How Do You Resell White Label SEO?

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If you’re entering the digital marketing industry, there are a few key questions you need to ask before you begin. One of the first questions? Whether you want to sell directly to clients or to other digital marketing companies.

For businesses that are interested in helping out local businesses, it makes sense to sell directly to the end-client. However, many up-and-coming SEO specialists are focusing their energy on targeting other digital marketers. These companies are known as SEO resellers and they tailor their services to work with the needs of other companies instead of the individual client.

After all, few web design agencies are willing to spend their time and energy building a new branch of their business from scratch. SEO services cannot be performed without the proper knowledge and experience, making white label SEO resellers a valuable resource in the marketing industry for those that would prefer to outsource these services.

When you’re interested in establishing your own white label SEO company, here are the top ways to start reselling these services.

1. Perform Extensive Research on New Trends

It’s no secret that search engine optimization is always changing. As such, it makes sense that your average digital marketing agency might not have the time and resources to keep up on the ever-changing trends in SEO. When you want to start in the SEO reseller business, you need to have all your ducks in a row: that means performing ample research on current trends to deliver the best results. This will also help you answer any queries your digital marketing clients have for you when you onboard them.

After all, SEO is complex. It entails more than just putting a bunch of seemingly relevant keywords into the client’s blog. Not only does an experienced SEO specialist perform keyword research, but they also utilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to gain new leads, optimize entire sites to make them more relevant, and utilize link building to build your client’s reputation. For example, WhiteLabelSEOReseller focuses on agency-to-agency relationships since they are SEO experts.

2. Learn About BlackHat SEO

When many agencies think of SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is keyword stuffing. This blackhat SEO practice was popular a couple of decades ago when blogs learned that they could get traffic by integrating certain keywords. For example, a baking company might list a slew of relevant keywords in a row, like muffins, cakes, cakes near me, and so on. However, this isn’t organic content marketing and looks very bad in the eyes of the search engines those clients are trying to impress.

This is just one example of blackhat SEO. These illegal terms violate Google’s codes of conduct and can even get sites shut down. For new SEO resellers trying to enter the business, one wrong move into blackhat territory could ostracize your company from all digital marketing circles. Unless you want to lose potential customers, watch out for blackhat tactics that could get you flagged. The world of SEO only accepts whitehat tactics.

3. Ingrain the Benefits in Your Sales Team

Once you’ve developed an SEO package designed with resellers in mind, it’s important to train your sales team. One of the most important aspects of training your sales team is on the benefits of SEO. That way, they can relay the same information to other digital marketing specialists.

Some of the benefits include cost-effectiveness, specialization in the industry, and business scaling. Along with your current sales pitches, these important factors can help make or break your sale. While SEO hinges on industry trends and changes, the experts are willing to keep up so you don’t have to.

SEO isn’t possible for every digital marketing company. In those cases, it’s essential to outsource an SEO reseller. Rely on these tips to help transform your white label SEO company dreams into a reality.

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