The clock itself is recharged from the temperature difference.

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The company Matrix began selling watches PowerWatch, which are charged from the heat of the owner. The cost is on the company’s website $ 169, writes TechCrunch .

Delivery PowerWatch began after the startup Matrix collected for these hours nine times more than planned. The device works by converting body heat into energy.

PowerWatch uses a thermoelectric generator that converts heat to electricity. This is due to the use of the difference in ambient temperatures and the human body, which is kept at a constant level. Heat passes through the skin, from where it can be absorbed by the clock.

But the watch does have a replaceable lithium-ion battery. It is able to store data on the level of calories burned, the level of activity and other parameters for six months in standby mode, when the clock is not on hand.

“Two years ago, when we created our really ugly prototypes and we met with big companies, they sort of said” it’s very good, “and stroked our heads. The only way to show that it works is to go through the really hellish process that we went through in the last four years. I thought it would be easier, “said Matrix co-founder Ejkram Bokaj, explaining why the startup did not sell its technology to Samsung or Apple.

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