Buying guide for cycles for women in 2020

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Want the right process for your girl? Cycling not only improves their physical health and exercise during the day but also their brain growth. Most kids love to ride the bicycle, but the cycle of the girl is slightly different from the cycle of the boys, particularly in terms of look, adjustability, fit. It also has some properties which make it more feminine for girls.

Apart from finding the correct size of the cycle that fits your girl correctly, one has to check these three key factors to get the best and most appropriate bike.

Frame: The bicycle frame is made of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber of which. The steel material is widely used and offers a clean, smooth, and comfortable ride compared to aluminum. Aluminum is solid, stiff, and inexpensive in which it can sound harsh on rough roads but is better absorbed by shock. Carbon fiber, the most costly and widely used in high-end motorcycles that is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.

Brake: It gives the girl who is riding the cycle protection, particularly during the learning stage. In general, there are four types of brakes used in bicycles – Rim Brake (grips the wheel rims but has less stopping power in wet and muddy conditions), Disc Brakes (grips the wheel hub and gives superior output in wet terrain), Coaster Brakes (located in the back hub and triggered by turning back the pedals) and Drum Brakes (integrated into the wheel hubs and activating the wheel hubs).

Size of the wheel: Generally speaking, the wheel size would decide the cycle duration. Most cycles are created according to girls’ age and weight. The wheel size of approximately 20-24 inches is most widely used for girls aged 5 to 13 years. So select the wheel’s size according to your girl’s age to allow them to ride efficiently on the bike.

Apart from these three main points, there are many other factors to consider, such as suspension, girl height, handlebar shape, and more clearly listed in the Detailed Buying Guide below. Also, take a look at some of India’s best items for buying the girl’s best period.

These days buying a bicycle is easy but choosing the right one for your little girl is difficult. The market is packed with different brands, which can confuse you on which one to choose and how to get the best one. So, we’ve come up with India’s list of best girl cycles to help you find the right one.

Best cycles to shop for in 2020

Here is a rundown to help you shop for the best cycles in 2020:

Hero Fashion Cycle (Best Cycles)

The hero is one of the best-performing cycle brands. For girls/ladies, this Hero Miss India is a stylish bicycle. This cycle is perfect for girls with the height varying from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 foot 4 inches. It has a rigid steel frame of 15 inches. It is fitted with a mudguard, stand, protector, front reflectors, chain cover, rear reflectors, etc. making it suitable for everyday use.

This cycle comes with a semi-assembled state of 85 percent. The assembly tool kit and instructional manual are supplied along with the box to help the user quickly assemble it at home. For safe and comfortable travel, the front and rear caliper brakes with single speed gear can help.

  • Strong product quality and value for money.
  • Looks trendy and suits well for the 5.4 to 5.9-foot tall ladies.
  • The steel frame material, rigid suspension, single speed gear, and front and rear caliper brakes will provide a safe and comfortable riding environment.


Global Barbie (Best Cycles)

This global bike barbie is perfect for 5-8-year-old children. Its trendy sport style for street riding with neon shades, quality tubeless tires, flexible bench, and steel rims for smooth and stable travel. Training wheels on the heavy side duty and full chain cover will help secure your girl when riding this bike.

The tray/basket to carry a drinking water bottle. The adjustable back support with back seat cushion would allow the kid to ride the bike comfortably and securely. It suits boys and girls alike. It comes with less cleaning, as rust-proof comes with powerful and stylish paint.

  • The rustproof cycle frame with successful painting can help to minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Great for boys and girls alike.
  • The V brakes with airless tires and heavy-duty fans will help your girl safely and comfortably ride the wheel.
  • Value for Cash.


Avon Sherry (Best Cycles)

This Avon Sherry 26 T cycle comes with a steel frame of 18 inches (45.5 cm) with a built-in carrier and front basket and plastic dress guard. It comes in a fully assembled unit, without any home installation.

Riding this bicycle is suitable for girls who are over 5.2 feet tall (height). It is appropriate for girls aged between 8 and 14 and has adjustable seat height. The stable suspension, pink tires, robust front frame, steel mudguard, calliper brakes (with Alloy levers), and plastic tunic protection, etc. would make it safe, convenient and straightforward to ride.

  • The cycle is delivered in good condition and fully assembled.
  • It’s made of durable material of good quality which makes the cycle last longer.
  • The steel frame with built-in carrier (for holding loads and travelling around comfortably), front basket and plastic dress guard will give the user a healthy and comfortable riding experience.
  • The reliable alloy-levered calliper brake can serve as safety features.


Hero Peppy (Best Cycles)

This is yet another excellent Hero company product. This Hero Peppy 16 T is built for junior riders as a sporty bike. It has a steel frame of 10.2 inches, with a rigid suspension. Great for juniors (both boys and girls) with the height varying from 2 feet 10 inches to 3 feet 9 inches.

Equipped with the carrier, chain cover, mudguard, trainer wheels, front and rear caliper brakes, etc., this cool junior bicycle makes it suitable for everyday use. It is ideally adapted for children aged 5-10 years. This cycle is shipped in semi-assembled conditions (85 percent assembled). The customer must complete the cycle using the instruction manual and the tools given along with the box.

  • It is appropriate for children aged 5-8 years.
  • It comes with an adjustable seat option.
  • A healthy brake system that allows safe and comfortable rides.
  • Strong production and pleasing look.
  • Value for Cash.


R for Rabbit (Best Cycles)

This R for Rabbit launches Tiny Toes Rapid-the smart plug and play loop that can be organized in three simple steps and comes with ISO 8098 safety certification and all the safety features that make biking enjoyable for your little ones.

The single structure noncorrosive magnesium alloy frame is fitted with 2.5 inches wide. Solid training tires/wheels, chain guard, disc brake, adjustable handlebar, fender, high-quality adjustable bench, pedals, and rubber tire can make this bike the best and most comfortable for cycling.

  • It has elegant architecture and up to 90 percent pre-assembled and is easy to install.
  • The magnesium alloy makes this bicycle lightweight (45 kg), strong in strength, and free from corrosion or rust.
  • The disc brake will provide safe and comfortable riding in rear wheels.
  • The tiny, fast cycle of toes comes with single-frame construction without welding joints to make the structure stable and durable.
  • Because of its side training wheels safe to use for infants.
  • Beautiful ride, trendy and colorful.


Buying guide for cycles for girls

As a customer, you need to know how girls can select the best loop. You should know all the essential information about cycles for this, especially the one used by girls. Here we provide you with the guide to get a better idea about the girl’s cycle of what to expect and how to buy the right model.

Most essential parts of a cycle

Before buying any product, one should fully understand what it’s all about and how it operates, its various components, and its mechanism. So look at all the details of a period for a child.

Front Derailleur – It is a mechanism used by moving the chains from one wheel to another to change the front gear.

Pedal-Used to rotate and maximize the strength of the motion to travel quickly and adequately.

Chain Stay-A rope that links the pedal mechanism to the hub of the rear wheel.

Stem-Sets the height and allows the handlebars to travel correctly.

Brake Lever-Attached to the handlebars and used to trigger both wheel brakes.

Shifter-A lever used to shift gears quickly.

Brake Cable-Used to transfer the brake lever pressure exerted by the driver.

Carrier – Apart from the back of the loop used to carry the luggage or someone else.

Mud Shield-Used to protect the rear wheel to avoid splashing soil onto the motor.

Down Tube – This long tube attaches the pedal mechanism to the seat tube.

Tyre-A circular rubber pad is placed on the rim to protect the tube’s inner surface.

Spoke-A spindle of metal used to connect the hub to the surface.

Toe Clip-Attached to the pedal to protect the front of the foot. Also, it helps hold the feet in the right position and thus increases the pedaling capacity.

Rear Derailleur – A system used for shifting the rear gear by moving chains from one wheel to another to ensure proper cycle rotation.

Rear Light-Used in the dark or night time to indicate the cycle presence.

Reflector – System used to bring light back to the source and make them aware that cyclist is approaching.

The rim-Circular metal component to hold the tube in it.

Front Brake – Triggers the brake system to the front wheel, mainly.

Hub – Central portion of the wheel radiating to the rim where the spoken is.

Seat Stay-A tube used to attach the hub of the rear wheel to the seat top.

Rear Brake – Used particularly for the rear wheel to trigger the brake system.

Tire Pump-Used by compressing air to inflate the tube.

Things To Consider When Buying A Cycle In 2020

Here are a couple of requirements that direct you on what to look for when choosing your girl’s right kind of bike. Just go through this list and check them out before you buy the cycle for the girl.

Size of the wheel

Generally, the size of the wheel is used to calculate bicycle size. But you have to weigh the wheel’s size to buy the right one for your baby girl. The wheel comes with three main components – rubber tire, hub, and rim.

The inflatable part of the wheel is a rubber tire, which is loaded with air and always rolls down the road as you travel. The rim is the tire’s inner metallic shell, which helps shield it from damage and therefore holds it in fine shape to run the wheel for a longer duration. The hub is the central part of the wheel attaching to the rim by means of thin metallic wires running on all sides.

Manufacturers will categorize the size of the wheel in line according to the baby’s age and weight. Thus, the age of girls with weight categories may use a specific cycle size depending on the wheel’s length.

Still have any questions, then just meet with a salesperson to get your girl to use the right cycle according to their age and weight. For example, take a look at the table below to get an idea of how to find the correct size that suits perfectly for the girl before buying a bike.


It’s almost like a bicycle’s core or skeleton structure because it takes as much space as possible and makes the bike look flawless and identifiable. The cycle frame is usually made of steel, aluminum, magnesium, iron, or titanium (for extra toughness and strength).

Excellent finishing of the paint will keep it from rusting and will increase its long-life use. A few modern model cycle frames are made of carbon fiber to complete the cycle sturdy, lightweight, and long-lasting (easy to carry around), but they are a little bit expensive than other versions.


By buying a cycle from a company, the durability of its regular quality goods will undoubtedly boost. But most consumers would opt for brands (not inferior brands) to improve the cycle’s consistency and longevity. We’ve come up with the trustworthy cycle marks for girls in this article. And you don’t have to think about the characters.

The shape of the handle

In order to have a comfortable ride, one can select the bike where the seat is below the handlebars, or else the user has to add more power to the pedals to ride their wheel. The market offers five basic types of handlebars.

  • Drop Bar – This handlebar used on road bikes is aerodynamic and lightweight, useful for efficient riding but placing you in a position that will strain your back when riding.
  • Flat Bar – Along with some mountain and road bikes, it’s used on hybrid bikes. They’re heavier than drop bars, but they let you sit in a comfortable spot.
  • It lets you see the possible hazards when riding and also minimizes the pressure on the elbows, wrists, and hands with its upright position.
  • Riser Bar – Seen on mountain bikes, and extending slightly up and back to the rider. It helps you to have an outstanding trail vision ahead and get excellent steering power.
  • Moustache Bar-Looks like drop bars but helps the rider to sit upright. They are commonly seen on highway and electric bikes.
  • BMX Bar – Powerful and sturdy, this handlebar is designed to handle bike trick violence.


Girls’ cycle will usually weigh 50 percent of their body weight. So they can navigate the loop efficiently and safely enjoy their rides. The frame material used for cycle preparation will decide the weight of the cycle. So check the option before you buy the bike.


If there’s no shockers or brakes on the bike, riding the bicycle on rugged terrain with little bumps on the road would surely hurt your little ones. So, choose the bike that is better designed to withstand shock or vibrations or jerks induced by any road phenomenon to be easily absorbed at cycle level without touching the rider.

This suspension should be mounted at both the rear and front ends to avoid such shocks, and they should be appropriately positioned on the bike for the safety of your little girls.

Training wheels

For their protection, these standing wheels are ideal for children who are either in the learning stage or under eight years. This is a safety feature that keeps the baby healthy while riding with proper balance. These training wheels are placed on the bike’s back wheels to allow the bike to remain well-balanced and safe riding, particularly for those who aren’t good enough with cycling.

System of the brakes

The brake system is an essential factor to consider why, as it protects the girl who is cycling, mainly when they are in the learning stage. So always check the brake systems and explain their safety to your little girl before taking the turn of cycling.

Rim Brakes-Used by road bikes and grips the tire rims. These are economical, easy to detect, and easy to repair brake pad wear but not as effective as disc brakes.

Disk Brakes – Provides grip on the brake rotor mounted to the hub of the wheel. It comes in two models-mechanical and hydraulic. Replacing the damaged rotor is cheaper and gives superior performance in steep and wet terrain. Still, pad wear and new pads are hard to inspect.

Coaster Brakes-Used on BMX bikes and bikes for kids. Located in the back hub, and allowed by turning back the pedals. Works well in all weather conditions with less maintenance but not compatible with rear derailleurs bikes, and may be susceptible to skids. The pedals can’t spin backward, either.

Drum Brakes – Built into the wheel hubs and triggering the handlebar levers. They are typically seen on cruiser bikes. Rain resistant but more massive than other brake types, with less maintenance. Also, if this drum wears out, the hub and wheel must be modified.

Height of the person riding the cycle

Generally, the inseam’s height and length (leg length) will determine the correct size of the bicycle frame. Thus, choose the right bike frame size, which not only helps to ride efficiently but also helps to reduce the injury shift. Before buying the bike, also be sure to consider riding conditions such as the terrain areas.

Standing position

Always be sure to consider the stand above cycle height and seat height before you purchase, why because it will decide the healthy and comfortable cycle use. The seating height will be determined by the distance between the lower part of the saddle and the ground. The girl’s ability to ride a bike with sufficient seat height will be decided.

Also, check the cycle’s standing height that decides how relaxed the girl can be with the cycle on the ground without injuring herself.

What is the difference between the cycle for boys and the cycle for girls?

There is a small exciting disparity between the girl’s cycle and the boy’s cycle. The principal difference is the arrangement of them. The cycle built for girls to easily mount and stand comfortably with a slanting tube frame. The cycle’s handlebar and saddle will be different from girls and men. The girls’ physiology is also taken into account when designing the cycles to make their ride comfortable.

Some exceptional bikes are intended to comfortably ride both boys and girls with suitable features (suits for both genders).

Is a basket carrier important?

It’s present in almost all the cycles built, especially for the children. It is used for storage and to ensure a comfortable ride in which the girl can store her water bottle and bags when going to schools and other items like playing toys. This basket will keep your things secure and so make your ride comfortable.


Though we’ve given you the list of best products available in India, our top choice for the girl’s cycle is the Hero Fashion Cycle, which is why it’s perfect for height girls ranging from 5.4 feet to 6.4 feet. It has a rigid steel frame of 15 inches. It is fitted with a mudguard, stand, protector, front reflectors, chain cover, rear reflectors, front and rear caliper brakes with single speed gear, etc., making it suitable for everyday use. Growing Girl’s Cycle would you prefer in this 2020. Share your thoughts or questions with us in the Comments section below.

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