just right, Go Big and Gotta have it.

Live a little is somewhat like your cable packages, it provides you with about a pack of 60 channels that costs $35 for a month including all the major networks available.

Then comes Just Right with a subscription cost of $50 per month covering 80 plus channels.

Next is Go Big, that comes at a promotional price $35 for opening months and further goes to $60 for a monthly subscription fee. In this channels like Sundane TV, Oxygen logo, Discovery are included. It covers up with most of the big networks providing with 100 plus channels,

Gotta have it costs @70 for a month. It covers 120 channels including eight Stars channels Chiller, Boomerang, EI Rey and Univision Deportes.

Addition of channels like Cinemax or HBO costs just $5 for each one and provides with complete access to it. Availability of individual channels depends on your locality as well.

Direct TV Now is a superb substitute to the standard cable services. It provides with tons of connectivity options and finest picture quality. Only drawback can be said is that no DVR feature is available with it.

fubo TV

If you are someone who is deeply in love with sports, then this surely is for you. Great to catch up with MLB game that you missed as it was aired during daytime. Sundays can be dedicated to NFL games. fubo TV gives priority to the sports channel but keeps in mind that it is not just for sports channels but provides with lot more.

fubo TV premier comes with a subscription fee of $39.99 for a month covering almost 82 top networks. If you are looking for the national sports channel, then the options are NBC, NBA, FOX, NFL and CBS. And if looking for international sports channel then options are Univision and beIN network. For the options non-sports channels, fuboTV provides with a wide variety of range like National Geographic, USA, CNBC, FX, The Food Network and SYFY and many more. Movies on Demand and shows are additionally available with live programmes and events.

Some cheap plans are also available like fubo Portugues and fubo Latino at $19.99 and $14.99 subscription fee for a month respectively for the international markets.

Best of DVR facility is provided by fubo TV which lets you look back anything you missed to watch within the time duration of 72hours from the time it was aired first. You can enjoy it services with iOS, Android, Fire OS devices, Roku and Apple TV.


Hulu has superb content like “The Handmaid’s Tale” which grabbed the Emmy. The best part of Hulu is that it immediately has the data that has been aired a few minutes back, which the other video streaming services like Amazon or Netflix might provide after years or months of its being aired.

A significant drawback with Hulu is that it has ads included still. If you are going for the ad-free subscription, then the fee of $11.99 for a month is to be paid. A huge variety of gadgets is being supported by Hulu. So, the streaming is not a problem but if at all you want to do it for two or more devices then that is not possible as Hulu just supports one device, and even you cannot download it and save it to watch later on. Although it is in process.

Hulu has one of the best live TV streaming services. Its live tv option starts at the cost of $39.99 for a month and can be upgraded further to unlimited streams at and an additional cost of $14.99 for a month.

Sling TV

Sling has few plans to make it simpler for its users like the basic plan Sling Orange is at the subscription fee of $20 for a month, which supports single streaming. Sling Blue is at the subscription fee of $25 for a month and supports three streams at the same time. Not everything you might want is available on Sling Orange and there are few channels that are not available with Sling Blue like Disney channel and Fox Sports is not available with Sling Orange.

So, if you want to take both then at the subscription fee of $40 for a month you will get both and it will support four streams simultaneously.

Sling basically gives access to live TV channels like TNT, CNN, AMC and much more at cost of $20 for a month and add-on channels are available at the price of $5 for a month each, like kids extra and comedy extra.

Further, fir $5 the cloud DVR is available. Recording of multiple programming can be done easily. Sling TV supports Android, Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV devices.

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue came in very few places in the starting but in just a year it went of to national market. The availability of certain channels may vary according to your location but if one channel is not available at any specific location then Son’s PlayStation Vue services replace with any On-Demand channel available at your locality.

Sony’s PlayStation Vue live- streaming services are best for the ones who are a fan of PlayStation and want to cut the cord. They have the starting plan of $39.99 for a month that covers live TV for more than 45 channels. If at all you want to add any premium package the range will vary from $45 for a month to $75 for a month.

DVR facility is available with PlayStation Vue. On –Demand content and DVR content can be watched anywhere and anytime you want except for the shows from CBS.

PlayStation Vue live streaming service supports five streams simultaneously. Although just one PS4 or PS3 can be streamed at a given point of time and just three streams can be done at any point of time for mobile.

PlayStation Vue live streaming services support most of the devices like Chromecast, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV all you is the access to the internet.

CBS All Access

The best of the TV shows that are just available with CBS All Access like Star Trek, The Good Wife spin-off are something to go for it even after it just limits to the access of a single channel. NFL games of the nearby markets can be watched with the CBS.

Every Star Trek, The Twilight and many more shows with 8500 episodes that are up to date are accessible with CBS at a price of $5.99 for a month. The ad-free version of CBS All Access is available for a subscription of $9.99 for a month. The best part is that the classics from TV are either ways free irrespective to any plan you go for.

CBS All Access supports both iOS and Android mobile devices, X box 360, Apple TV, PC.


As for the demand of the uncountable fans, HBO released its online-only version HBO Now that is available at the subscription of $14.99 for a month. When you sign up with Google App or Amazon you get a free trial and you can add HBO Now to your Roku Player as well. After signing up its very easy to watch the shows and episodes of your choice and that too just a few minutes further of their airing time.

HBO is just the first of the premium channel that went out on its own, although the content from HBO was available at HBO Go online.

YouTube TV

All you firstly need to check is the availability of live TV streaming of YouTube TV in the city you live. If its there then go on and enjoy the DVR storage that is unlimited and can be saved up to nine months. So, all you need will be access to the internet and you can stream it anywhere and anytime, although you will have to sign in at least once in three months from your base network for the verification purposes of your location. When you go for the membership of YouTube TV that starts from $35 for a month then you can share it with your family and friends as well, as it supports six accounts and three streams are possible simultaneously.


Showtime is a video streaming service with the same name as of its premium service. It is available solo at a subscription fee of $10.99 for a month. The popular hits like Homeland, Billions and The Affair can be watched live or on the mobile device. Showtime can be easily added to the accounts of customers who are already using Hulu, Sling TV, Amazon Prime, PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV.


Without pay for your TV subscription, you can get the access to Outlander and Starz content from its solo streaming service at just the subscription fee of $8.99 for a month. It has best of series and movies in its bag like American Gods and The Good Dinosaur respectively. As show time, Starz can also be added to your account if you already are a customer of Amazon Prime, but it won’t make any difference as the subscription fee of $8.99 for a month is to be paid for both the options.