Simple (and Free!) SEO Tools to Improve Your Content Strategy


If you’re looking to increase your online business, you’ve likely read about SEO or search engine optimization. From increasing your domain authority to improving your page rank, search engine optimization is a vital component of growing your web traffic. However, with search engines like Google keeping their algorithm under lock and key (not to mention constantly changing it), it can be difficult to get ahead in the world of SEO. If you’re looking for ways to boost your website’s performance, here are several simple, free SEO tools to help improve your content strategy.

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One of the best ways to boost your search engine performance is to leverage the power of content marketing. If you can increase the number of websites linking back to your domain, you will simultaneously improve both your domain authority and your overall search engine performance.

However, a successful link building campaign that truly benefits your search visibility can be cumbersome to launch. Thankfully, resources like those offered by exist to help you better understand the data informing such campaigns. When you use a company like Link Laboratory, you’ll first gain access to the foundational data informing your advice. This will likely include information about your existing backlink profile and how you measure up to the competition.

From there, your existing links can be analyzed to better form a strategy that leverages your existing SEO juice while monopolizing on low hanging fruit that you could also rank for. After a list of keywords and anchor links are determined, you can figure out which other domains and publications are worth targeting for your content. This helps you or the third party service you hire to create your content to ensure their pieces will drive measurable traffic to your website. Best of all, the audit from Link Laboratory is completely free!

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Another free piece of tech that can help you better understand how you and your competitors are ranking in various areas is a browser plugin called Keywords Everywhere. This plugin gives you easy access to information like cost per click (CPC) and monthly search volume as you visit any website or search result.

This can help you better understand where you’re underperforming and where you need to spend less energy, as well as where your money is best budgeted. Installing this plugin on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox eliminates the need to use multiple tabs or windows for keyword research as you plan your content. One of the plugin’s most popular features even allows you to compare the cost of different keywords based on Google AdWords competition. This can help you better understand how crowded the field is for a certain phrase before you start to blindly spend money targeting it. As a result, you can better maximize the money you spend on your SEO content campaigns.

One final free tool to use in conjunction with the above two websites is a longtail keyword generator. Longtail keywords are keywords that are much more specific and longer than the other kinds of phrases you may build your campaign with.

While less likely to have a high search volume, many times these sorts of keywords can nonetheless boost your search ranking overall. It’s also worth noting that if someone is performing a longer, more specific search, they are more likely to convert to a sale or truly engage with your content.

This is usually because shorter keyword searches are often for gathering information. When a consumer makes a more unique search that includes more concrete details, they have most likely made up their mind already.

Running a search engine optimization campaign requires a lot of research and groundwork. Thankfully, there are plenty of free online resources to make creating your campaign and boosting your traffic much easier.

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