iPhone cases to shop for in 2020

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The best cases on iPhone 11 aren’t even the ones Apple offers. Cases come in all kinds of forms, sizes and prices, and some also have features that don’t have the phone it covers.

The cases here are for the iPhone 11, not the 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, so make sure the right model is here. The iPhone 11 has two rear cameras and is available in a range of pastel colours. If you don’t want to cover the design, then there’s a simple case for you on this page, but there’s also a lot of other protective options available.

If you’re after a folio with cover, credit card slots or a pop socket, there’s something for everyone. The choice of iPhone case is pretty daunting, so we’ve whittled it down to a list of our ten absolute favourites.

Congratulations, after a lot of hard work, at last, you purchased the new iPhone 11. But you’re one of those with one of the costliest smartphones. The iPhone 11, as you know, isn’t cheap. It’s a massive investment one might make. Therefore it is essential to buy iPhone 11 case to keep it safe and secure.

Apple iPhone 11 pro is a beautiful handset, just like an iPhone pro max, only a little bit smaller. Regardless of which one you have, you want to get it the same way that it’s brand new and that can only be achieved with the aid of the iPhone 11 pro case and iPhone 11 pro max case. So which one you’re going to use, whether you’re going to want a folio to bundle it entirely or you’re going to want an iPhone 11 pro max cover where you can add your credit cards and banknotes too. Consider the level of protection you need and your concerns about case design, and then make the correct choice.

Best Iphone Cases To Look Out For In 2020

Here is a quick rundown to help you grab hands on the best iPhone cases in 2020:

Ottorbox (iPhone cases)

OtterBox makes a lot of premium phone cases and has collaborated with PopSockets to deliver an iPhone 11 case combining the regular security of its dual-layer cases with the flexibility of a PopGrip. The case pairs rubber and hard polycarbonate for good protection, and the PopGrip makes it much easier for video streaming to keep or place the phone on its side. Look at Otterbox.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen ‘s Ultra Hybrid case is an excellent choice if you want a little security at a low price, and still want your iPhone to be shown off. The Ultra Hybrid case enfolds your iPhone 11 in a transparent TPU bumper to help protect it from dropping. In the meanwhile, the back is made of a strong polycarbonate that clearly shows your phone’s colour. And, the raised edges of the case shield both the screen and the camera bump from the glass.


iPhone 11 clear case (iPhone cases)

You can get an Apple iPhone 11 Clear Case right with your new iPhone if you want to stick with Apple. The case will be a good match for your phone, and the iPhone colour you’ve chosen will show you off. The case blends polycarbonate and TPU, thus adding grip and shock-absorption to the lip, giving it structural rigidity. Apple has incorporated scratch resistance in and out of the case and built it with materials to withstand discolouration.


Commuter series (iPhone cases)

OtterBox’s iPhone 11 Commuter case is part of a long-running series of cases intended to provide security for your phone as long as it’s yours. The Commuter case uses two parts to wrap around your iPhone 11: one soft rubber sheet and one polycarbonate shell to give the case more stability and longevity. Even the case covers the Lightning port with a small flap to keep out dust and debris when you don’t need it.


Speck Presidio (iPhone cases)

In their case Presidio Stay Clear, Speck has a good choice. This is just one of many cases developed by the company for the iPhone 11. Still, this particular one will proudly allow you to show the colour you’ve chosen. Speck has equipped the case with special UV and grease coatings to keep it clean, as well as bacterial protection. The case, in reality, blends two layers up to 13 feet for extra drop safety. Furthermore, the raised edges help to keep your screen and camera secure.


iPhone Strada (iPhone cases)

For a case that could add its style to your iPhone 11, see Strada Series case from OtterBox. This case blends leather with a polycarbonate shell and a folio-style cover. It will effectively swath your phone in leather while being covered on all sides. The one magnetic loop also keeps the folio cover tight, helping to keep your phone’s front extra secure when dropped. The interior of the folio cover also has a pair of card-holders.


Razor Architect

Razer, the company behind some of the best laptops in gaming, is now developing cases for iPhones. It has a new Arctech Slim case which is designed for gaming fans for the iPhone 11. In addition to offering Razer’s signature colours and providing a little bit of security to the iPhone 11, the case also has a thermally conductive lining for removing heat from the handset. It combines that with vents to help keep the whole unit cool. And, the case still is small enough for Qi wireless charging.


Spigen Tough Armor Case (iPhone cases)

The Rugged Armor case from Spigen is an inexpensive choice to secure your iPhone 11 without compromising the durability. The Strong Armor case blends soft TPU and hard polycarbonate for comprehensive safety. It has edges raised at the front and back to keep both the glass of your monitor and camera bump protected in case of a fall. The case has a built-in kickstand in the rear as a bonus, maybe making it extra handy for watching videos or filming “slofies.”


Ted Baker BookCase (iPhone cases)

Ever thinking about style? Then maybe the case from the Ted Baker Book is for you. It blends a gold electroplated hardshell with faux leather, wrapping around your iPhone’s back and front in a folio style. This ensures that your phone is secured on all sides, keeping it in your pockets or bag for extra protection. Although you will know that your phone looks fine, a mirror built into the folio cover will also help you make sure you look good at nights out.


Tech 21

The Evo Wallet case from Tech21 is a convenient way to keep not only your iPhone 11 secure but your money as well. This is because there are two double cardholders concealed within the folio cover. Also, the folio cover has a magnetic loop which is extra handy if you drop your phone to keep your monitor secure. And, if sustainability is an issue, the Tech21 says it is worth remembering that the case is made from plant-based materials.


Torras liquid silicon case (iPhone cases)

This case of liquid silicone weighs aside from nothing but still protects your screen. It’s magnetic too, so you can lock it on to a phone holder when driving.


Nillkin (iPhone cases)

The camo makes this case of Nillkin cool, the leather makes it sleek. There is even a pocket with credit cards to make it practical.


Urban Armor Gear (iPhone cases)

A famous brand for protective cases, UAG, has an iPhone 11 with a very light frame case. Despite being thin, however, it does have a soft impact resistant core with air-soft corners to give the phone a cushioning effect and keep it protected from drops and bumps. It also comes with MIL-STD 810 G certification and has touch buttons as well, and is compliant with wireless charging. One of our favourite iPhone 11 cases with a socket for wireless charging.


Suppcase (iPhone cases)

If you’re looking for a case that comes with a built-in screen protector, the Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case from SUPCASE is your perfect pick. As stated, the case comes with an integrated screen protector to protect the screen and has a 2-body design that includes a back cover made of hybrid PC and TPU, and a metal clip outer holster frame. The company claims that its case has been checked for 20-feet drop, and that the case gives the phone 360-degree protection.


Tips for buying the best iPhone case

Let us have a look at some quick tips to buy the best iPhone case:


The iPhone comes with various types of cases. First, you have to determine what is the intention of purchasing an iPhone case. Is it for screen protection? Is it particularly if you buy the Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to shield the rear casing from scratches?

Screen Protection With Raised Lip

If you’re afraid about damaging the screen about your iPhone, then you can look for an iPhone case with a fairly raised lip so that it can cover the handset when it falls face down. The downside with an iPhone case with a raised lip is that it makes it a little difficult for the edge swiping to return to the previous screen.

Clear Cases

If you’re someone like me who refuses to use an iPhone case because it ruins the design but isn’t too paranoid to use it, then the next best choice is a transparent case. One of the problems that you should be aware of when purchasing transparent cases, however, is that they are made of plastic that scratches very easily and can develop a yellowish tinge over time.

Material Used

One of my favourite cases for the iPhone is the Spigen NeoHybrid which I purchased for the iPhone 6s Plus. It provided very good screen safety with an elevated lip. Still, as it was made from a special form of shock-absorbing TPU, my suction-based iPhone car stand didn’t work. Because of the situation, I wanted to use another form of car holder. So if you intend on buying a case, take note of the content. I didn’t end up using a case in the coming cases, because it felt cheap.

Space For Charging Jack

Another thing you should be vigilant about when purchasing an iPhone case is whether the bottom portion of the unit is open like Apple’s iPhone leather and silicone case, or whether the case has an opening for the Lightning port and the headphone jack (for iPhone 6s or older).

If the case is too bulky then inserting the headphone jack or installing it on an iPhone dock may be an issue. For example, in the case of Spigen’s NeoHybrid, the 3.5 mm headphone jack just manages to fit in. If it were slightly thicker then placing the headphone jack wouldn’t have been necessary.


One thing you should think when purchasing a case is seeing if it adds a lot of bulk to your iPhone. The lighter the case, the more convenient it is to keep the gadget on for a long call, etc.

Here are some of the stuff you can think about before you purchase an iPhone case. So as you may have noticed it’s a lot safer if you can physically inspect the iPhone case before you purchase it due to all the stuff you can remember before you purchase it.


Compatibility is the very first thing to remember when purchasing a smartphone case. Consider the iPhone edition you have then choose the case that suits or is compatible with the unit properly. It doesn’t rely on guessing, it ensures the case suits the product exactly, and it is consistent with the product as models are usually described on the packaging.


Price also plays a major role in selecting the best iPhone 11 silicon cases for your iPhone. Set a target and if you buy an iPhone case, make sure you stick to it. If you’re not good at budget, then search for offline low-quality cases instead, search for available online discounts so you can get better quality at a reasonable rate.

The Case Must Flaunt Your Personality

Keep in mind that the iPhone cover you pick will define your preference and your personality. There are multiple types available and colour based choices, so choose the one that fits your personality.

Consider these things when you can’t determine the best case for your iPhone because these things can help you sort the choices.


This was a complete guide to help you get your hands on the best iPhone cases. Have a look at them and do let us know if you have any other case in your mind too. 

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