A reliable web hosting is crucial for achieving the web development excellence. Along with attractive designs, well-planned search engine optimization and proper promotion, a reliable hosting also plays an important role in the success of a website.

A web hosting company is an important step in how your website is delivered to customer. Therefore, you should never take a back seat.  A good hosting should make your website available day and night 24/7 to your customers.

Choosing a reliable hosting partner can be a tough job. Therefore, I have decided to make it little easier for you. Today, I will review the web hosting industry’s new king. Yes you are right, it  is Hostinger!

This review will be based on the information I have taken from expert insight, real users experiences and my own personal experience.

Let’s start with its services first.


From domain registration to shared web hosting to VPS hosting, Hostinger provides various hosting solutions under the same roof.

Its shared hosting is specially designed keeping the needs the intermediate web users in mind who do not like to invest all their budget in hosting only. The company has its own cloud infrastructure that provides shared hosting at very affordable price.

Coming to the VPS hosting, Hostinger provides a suite of packages and each package has its own bundle of features.

Speaking of Domain, Hostinger is accredited with ICANN, which means the company does not resell domain names from another registrar.  All types of top-level domains can be purchased at Hostinger.


Whether you want web host for your small business, personal blog or heavy e-commerce site, Hostinger has hosting plan for everyone.

Hostinger provides three type of Hosting plan named as Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting, and Business Web Hosting.

Their basic ‘Single plan start $2.15 for month while the price of its Premium package is $3

49/mo. Coming to the Business Web hosting plan, it costs $7.95 for a month that comes with various advanced safety features.

All I can say, right now, Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosts in the Industry.


Along with services and pricing, Hostinger shapes up perfectly in the category of security as well. The company provides free SSL certificates with its premium and business web hosting plans.

Apart from this, Hostinger also supports security features such as anti-malware protection, Anti-DDoS protection, and automated backups.


There is no benefit of having a good website if it is not accessible to your users. Without a working site, your audience can not access to your website, which eventually affects your business reputation as well. Therefore, it is important whatever, hosting plan you opt for provides a constant and reliable uptime.

Uptime claims to provide 99.9% uptime and ensures that your site will load and function properly every hour of every day.

Two of my websites are being hosted on Hostinger. But in my two years of experience, I never encountered any significant downtime with Hostinger.

All I can say, such great results from a very affordable hosting company is really very impressive.


If I leave their basic plan i.e. ‘single web hosting’ plan, which is designed for small businesses, all other packages come with unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space.

Coming to the servers, Hostinger has shifted over to servers that use SSD storage. Unlike HDD server, these new-generation servers are more stable and 4 times fast in reading and writing the data.

Most of the companies do charge a higher price for  SSD hosting, so it is good to know Hostinger comes with such a genuine pricing for the same.

Really! Hostinger has certainly invested in quality resources and technology.


Hostinger ranks well in terms of user-friendliness. Numerous customers have stated in their review that Hostinger is easy to use even for beginners.

All Hostinger plan comes with the auto-installer in the control panel. Its auto-installer can install various popular applications in minutes such as WordPress. Moreover, Hostinger provides one-click app installations to help users build professional websites with ease.

It also has free easy to use website builder that has tons of free amazing templates to choose from. Using it users can customize their website according to their needs.

Customer Support

There are two ways to get in touch with the customer support representatives at Hostinger. First is live chat support and the second one is ticket/email support. Both of the services are available 24 hours, all seven days of the week.

Although the company does not have phone support yet their other two customer supports are prompt. You can rely on them for all your technical and general queries.

When I personally used their Live Chat Support, it took me 2 minutes to get in touch with their representative. Although my queries were not technical yet I found him very knowledgeable. Moreover,  he showed very impressive writing manners.

You can access Hostinger’s Customer Support both Live chat support and ticket support directly from their official website.

If you want to shop for a web hosting that is cost-effective and includes good features as well, go with Hostinger. Hopefully, you found this review helpful, and have a clearer picture in mind why you should go with Hostinger.