How much does a Gaming Setup Cost?


Between $800 and $1,200 is the average cost of a gaming PC. However, you may have to spend up to $2,000 if you want to play high-end games at 60 frames per second on high settings.

You want to get out of your new equipment determines the final price. For example, virtual reality will be more taxing than World of Warcraft or League of Legends. Therefore, the type of game you do and the amount of performance you expect directly impact price.

The most costly laptop I examined was Asus’s Transformer Book T100U, which costs almost AU$850 (US) each month via Prime Payments. However, with all of AMD’s recent investments in GPU processing technology, this may be inadequate. Therefore, this assessment includes the pricing of a complete gaming setup.

Not only does Intel have its chip designs behind some CPUs, but there are a variety of ways they go about making chips: last year, there were rumours from Taiwan saying Microsoft was working on an 8th generation core processor; no one knows how accurate this rumour was. In any case, things aren’t perfect yet because individuals are involved.

PC Gaming: The Basics

Before we get into the precise components of a gaming setup to look for, it’s important to understand how a solid setup works and what each section does. At least seven essential components make up an optimal gaming setup that will provide you with a superb gaming experience without being excessive.

As previously stated, these components include a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, controller, desk, and chair.

  • When putting together your gaming setup, the first thing you’ll need is a computer. You can’t accomplish anything without a computer. Thus, it’s the most vital aspect of the setup. While you may buy a laptop that has already been assembled, many people prefer to build their own because it is far less expensive. It is not too tough to figure out with the correct instructions, on top of a lower price. You can choose from a various range of customizing options.
  • The monitor is the next component in a gaming setup. You won’t be able to view any images if you have a computer but no monitor, which will make you bad at gaming! A nice display with adequate refresh rates and a high pixel count will greatly enhance your gaming experience.
  • Most video games require at least a keyboard and a mouse to play. The PC will be extremely difficult to use without a keyboard and mouse. When it comes to these components of your setup, a fancy keyboard and mouse aren’t required. They should provide precise signals to your computer to eliminate lag.
  • If you play multiplayer games online, you should have at least one controller and a headset in addition to a mouse and keyboard. With a controller, you can play games built for other consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation on your PC while keeping the same controls. During online games, a headset will make it easier to hear and communicate with other players.
  • Finally, you’ll need a desk to put all of this equipment on, as well as a chair to sit in when gaming. A desk is useful for keeping your equipment off the floor, elevating your monitor, and making the keyboard and mouse easier to use. A sturdy chair is a must-have because sitting for long periods can cause back pain.

We can go over the specifics of each piece of equipment now that you know how important they are in a gaming setup. This includes what to look for and what solutions are available to you. There are numerous details to be mindful of, ranging from the computer to a small mouse.

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