How Can One Download The Best Youtube Videos Easily and Effectively

Downloading YouTube videos on a laptop is always considered to be e the most hectic activity because most people do not get a readymade option of downloading on YouTube itself.

You cannot save YouTube videos like an ordinary file, and accordingly, you have to think of another method with the help of which you can download such videos. This problem is considered to be more acute in laptops. 

Why Downloading On YouTube is A Bit Complicated?

In this article, the whole method, with the help of which you can download your favorite YouTube videos on the laptop, will be explained.

Since YouTube does not provide an option for downloading the video directly from the website, it has to be downloaded with the help of a third-party service provider, which has been specifically designed to enable the users to Download Videos from the Internet, especially YouTube. The proper list of the steps has been explained in the following way. 

Select The YouTube Video

To download a YouTube video, you have to make a choice. You have to select the video you need to download after searching for the same videos on YouTube.

You also need to decide the resolution of the video in which you need to download that.

Choosing the right video is very important because downloading from YouTube is a very hectic exercise, and if you choose the wrong video, you will have to waste your time again. 

Copy The URL

After having opened the video that you need to download from YouTube, you have to copy the address of that file from the address by Internet Explorer.

You can select that it was and then right-click. You will get the option of the copy link address, and you can easily click on that to successfully copy the entire and without any chance of committing a mistake.

Open A New Tab And Open The YTD Downloader

Your next step involves opening another tab, only Internet Explorer. Once you have opened another tab, you are required to reach out to Google.

On the search bar of Google, you have to type YTD downloader. After you open the link of YTD Downloader, you will be getting a page on which a link box will be provided. 

This link box is very important because it will help you to download the actual video from YouTube by acting as a third-party software in the process.

It is very convenient because without downloading any additional software, you can perform this exercise easily. In this link box, you can paste the copied address from YouTubeMP4

After this, you can Click on the Browse option it will automatically display the video that you previously chose on YouTube for getting downloaded.

In this way, you can find your video on third-party software very easily and conveniently with only copy-pasting function. 

Start downloading

After this process, you can click on the download option and download that Youtube video which you already decided will begin.

Once you begin downloading, you will accordingly be able to see the progress on the internet bar.

In a few minutes, depending upon Your Internet Speed, the video that you have originally chosen from YouTube would be downloaded using this third-party software very easily and in the same resolution. 


Accordingly, it can be kept in mind that it is one of the most convenient methods with the help of which you would be able to download the maximum of the content easily and without spending much of the time. It is a very convenient method because it does not involve downloading additional software for this purpose. 

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