Rise of the iGaming Industry


The iGaming industry has been on the rise for some time now. For almost as long as the internet has existed we have had forms of iGaming, beginning with online poker. Some of the first ever poker sites still exist to this day and players still enjoy them but of course we have much more choice on offer these days.

Obviously with this rise came regulations which stopped the spread somewhat for many years, or at least slowed it for a time but after the impact of the pandemic seeing so many businesses becoming remote or offering a trade online, it has helped the online gaming industry to explode. So many countries are now bringing in legislation to allow for online gambling. One of the biggest of those countries is the United States.

So many States of the US are in the process of writing up their legislation to allow for iGaming and online betting, if they haven’t already, which again will continue to have a huge impact on the market.

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The games

One of the biggest reasons for the appeal of online gaming is the games and the vast choice of them now. Not only can you play all of your favourite casino games from the comfort of your own sofa, but now there are so many variations of those games and new, innovative games are being created on a daily basis. Online casinos now offer you everything from the latest titles through to old classic game show type games and from poker to the latest fascinating slots variation. If you’re a fan of the slots then take a look at this interesting article for some possible new tips.

All these games can also now be played with stunning graphics, with live dealers or presenters and include chat rooms so you can interact with anyone else playing the game to keep the social element you would get from a brick and mortar casino.

The US is also beginning to allow sportsbooks and betting online now in some states which will be of big interest to some of the major iGaming businesses. We are already seeing many non-US companies looking to make partnerships with US based organizations to allow them to launch their own online sportsbooks and casinos.

Blockchain technology

With the huge rise of the iGaming industry and the technology that has continued to keep pace with it, it’s hard for anyone to see what more can be improved to continue this meteoric rise, but one thing for the future that looks set to lend a hand is Blockchain technology.

This tech would eliminate the need for a third party to process bets and allow for bets to be processed, stored and logged into a public ledger on a blockchain ecosystem, which would allow for all parties involved to see, check and verify results produced by online casinos. This could have a huge influence on the US market as many believe it is what might help to legalise online gambling across all states. This could also see cryptocurrency becoming the main form of payment for the industry at a time when crypto is on a huge rise of its own.

Much to look forward to..

It’s no secret that the pandemic has lent a helping hand to many online industries and in particular the iGaming industry, but with so many innovative new games and technologies being created at an alarming rate the industry itself seems to show no signs of letting up. As we come out of what seemed like a never ending series of lockdowns, the US is now beginning to allow the industry into their vast shores and with new tech being created and becoming more advanced constantly, this rise will continue.

The massive amount of money that iGaming generates is a big reason for the US now loosening their laws and writing fresh legislation and as each state decides to change their laws on gambling the next state will not want to be the last to join the bandwagon. The future certainly looks bright for online gamblers and the industry as a whole in the USA, but to take a closer look at the surge in numbers from last year then you can learn some more here in an article about the numbers and records broken in 2021 from the gambling business.

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