How AJC Bot was used for articles in The AJC 2020 Metro Atlanta Home Sales Report

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To assemble data and stories applicable to our readers, AJC editors and reporters for a considerable length of time have invested time and vitality seeing huge arrangements of data, especially data on a document with state and local governments. We’ve composed many stories dependent on what we’ve gained from the data.

The best example is real estate data, which is gathered by all county governments. Counties track records of housing sales, which can help get values, trends and other significant information about nearly everybody’s most valuable asset – their home. We think understanding this sort of information offers essential assistance to our readers.

Nonetheless, in a spot, the size and complexity nature of metro Atlanta, such a large number of transactions are documented every month that it is difficult for people to keep up. In this way, we have chosen to utilize unique software that gathers and analyzes home sales information at a rate and volume that is past what AJC can do with editors and journalists alone. AJC Bot audits county sales records and naturally creates draft articles customized to ZIP codes all over metro Atlanta. You soon might see it reporting on other sources of information as well.

This methodology is utilized by a developing number of news associations in the U.S. furthermore, Europe.

This isn’t substituting people – it’s adding to what our columnists can do. Artificial intelligence is incredible at separating a tremendous amount of information, yet we despise everything need people to signify the math.

The AJC’s partner in this activity is United Robots, a Swedish organization that gives automated editorial messages produced from enormous arrangements of data, for example, sports results, real estate records, the land registry and new business registration. United Robots established in 2015 from a task inside Swedish media group Mittmedia. It is the leading supplier of automated news stories with roots in reporting. Its services are made explicitly for the news business. In addition to its accomplices in the U.S., the organization has worked with distributors in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

The organization has discovered that automated reporting has benefited news associations in various manners, including liberating reporters to centre for detailing instead of analyzing information, discovering stories that wouldn’t have been found through conventional reporting and expanding the volume of valuable and progressively pertinent articles.

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