Best Water Purifier Under Rs 20,000

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As we all know that water is the most important for living beings to survive. But, it is a very difficult task to get clean and pollution-free water. We must say thanks to some of the reputed brands come up with numbers of brand new water purifiers.

Using the latest technology, these purifiers are launched. Among them, maximum brands of water purifiers are well-furnished with the germ-destroying process. Although, we are confused which one filter to buy as the large number of brands are available in the market.

Nevertheless, there are some specific factors which you must consider before buying a new branded RO water purifier. Here, we will discuss some considerable factors of water purifiers.

Quality of water

If the water provided contains a high amount of TDS, hard water, contaminated, etc., then you must consider RO water purifiers. RO retains a pore size of approximately 0.005 microns. RO purifiers contain semi-permeable membranes which remove tiny particles of metal, impurities, and dissolved salts.

Storing capacity

You must not be buying water purifiers for your home to get pure water at the time of crisis. You must need water purifiers for all the time. However, we recommend you to purchase a water purifier which has a water storing capacity of minimum 8 litres or you can prefer more than tha

Purification technique

If the water supplied to you is mostly contaminated with harmful microorganisms, dissolved and dissolved particles, insecticides, pesticides, metals, then you must choose a UV-based RO Filtration System to get fresh water 

However, we discussed some important considerable factors which we must consider while purchasing an RO water purifier.

Now, let’s discuss some of the top best RO water purifiers with its features and buying guide in 2020.

Best water purifier to shop for in 2020

Let us take a look at the best water purifiers you must shop for in 2020

Kent RO water purifier (Best Water Purifier Under Rs 20,000)

KENT is one of India’s most trusted and most widely distributed RO water purifiers. The transparent architecture of the KENT Grand 8 Litres Wall-Mountable RO water purifier is fitted with a built-in TDS controller. This product is ideally equipped for households and offices in India. In the purification of tap water or the municipal water supply, this specific model is hugely successful.

This unique water purifier is an elegant wall-mounted structure and appearance. As for their technology, a futuristic scheme for fully clean and secure drinking water is introduced by the specific purifier. The integrated KENT Grand TDS controller supports the retention in filtered water for the necessary natural minerals.

This particular purifier also comes with a dual-purification technology that takes account of RO+UV / UF in order to remove any dissolved impurities, including harsh chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and salt.

It is a fact that most water purifiers begin to lose their ability after a certain time. KENT maintains a calming environment for its customers in this aspect. As a result, over 1,500 service centers throughout the country have been introduced. It’s easier than ever to contact official technicians. This product has a one-year warranty, which is not enough because it also allows you to hold on to a three-year no-charge period.


Eureka Forbes aqua sure (Best Water Purifier Under Rs 20,000)

Eureka Forbes is one of India’s oldest water purifier brands, though more than 20 million families across the world trust the brand, as the company reports. This brand is a pioneer in the Indian market with over 35 years’ global experience in developing superior water purification technology. Their products discuss the most distinctive water environments. Their products.

Eureka Forbes has combined highly compact contemporary architecture with smart technology by using its AquaSure Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS water purifier. The perfect product for smart homes. This particular product. Their universal technology deals with water from various sources, such as borehole, tap, and petrol. Its efficient method is supplied with a built-in 6-liter storage tank planted in the best manner to ensure safe drinking water for users every day.

Its service centers are located throughout the world, making the brand, even with regard to post-sales service, very reliable. The purifier is fitted with intelligent coloured indicators to illustrate purification, tank filling, low water pressure, no water supply, or other errors. This helps you understand the purifier’s health and telephone technicians whenever needed.

You can easily mount the specific RO purifier yourself. This purifier also comes with a 6000 liter smart Cartridge Life, which offers a hazard-free safety for your family for years.


Ruby water purifier (Best Water Purifier Under Rs 20,000)

Ruby is renowned for its high-quality water cleaning products on the market. The brand has recently become increasingly successful, and the high-quality technology they introduce has won its credit. Our extensive list would not have been complete without its iconic water purifier.

One of the highest performing items in this price range is The Ruby Water Purifier. Its affordability is one of the main reasons for selecting this product in front of the other products on this list. This specific RO purifier is distinguished mainly by the existence of several philters.

The Pre-Filter consists of rust, dirt, and sand particle removal. It is successful. In addition to this, a 1-micron philter eliminates additional rust, dirt, and sand particles effectively. In addition, an activated carbon philter extracts chlorine and organic contaminants from the water. This particular philter eliminates the smell, taste, and color.

The diaphragm of reverse osmosization extracts some contaminants of hard water, such as copper, plasma, barium, arsenic, arsenic, sodium, magnesium, fluoride, calcium, nitrate, pesticides, and other pollutants. The Post Carbon Filter gradually eliminates unwarrantable smell and taste.


Blue star Aristo (Best Water Purifier Under Rs 20,000)

Well, when we talk about the best Ro UV water purifiers available in India, how can Blue Star not be included? Blue Star has long been around, but in the meantime, because of the nature of the product they offer at such a low price point, it has earned the confidence of millions of families. The 7-Liter water purifier Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 also makes our criterion one of the best items in the world.

Aristo is one of those unusual water purifiers, fitted with the latest technology and the most sought-after Aqua Taste Booster for purification from RO+UF. We need to clarify precisely what Aqua Taste Booster is in this regard. Ok, it’s one of the luxury innovations to enhance the taste of water. It is achieved by optimal filtering processes.

Aristo comes with some of the highly demanded philters for water purification: Pre-Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, and ATB Post-Carbon Filter. The multitude of these steps guarantees that after filtration, none of the pathogens and germs live.

The double-layered RO + UV protection guarantees that your drinking water is safe and does not affect your health. While RO eliminates dissolved impurities, heavy metal, micro-organism, and radioactive contaminants, UV cleanses micro-organisms, such as viruses , bacteria, and cysts, on the other side.


Konvio Neer Amrit (Best Water Purifier Under Rs 20,000)

The presence of double-layered RO + UV protection guarantees that your drinking water is completely secure and that your health is not compromised. While RO eliminates any dissolved impurities, heavy metals, micro-organisms, and radioactive matter, UV cleans micro-organisms, such as viruses , bacteria, and cysts, on the other side.

Konvio Neer Amrit has the potential to purify up to 3000 TDS of water input with an imported 80 GPD high flow membrane. The machine comes on electrical parts with a 1-year warranty. This ensures that you don’t need to think about this product’s features. To ensure best-in-class purity, the product has labeled UV and Alkaline mounted. As well as an installation tool kit, Amrit comes with a completely free Pre-filter.

Konvio Neer Amrit is an advanced water purifier that is maintenance-free and has an inbuilt 6 stage reverse osmosis water purification system. The maintenance of clean and pure drinking water results in this unique function. The specific purifier will purify up to 20 liters of water per hour, and a whopping 8 liters of water can also be stored, ready for you to drink.


Livpure Glo Water (Best Water Purifier Under Rs 20,000)

In terms of water purifier manufacturers in India, Livpure is another superstar. Their goods have always made a dent in the market as they are always working to enhance their offerings by bringing the latest technology to the table. When it comes to water purification, their in-house team of scientists works extensively to invent new methods. Had we not put their Glo on our list, it would not have been wise.

Livpure Glo is relatively inexpensive, given the features it provides. In addition to being packed with numerous features to ensure ready availability of water at all times, this 7-Litre RO + UV + mineralizer water purifier has a large capacity of 7 liters. Interestingly, in the absence of electricity or adequate water pressure, this particular system functions. The product is embedded with an advanced filtration system, which guarantees 100 % pure water supply.

As for its appearance, Livpure Glo is also elegant because it has a sleek interface. Power-packed product with suave specs such as full tank indicators.

Because of the advanced 6 Stage Purification Method, it comes with, Glo is also popular and highly sought after. The six-stage philter system includes sediment philter, RO membrane, pre-activated carbon philter, a column for UV disinfection, mineralizer, and post-carbon silver-impregnated philter. This 6-stage method ensures removal from the water of poor taste, hardness, odor, salts, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pollutants.


RO water purifier buying guide

We know how amazing you feel when you go shopping for the finest RO water purifier. Well, we think the list that we presented above will help you find the right product without much trouble. Only click on the links listed and see for yourself what are the unique features of each of those items and which one of those fits your preferences. It never hurts to understand a thing or two about the RO Water Purifiers, though. You should read our buying guide and make sure you update your arsenal of expertise. Before you go shopping for RO Water Purifiers, here are the main factors you should know and keep in mind.

Wide variety of filters

Today, the market is full of various forms of purifiers for water. They can range from basic water philters to some of the most sophisticated purifiers (including those mentioned above), such as those for comprehensive filtration with built-in membrane technology. Also commonly available are purifiers fitted with UV lamp philters for disinfection. The real question, however, is which water purifier is right for you?


You’d want your purifier to function and preserve filtered water all the time in times of emergency. This is where a water puffer’s storage ability comes into play. A water purifier is expected to have adequate storage space, but it also depends on your everyday needs. It is clear that whether you have a small family or a big family, you are aiming for an ability that can fulfill the overall requirements. Our advice will be to look for purifiers with a capacity of at least eight or more liters. The greater the power, the stronger!

Quality of water

Until deciding which water philter to purchase, make sure you take into account the form of water that is available at home. Ask yourself if the TDS is full of your domestic drinking water? Is the water rough? Is salinity rich in the water? If the answers to your questions are yes, go for a water purifier with RO. The explanation is that, with such tiny pores, RO purifiers have semi-permeable membranes that extract secret dissolved metals and impurities. In other situations, carbon activated philters should work perfectly if the water supplied to your home is soft and contains TDS.


Have you ever been concerned about what will happen to your loved ones’ health if the water you drink consists of germs like bacteria and viruses and all the other forms of chemicals and pesticides that have been dissolved? Yeah, we feel for you, and we also realize that it will not only make you and your family members sick, but it will also assault your immune system, which we agree is not at all attractive.

To remove all of those micro-organisms and chemicals from the water, you first need to check your water to find out if it contains certain pollutants that affect your health. You can easily take the water to any lab and get it checked. Just in case you discover that your domestic water has a high microbe content or is full of toxins, your choice should be some UV-based RO filtration.

Pressure of water

You must be aware that both UV and RO philters need a moderate supply of water at good pressure. Unfortunately, the RO philter does not offer adequate efficiency in the event that the incoming water at your home does not flow with appropriate pressure. Therefore, make sure that you take into account the average water pressure at your home before selecting your water purifier.

You would not want to end up investing in an incorrect method that does not deliver the best outcome. It doesn’t take long for such a failed investment to become a liability. Activated carbon purifiers would be the best option for houses with inadequate water pressure.

If your water doesn’t apply, your final option should be the RO purifier. However, if you do not have an adequate water pressure or if the water is free of pollutants, all you can do is connect an external pump to the filtration unit of the RO and ultimately help raise the water pressure.


You will probably realize that some of the most advanced water purification systems are RO and UV filtration. However, in terms of their organizational tendencies, there is a major problem. For flawless running, they need electricity, and places that lack proper electricity infrastructure can find these technologies for water filtration to be obsolete.

Without a fluent power source, the RO and UV water purifiers can’t take the full advantage. If you live in a location where the availability of energy fluctuates a great deal, consider opting for activated carbon purifiers.

If your water doesn’t apply, your final option should be the RO purifier. However, if you do not have an adequate water pressure or if the water is free of pollutants, all you can do is connect an external pump to the filtration unit of the RO and ultimately help raise the water pressure.


We hope that you have acquired some substantial information about RO water purifiers now that we have reached the climax of this post. Our list should help you determine what’s the best product on the market. In addition, our purchasing guide is built to help you make good choices later in your life when you need to purchase another philter.

But it’s very normal for you to get confused due to the tonnes of choices on our list. Let us suggest three of our favorite water purifiers in this regard, that we believe you will like as well:

Owing to different factors, we suggest KENT Grand. First, it has a trustworthy name and a market reach that is commendable. In addition, their dual purification technology and RO+UV / UF method kill all dissolved impurities, including bacteria, harsh chemicals, viruses, and salt. KENT brings peace of mind to over 1500 service centers all over the world.

Another big name in the water purification industry is Eureka Forbes. Their Aquasure Smart Plus comes with a more than 6000 liters long Life cartridge. It is also Smart Plus technology that protects the system against any harm during power fluctuations.

In particular, this particular water purifier is a favorite for us as it has a Reverse Osmosis Membrane to eliminate even the toughest water pollutants such as copper, lead, arsenic, chromium, fluoride, nitrate, and pesticides.

Owing to different factors, we suggest KENT Grand. First, it has a trustworthy name and a market reach that is commendable. In addition, their dual purification technology and RO+UV / UF method kill all dissolved impurities, including bacteria, harsh chemicals, viruses, and salt. KENT brings peace of mind to over 1500 service centers all over the world.

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