Mac : Ways To Automate Your Daily Life

Mac does a lot of background tasks without you having any input. Time Machine, for example, backs up on its own and will continue to do so until the disk is full. This article is going to show you a variety of different methods and tools which you can use to automate the other parts […]

Linux : Surprising Ways we are Touched by it

Linux …. What technology runs on this? We might be astonished to know just how often we use it in your daily life. Linux runs almost everything nowadays, but many people are not aware of this aspect. Some people may be aware of Linux and may have heard that the operating system runs supercomputers. It […]

Password : Tips to Make it as Secure as Possible

Passwords are vital for our workplace and computers as we’ve been on the internet for almost four decades. According to the newly generated security study about the topic, the most generally used web passwords are things like “password” and “123456.” For sure, these are easy to remember but making them just as vulnerable to be […]