In july house probe wants to testify big tech CEOs


Axios has learned that house antitrust investigators are pushing the CEOs of Alphabet, Facebook, Apple and Amazon to testify, as a part of Judiciary Committee’s tech competition probe by Sunday.

The big picture: The power of the biggest tech companies platforms will heat up as the public examining their heads.


This week judiciary Committee sent companies letters, seen by Axios, to seek the answers and documents of CEO testimony question. In next month the panel wants a hearing with executives.

  • If companies don’t comply voluntarily the letters; if the prospect of subpoenas to force document production and testimony.
  • David Cicilline, antitrust subcommittee chairman says in a statement that to complete our ongoing digital marketing bipartisan investigation of, these documents are essential. To secure the production, this is the appropriate process.
  • The lawmakers are after the papers, which include the materials that companies have produced in response to other internal communication and competition probes. A range of questions has been asked to each company on the issues related to possible competitive harms.
  • In last month, a bipartisan group of lawmakers raised the prospect to complete Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, to testify in a letter.

Background: Cicilline has said he needs to hear straightforwardly from the CEOs as a component of the review, which is set to at last produce a report with findings from the test and potential recommendations for refreshing antitrust law.                         

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