Wide Angle Lens : Tips for Amateur Photographers

Wide-angle lens.. .. lucrative for all of us is just like an amateur photographers get hands on first DSLR camera, they usually start with the kit lens that comes with it. As they learn more about working and using camera that starter lens, they find themselves wanting more than what the kit lens provides, and […]

Smartphone Brands and their Best-Selling Models in India

Smartphone has become a necessity for all. And, over the years, India has become one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world. As the world’s second-largest smartphone market, it is continuously attracting global mobile brands seeking to expand their market extensively. Brands Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and OPPO have 73% of India’s market in terms […]

Drones : An Amazing Transformation in Healthcare

Drone being used for commercial purposes has gotten faster as Amazon has announced that it wants to use drones to deliver to customers. This is a very transformational idea with many consequences. The future use of drones in healthcare is very thought-provoking. Industrial use of technology to improve safety and care for delivery purposes is […]

Noise canceling headphones available in India

Noise-canceling headphones, are headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds using active noise control. … Noise cancellation makes a user listening possible to audio content that too without raising the volume at higher levels. It can help a passenger sleep in a noisy vehicle like an airliner.These are the best noise-canceling cans in the country. Here are so many applications for the noise-canceling headphones […]

3 Experiential Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Experiential Gifts

There’s at least one person in your life that causes you to pull your hair out every Christmas. Not because they’re a bad person or anything, but because, when you ask them what they want, they give you a confident, “nothing”.

Geeky Gifts for the Nerd in Your Life

Geeky Gifts

If you aren’t a nerd yourself, it can be challenging to know where to start when it’s time to buy a gift for the nerd in your life. Regardless of whether they’re old, young, male, or female, nerds are often difficult to impress when it comes to gift-giving. From video games to nostalgic geeky gifts, […]

All You Need to Know about Buying Refurbished Tech This Semester

gadgets setup

Tech is a normal part of your college education, but it can be a difficult addition to your student budget. It’s expensive! Between tuition, rent, and all the other trappings of your academic career, you may not have a lot of cash to spare on replacing old or damaged tech.

The Best Present Ideas for Dads Who Love Their Tech

present for dads

You know you’re lucky. While most people your age have become the uncertified IT experts for their parents, you’ve managed to escape this unpaid position. You’ve never had to carefully explain to your father how to connect the home computer to Wi-Fi over a phone call or remind him not to update a Facebook status […]

The Best Night Vision Spy Camera

Spy Camera

Security remains to be a key concern for people. It is one of the aspects which means a lot for most of the people especially those with children. There are various options to enhance the security of our home. Among them are night vision spy cameras. But why should one go with these cameras? Well, […]

5 Drones With the Best Range


Flight range is one of the most important factors with of course the pricing of a drone. We have come up with a list of five drones with the best range in 2018 so far. You will also find the battery time a drone works for, which is another feature that needs to be noted while […]