How to Use Instagram to Gain New Health & Wellness Clients

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Instagram has a staggering number of users across the world, making the social media platform the frontrunner of digital marketing. A strong social media presence is essential to brand awareness and takes a few best practices for success. This is how to use Instagram to gain new health and wellness clients.

Have a Business Account

A business’s Instagram account has more advantages than a personal account, like being able to add contact information, business category, Facebook information, physical location, and the ability to create promotional posts. A strong personal Instagram account that has an attractive number of followers can easily be converted to a business account. Juggling multiple Instagram accounts makes it challenging to consistently create valuable content.

Write a Compelling Business Profile

There are a few key components essential to writing a compelling business profile. Choose an account display name and create a username that is easy to spell and search. Go with a name that captures the brand and gives clients an idea of what to expect. Consider using the business name as the username if the handle is available, and avoid putting numbers in the username.

Relate to the target audience with a descriptive biography that tells followers what to expect. Use searchable keywords and emojis that relate to the brand. An Instagram biography is only 150 characters long so focus on what will catch the most attention. Post a catchy profile photo that identifies with the brand. Use professional, high-quality images that make the brand personable and stand out from competitors.

Spice up a descriptive biography with some personality. If a brand is focused on motivating clients to improve health and wellness, a catchy gimmick would be posting a quote of the day from Quoterati. The website specializes in inspiring quotes, motivational, love, and life quotes. Quoterati has thousands of quotes for every occasion by successful people about popular topics.

Create Content the Target Niche Will Value

Instagram is about connecting with followers by creating a clear visual story. Being able to identify, attract, and convert target followers is the sign of a successful Instagram account. Create a clear message that will speak to client needs, share a story, and shows followers what they can learn.

An online scheduling tool is critical to delivering consistent Instagram posts. A scheduling tool allows users to schedule weeks’ and months’ worth of posts. Best of all, seeing posts all together is a great way to make sure a clear, consistent visual story is being told.

Instagram Stories have upped the ante of follower engagement with raw video content. Followers like to know the brand behind the message and prefer videos over photos. Give followers a peek into the daily life of a brand by documenting behind-the-scenes action and a personal health and wellness journey. Potential clients become actual clients when they can personally relate to the real-life behind a brand.

It’s All About Strategy

Reaching a target Instagram audience is about strategy. Use relevant hashtags in posts to promote the brand and the business’s services. Include following hashtags that the target audience might be following as a way to draw attention. Carefully consider the words and phrases in hashtags to reach ideal clients. Use a combination of new and trending hashtags related to the business to gain a larger following.

Take for example the rise in popularity of CBD within the health and wellness industry. If the brand is targeting an ideal client audience that takes a holistic or alternative approach to health and wellness, including following hashtags from popular brands and products can increase visibility.

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