Face Masks : Electric Fields for Virus-Killing

Face Masks for Electric-field generating fabric, already approved for wound care, appears to destabilize coronavirus particles, so they are unable to infect cells. Now, engineers at Indiana University demonstrate for the first time a new technique for masks. A fabric generating a weak electric field can inactivate coronaviruses. The electroceutical material, described in a ChemRxiv […]

Drones deployed for controlling locusts in Rajasthan

Drones deployed for controlling locusts in Rajasthan as Union Ministry of Civil Aviation has permitted the Rajasthan government’s Agriculture Department to use remotely piloted aircraft systems for anti-locust operations in the broad areas where the swarms of insect have landed. The locust attack has affected approximately 90,000 hectares in 20 districts of Rajasthan. In order, […]

NASA Astronauts’ COVID Training : In-person or Remotely ?

NASA established strict rules to keep astronauts from getting sick before they launched to space and potentially infected others in their close living quarters, decades before the COVID-19 pandemic. NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have trained for years for this moment. They spent, at minimum, hundreds of hours learning the intricacies of the […]

Virgin Orbit Fails to Launch Rocket from Jumbo Jet

Virgin Orbit has failed in its maiden attempt to launch a rocket carried by a Boeing 747 off the coast of Southern California. The LauncherOne rocket brilliantly lighted its booster engine on cue after being released from the carrier aircraft — the first time the company had attempted an in-air ignition. An anomaly occurred early […]

Google Classroom: 10 Tips for Remote Learning

Google Classroom, right now, teachers are jumping on board with it…., sink or swim! So in this article, I am going to give you 10 Google Classroom tips for remote learning. During the unprecedented time of close school downs, Google Classroom has become a must-have software to distribute, communicate, and remote learning assignments. This following […]

Mac : Ways To Automate Your Daily Life

Mac does a lot of background tasks without you having any input. Time Machine, for example, backs up on its own and will continue to do so until the disk is full. This article is going to show you a variety of different methods and tools which you can use to automate the other parts […]

Linux : Surprising Ways we are Touched by it

Linux …. What technology runs on this? We might be astonished to know just how often we use it in your daily life. Linux runs almost everything nowadays, but many people are not aware of this aspect. Some people may be aware of Linux and may have heard that the operating system runs supercomputers. It […]

Home Security Tips for Smart Independent Homes

Home Security starts from locks and you must think which lock should you pick is a very crucial factor. While it’s challenging to protect the home from professional thieves, most home burglaries are conducted by amateurs. These thieves are more easily destroyed if you employ some of the following simple security precautions and tips: You […]

Password : Tips to Make it as Secure as Possible

Passwords are vital for our workplace and computers as we’ve been on the internet for almost four decades. According to the newly generated security study about the topic, the most generally used web passwords are things like “password” and “123456.” For sure, these are easy to remember but making them just as vulnerable to be […]

Internet Utility : Don’t shy away to Discuss with Child

Internet usage must be promoted as children are increasingly using the world of digital media. With technology continually changing, it can be hard knowing how to keep your children safe and healthy online. What you can do is help minimize the negative impact on your child, while encouraging good internet use to maximize the benefits. […]