Social media has become an integral aspect of our lives. With sharing of images of various life events, commenting on each other’s pics and status, watching videos etc. all is done on social media. We express our opinion and communicate with each other using social media platforms. It has transformed our way of living and has a far-reaching impact on society as a whole. But no social media platform offers you to earn reward other than recognition and likes. That’s where Sagoon a social media revolution app comes in.

Users often share and exchange information, chat with each other, browse and shop online, often gift their friends, and in turn, they get cashback at some e-commerce sites. However, there was lack of a common platform to do so. Going from one site to another in order to talk to friends online, redeeming coupons and sharing information along with shopping and gifting can be quite a tedious task to do and gets even more complicated. Sagoon provides such platform by revolutionizing the social media aspect along with reward system. It is the perfect combination of what we love about social media along with online shopping.

Sagoon is a great social media platform where you can connect with friends, share and earn. It is a creation of a Delhi-based startup. People spend a lot of time on social media networks as well as e-commerce websites. Sagoon is social e-commerce platform which allows you to connect with like-minded people and share your ideas and in turn get cashback.


  1. It has a sleek interface with a simple process to share your thoughts. Its dashboard is interactive and gives you options to make changes to your day, secrets and display your mood.
  2. You get a Me Page where you can make your profile with all your information and interests shared on one page. It has an About Me section where you can define yourself briefly. You can also add your basic information as well as a list of your contacts. It is a true reflection of your personal as well as professional life which allows others to know who you are.
  3. It has Mood Talk feature where you don’t need to text anyone or make a phone call. Just share your mood with emoticons and let them express your emotions. Judging by that your contacts can express their feeling about your mood and let you know what they think about it and even tell you what to do and empathize with you.
  4. It offers My Day which allows you to create and share your schedules as well as to-do-lists to let people know what you are upto. This feature provides visualization of your daily life with your friends and family members. You can share your events and things to do so that people can know what you are planning to do and interact with you regarding with it. You can also set reminders.
  5. It has a Secret sharing tool which also provides you a medium to share learning, something you experience and your findings to other people and let them know what you realized and what you really think of about anything that interests you.

The Open Secret feature helps in creating a transparent society with allowing you to share your view with rest of the world and make a contribution in changing the society which comes inherently with a social media app.

The Private Secret allows you to share your thoughts and once they are read, they get deleted. You can take out your frustration and thoughts that are building up inside your head, express it on the app and get off the burden. You can just free yourself with any hidden afterthoughts about someone’s behaviour and actions and share it your contacts and let them know what you are going through and what you really feel about it.

private secret

  1. The Story Traction feature provides you with the overview of how your story is travelling in the social media. It shows how popular your story is becoming and gives a clear picture of how much impact it is making on other people judging by how many people are feeling associated with it. It shows total views and the number of cities and countries from where people have viewed your thoughts and shares.

Story TractionCompany Overview

At present, this startup has a 30 member team with 2.5 lakhs members already. Majority of the users are from age group 25 to 34. It currently has over one million users present on its waiting list. This company uses both online as well as offline marketing. It has registered users from different countries such as US, India and Nepal. The company currently has a strong base in Kathmandu, Nepal and now the focus is turning to Delhi. The company is also planning a mini-IPO.

It is founded by Dayall who has over eight years of experience in mobile and web development domain. The co-founder and CEO of the company is Govinda Giri who is based in Washington DC with over 15 years experience in IT enterprise solutions. Kabin Sitoula is another top management person and the co-founder with over 20 years of experience both in marketing and finance. At present, they have managed to raise around $500,000 in funding from their friends and family, so far.

Dayal reveals that the company will soon launch Social Smart card later this years which will set them apart from their competition. It is supposed to be the real game changer since no social media platforms allow the users to automatically receive any online shopping cart that will allow them to earn and spend money, redeem coupons as well as gift others. This Social Smart Card will enable the users to buy things online, send gifts and even shop at any retail location. Every Sagoon user will a Sagoon Social Smart card for free when they create their own Sagoon profile. They will earn 5 percent of every transaction that they make along with company’s revenue portion of their time spent while socializing with Sagoon.


Sagoon is clearly an innovative and disruptive app which allows users to not only share their views but also earn rewards as they go on about shopping online. It provides them platform to let people know about their emotions in an interactive way. It allows them to become popular on social media while earning during the socializing. With new features like Social Smart Card to be launched soon, it will change the entire social media cum online shopping domain and reward the users for sharing their stories and shopping online.