A new filter has been added to Google Assistant. This feature will now recognize Google Assistant songs. Users came to the Google Assistant in 2016, there was always a lack of this feature, which will not be there anymore. However, similar features have been seen in Google pixels 2 and pixel 2XL.

This feature has now been made available to everyone, which users can view on their Android phone. To use this feature means that if you want to identify a song then you have to say to Google Assistant that ‘What song is this?’ (What is this song?) Will tell everything about.

Apart from this, as soon as this song is identified by Google Assistant, Google also gives you some information about it. In this information, it will tell you the name of the film, whether this song is Hindi or in English or any other language. It can recognize every song. Also, there are lyrics (songs) in the songs, singer’s name, musician’s name, album name will be included. Not only this, it can also tell you what kind of generation this Song belongs to. In this information, Youtube and Google Play Music’s ammead links will also be provided, so that the songs can be easily searched.



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