Android 4.0 has more on table to offer with new design tools for Developers

Usually, a new version of Android Studio is released by Google I/O every year. Though this year has been the exception, the Android team is set to release Android Studio 4.0 today with new Android app design tools.  Android Studio 3.5 was released last year at Google I/O with limited new features, and the emphasis […]

Tracking of mobile phones restricted only to special cases: Israel Cabinet

Tracking mobile phones of the corona virus infected people could be the last measure taken by the Israel government confirmed by the Israeli Cabinet limited on Sunday if the epidemiological testing is inadequate.The Covid-19 outbreak has made Israel government use this technology which is generally used in case of anti-terrorism though the action plan was […]

Marut Drones : Reforestation, Agriculture, Insect Menace

Marut Drones was founded by Prem Kumar Vislawath, Suraj Peddi, and Saikumar Chinthala, IIT Guwahati alumni. The idea takes the help of drones for reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and tackling insect menace on lakes. While they had not anticipated a situation such as COVID-19, they still rose to the occasion to help the needy. 11 districts […]

Apple Inc. : Shifting AirPods Studio Unit to Vietnam

Apple Inc. AAPL has been looking for a shift of its the manufacturing unit related to its over-ear AirPods Studio headphones away from China. What HappenedApple will now make its new Studio range of headphones in Vietnam. This is the first time that the Cupertino-based tech giant has produced an entirely new product in Vietnam, […]

Motorola : Budget Moto G8 Power Lite via Flipkart.

Motorola G8 Power Lite budget smartphone worth waiting for launching in India on May 21 A big 5000mAh battery is the phone’s highlight. This could end the rivalry between Realme Narzo 10A and G8 Power Lite. Motorola will announce its flagship Edge+ in India to act as a competitor to the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G […]

Digital Photography : Take it to the Next Level

Digital Photography Tips that we are going to discuss will take it to the next level at your end. Let’s check them out, one-by-one. Tips to Improve Photography : Rule of Thirds This is one of the rule followed by te Digital Photography industry to help you take eye catching pictures. It gives the photography […]

Tech Gadget for Kids : Lovable, Coolest, Wearable

Tech Gadget for Kids…wearables .. .ohhh wow…. Who doesn’t want to be a “spy kid”? sure all! Wearable tech is hottest accessories and growing in popularity not just between fitness trackers! Gadget-accessories from baby monitoring devices to rings that are smart. One in six people like to use wearable technology in daily chores, and kids […]

Marketing Videos : Plan, Innovate and Create

Marketing Videos… If you are into it, before you begin filming, you must determine the type of video you want to shoot and create. Check out some of the topics to better understand your options. Demo Videos : Showcases how the product works. Whether that’s taking users on a tour of the software and how […]

Apple’s Exclusive range of AirPods Studio with features of head and neck detection

We have been hearing about Apple’s forthcoming over-ear headphones for some time, with the evidence from various sources pointing out to the official launch later this year. The official launch of Apple’s over-ear headphones is in the news for some time now, and the multiple sources point out its launch in the latter half of […]