Hey, Boss Babes: Here’s How to Get a Leg Up In the Tech Industry

Boss Babes

As it stands today, the tech industry is male-driven, with only a few women managing to break into and find success in the industry. Keep reading as we offer some tips to help you find your place in the industry.

1. Find a mentor.

As a woman working in tech, having a mentor—especially another woman—can be beneficial in several ways. To begin with, having tangible examples of other women who have gone before you and made a way for themselves as seasoned professionals in the tech space can boost your confidence.

Another benefit of having a mentor is that they can provide useful access to resources you previously would not have had on your own. For instance, a mentor could help you get access passes to exclusive seminars.

While choosing a mentor, factor in their credentials, as an ideal mentor should be someone whose career trajectory you admire and hope to emulate.

Additionally, make sure that the two of you are compatible; have at least one hobby or interest in common—coding for instance. While a mentor can be an individual with whom you work with and admire, social media is a good place to connect with an individual whose mentorship you desire. Finding an external mentor may equip you with a broader understanding of your field.

2. Develop your skills.

The internet is rich in tools and resources that can help you develop your tech skills. If you’re interested in programming, for instance, several Python training courses cover areas such as the subplot method, how to create python subplots in Python using matplotlib, how to create a subplot2grid, and so on.

Additionally, there are several free beginner coding bootcampsonline that you can apply to. Remain curious and teachable. Keep learning as much as you can about the industry and updating yourself on emerging trends in technology.

3. Dress for the job you want.

When preparing for an interview at a tech company, it can be difficult to know what attire is appropriate. For most tech-startups company culture often dictates the dress code. While the emphasis at most tech interviews tends to skew towards your skillset, how you present yourself could set you apart from the competition.

Most tech companies tend to steer clear of the traditional business attire in favor of more laid back casual wear. If you cannot expect whether you’ll need to dress up consider a mix of business dress and casual wear. Consider pairing a fitted suit jacket or blazer with a dress shirt and ankle-length tailored pants, or a silk blouse tucked into a skirt.

Make sure that your footwear is comfortable and professional. You do not need to wear high heels if you’re not comfortable in them. Instead, you can opt for a low heel, flats, or dress shoes. If you find yourself still unable to anticipate what proper business attire consult the recruiter before the interview. Make sure your nails are well-groomed with no chipped nail polish.

4. Maintain your integrity.

Sometimes, the male-dominated tech space may make you feel as though you have something to prove as a woman in the industry. This is false. You do not have to compete with your male peers to prove yourself. You have inherent value as you are, and the skills you bring to the table are valid. Discover your strengths and carve a niche for yourself. The only person you need to prove anything to is yourself.

There is enough space in the tech world for your specific skills, when you do get the job, believe you have the ability to do the job and do it well.

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