The best keyless electronic door locks of 2020


Using your fingerprint to unravel the front door may appear like sci-fi, but the solution is here! We strapped through all the high-tech razzle-dazzle to get the best advance and electronic keyless door locks for your home.

The Schlage Connect stands on our listings because it has more healthy security than the competition. It is an outstanding alternative to use in a smart home system, but you can also set pin codes on the keypad without a mobile app or smart hub.

We compared values, security scores, customer reviews, and comfort of use to select the safest electronic locks for your front or opposite door.

Ever have that irritating feeling you overlooked to lock the front door, just as your head hits the pillow so you are required to get up and check? As you work to prepare and enlarge your smart home, a smart lock can aid: Not only can you plaid its rank from wherever on your phone, but some will even mechanically lock and unlock themselves as you arrive and leave from the house — that means you can more effortlessly pop the door open while holding against groceries, kids, domesticated animals or whatever else has your hands full at any given minute.

This last feature can be particularly useful on nighttime when the last thing you want is to droplet your keys and look for them under dim lighting. Other smart locks may come with a keypad that lets provisional codes for visitors or a touch-to-unlock system — and after years of studying consumer electronics, counting smart locks, we have found out it hard to live without them.

How to shop for smart locks

Most of the smart locks can be connected with a humble screwdriver and a few minutes of your time, but there are some belongings to keep in mind as you shop for the best smart lock for your home.

Identify your keyway

Most of the smart locks are intended for one of a few dissimilar smart locks keyways, which controls what kind of key you can use with them. There is a good opportunity your home already uses also the Kwikset-branded locks’ KW1 or Schlage-branded locks’ SC1.

Except you want to substitute all the locks in your house, you may want to twig with the keyway your locks previously use so you can keep by using one key for the complete house. (That is, if your smart lock uses corporeal keys at all.)

Choose a smart lock with wireless compatibility

Most smart locks do not have Wi-Fi built-in. In its place, they use somewhat like Z-Wave, which connects with a close hub. Or they depend on Bluetooth, which can communicate with a hub or straight with your phone directly. If you want to be capable to test your lock from afar, or use it with voice helpers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you will need one that attaches to Wi-Fi, either through the lock itself of finished a Bluetooth or Z-Wave hub. If you are a user an iPhone, you may also want to look for HomeKit compatibility for Siri.

Smart lock security levels

As with any lock, you poverty somewhat that can’t effortlessly be chosen. And as with any tech, you want rather from a brand you can trust to hold your software efficient against hackers. Having said that, if we are being honest, thieves are not likely going to left-over time pony-trekking your Bluetooth signal — if someone wants to get into your house, they will perhaps just break a window.

Which smart lock you purchase will be contingent on a mixture of these many factors, so be sure to study your current setup to make sure the lock you purchase is well-matched. That said, here are a insufficient of the best choices that should fit a diversity of scenarios.


Smart locks usually come in two shapes for padlocks. The first is a full padlock lockset—counting the padlock, the external keyed lock and/or keypad, and the inner thumb pedal and plate. These will totally replace your current padlock or can be additional above a handle or grip. The last shape only substitutes the inner thumb lever and plate, using the current padlock and external keyed lock.

If you have a corresponding handle and deadbolt, or have all your locks keyed alike, then this choice will let you keep your current setup. There are also full mortise handle-sets that include the handle and associated latchbolt, as well as the “smart” padlock, all in one unit. For this test, though, we absorbed on just the padlock options.

Say you are substituting a current deadbolt, or connecting one in a new door that is pre-drilled. The job is fairly informal and can be done with just one screwdriver in about fifteen minutes. But if you are installing a deadbolt in a door that has not already had one, it will take a bit more time and a door hardware installation jig to get it right. The equipment will help get the holes placed precisely and make the job go earlier.

What Makes Them “Smart”?

Smart locks includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave radio signs to connect with apps on smart phones, Wi-Fi bonds, or smart home hubs like the Google Nest Hub and the Echo Show. Closely all smart locks have Bluetooth, and usually this is how they can be set up with an app on a smart phone. Frequently, these models can solve mechanically when you (and your phone) enter Bluetooth volume or can be physically locked/unlocked via the app. Some of these can be retrieved at all with a distinct Wi-Fi bridge that attaches them to a local network.

Smart locks with Wi-Fi built-in, and linked to your home network, can be functioned and checked distantly with an app on a smart phone. They may also attach to or be combined with security systems, smart home tools like Google Nest Hub and the Echo Show, or Apple’s HomeKit. Note that, locks with built in WiFi will drain batteries earlier than low vigor radio waves, like Bluetooth or Z-Wave.

Smart locks with Z-Wave have to attach with a Z-Wave hub, which in turn attaches to your Wi-Fi network. These locks are then adroit with an app from a smart phone or home hub. Z-Wave is a low-energy radio signal, like Bluetooth but with a sturdier sign and more robust encryption.

If you previously have a Z-Wave hub and are preparing to enhance more devices or a full security system, you might reflect going this route. Using Z-Wave evades race for bandwidth and meddling on your Wi-Fi network, which is significant because there may be dozens of smart tools in a fully automatic smart home.

August smart lock pro

August’s Smart Lock Pro needs negligible worrying and alteration. Will you be able to save the luxurious padlock that matches the elaborate lockset on your admission door? Yes, you can. Are your locks all input the same? You can retain your present keys. Will it function with the Google Assistant or Alexa you have set up in your home? Yes. How about Apple HomeKit or Z-Wave smart home hub/network? Yes again.

The Smart Lock Pro is almost a one-size-fits-all solution, both automatically and numerically. Though, there are some deadbolts it is not well-matched with—dual check before you buy. Compatibility is based on three links August provisions with the smart lock.

The links join the end of your padlock lock cylinder to the smart lock. These tail pieces are designed otherwise from one make and model to another. Ours was not well-matched, but we made a shim that fit over the end and into the link—we would not indorse you do this in your home, however it functioned for the drives of our test. General, connection was quick and easy, needful only a screwdriver to whole the job.

To be competent to use the Smart Lock Pro, you will need to pair it with your phone using August’s free app—which we did. The procedure is rapid, effortless, and instinctive. The model we verified also came with a Door Sense sensor and a Connect Wi-Fi bridge.

Attach is obligatory to admission lock purposes at all, and the device lets you to see, via the app, whether the door is exposed or shut—this is a enjoyable eye and functioned dependably in testing. Deprived of the Wi-Fi bridge, the lock will only purpose via Bluetooth—which is still nearby, since it can be set to mechanically solve when it knows when you get home. Note that if you have manifold August smart locks, you will want a Connect Wi-Fi bridge for each one you want to achieve distantly at all.

August app functionality:

  • Accomplish manifold August smart locks in one home
  • Check lock status (locked/unlocked) and door status (open/closed)
  • Lock or unlock entrances
  • Set alarms
  • Invitation visitors and deliver admission
  • Set access: continuously, recurrent, provisional
  • View action logs
  • Edit lock settings like auto lock/unlock
  • Link to smart home organization platforms

In short, the Smart Lock Pro with Connect should fit the wants of just about any homeowner or room dweller. It has a broad motorized and digital range of compatibility and an informal to use app.

SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock is the smallest conspicuous we verified—while it is justly tall, it sits compliment in contradiction of the door than the others. With this lock, you will hang onto your current padlock and keys since the Smart Lock only substitutes the interior side of the current unit. All you want is a screwdriver for the humble and straightforward connection, which took us only about 10 minutes.

The Smart Lock also varies from the other models we verified in that it is not arranged with a smart phone. It can only be set up and used with SimpliSafe’s Base Station and Keypad—sold distinctly—which is the hub of the brand’s home security system. Once we had it up and consecutively with the Base Station, we could lock and solve using the pin pad full with the Smart Lock, the Base Station Keypad, or a key fob, obtainable distinctly. If you trigger 24/7 monitoring, you will get to use SimpliSafe’s app for progressive features like distant access, watching activity logs, setting alarms, and guest admission. While this originally appeared trying, nursing is only $ 25 per month and does not lock you into a yearly contract.

SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock is best right for proprietors that previously have a SimpliSafe security system, or those observing to install a tradition, DIY set-up, security system.

Kwikest Halo smart door lock

The Halo is a robust, whole padlock from Kwikset, a company that transformed housing locks with its tube-shaped lock project over 70 years ago. The lock qualities its proprietary “Smart Key” technology, which has nothing to do with the lock’s “smart” features.

Smart Key lets users to re-key their locks, with new bodily keys, in seconds. This makes it informal to key the new lock to the Kwikset locks you may already have. It is also convenient if a key is lost and they are anxieties it could get into the wrong hands. In short, Smart Key allows users to achieve the security of their physical keys, in a quick, efficient manner.

Aside from Halo’s corporeal safety, the smart lock features and app stack up very well too. Once installed, the lock can be set up with the branded app on a smartphone using Bluetooth. And, once the Halo is linked to a WiFi network, it is easy to check the lock status, activity logs, or make access codes from anywhere. With the app, manifold locks in multiple homes can be simply managed. The Halo can also be measured with speech commands using Amazon’s Alexa.

Kwikset app functionality:

  • Achieve multiple locks in many homes
  • test lock status (locked/unlocked)
  • Lock or unlock doors
  • Create admission codes
  • Set access: always, recurring, temporary, one-time
  • View movement logs
  • Editable settings like auto lock

The Kwikset Halo is an excessive option for homes with existing Kwikset locks or people worried with physical key security.

August Home Smart Lock

Much like August’s Smart Lock Pro, the Smart Lock is multipurpose. Though there are important graphic changes, the features are closely undistinguishable, with just a twosome of exceptions. While the whole Smart Lock Pro cover turns to physically lock and unlock, the Smart Lock has an old-style thumb lever.

Moreover, the Smart Lock lacks Z-Wave compatibility, so it is a little less of a one-size-fits-all solution. Just like the Pro, there are some padlocks it is not well-matched with—check before acquisition to evade glitches. All we wanted to whole the quick and easy installation was a screwdriver.

The Smart Lock pairs with a smart phone using August’s free app in the similar way as the Pro and is easy to arrange. The model we tested came with a Door Sense sensor, allowing the app to show you if the door is sweeping or closed. A Connect Wi-Fi bridge, accessible bundled or distinctly, is obligatory to access lock purposes at all.

Without it, the lock will only work via Bluetooth—which is still convenient, as it can be set to mechanically unlock when it obtains the phone’s signal that you are home. Note that manifold August smart locks, cannot attach to a single bridge. An Attach Wi-Fi bridge is obligatory for each lock you want to accomplish remotely.

Its qualities-

  • Achieve multiple locks in many homes
  • test lock status (locked/unlocked)
  • Lock or unlock doors
  • Create admission codes
  • Set access: always, recurring, temporary, one-time
  • View movement logs
  • Editable settings like auto lock

In short, the Smart Lock with Attach should fit the wants of most proprietors or apartment inhabitants. August’s app is simple to use and the Smart Lock is well-matched with Google Assistant, Alexa, and dozens of other apps.

Nest x Yale Smart Lock

Yale built its standing by making some of the sturdiest locks obtainable for 175 years. Teaming up with Nest, a leader in linked home mechanization, transports it to the vanguard of modern smart lock technology. The solid heft of this smart lock designates that it is in line with the forte and quality we imagine from Yale. As the company rights, the lock is pick-proof, at least in the old-style sense, since it has no key—you can only solve it from the keypad or with the Nest app. While it can be set to mechanically lock when you are away, it does not unlock routinely as you method by using you smart phone’s site services like about models.

Like most other smart locks, installation was moderately simple with just one screwdriver. The thorniest thing we found, was the plug that attaches the two splits of the lock; it is significant to make sure the cable is inserted into the space providing for it. The job should takes less than 20 minutes when substituting an old padlock.

While the lock is bodily well built, the Nest app and Nest Connect give the means to set it up, regulate, and control it. Nest Connect is a Wi-Fi bridge that will retain the lock linked and nearby to the app. There are dozens of other Nest plans that can be linked with the app, and procedures can be set up, connecting multiple devices. For example, unlocking the door could disarm the Nest Secure Alarm, turn on lights, and set the regulator. That is the beauty of the Nest-Yale partnership, the aptitude to flawlessly mix a high excellence padlock with an industrialized home mechanization platform, suitably handling all from one app—each company giving as long as the components they are best known for.

Nest app functionality:

  • Handle multiple Nest x Yale smart locks
  • Test lock status (locked/unlocked)
  • Lock or unlock doors
  • Set alerms
  • Invitation of guests and provide accessibility
  • Set access: always, recurring, temporary
  • See activity logs
  • Edit settings like auto lock/unlock
  • Achieve other Nest devices
  • Set up procedures

The Nest X Yale Smart Lock mixes with the Nest Hello doorbell, and it can be voice triggered using Google Assistant. This smart lock is a decent choice for users previously invested in the Nest ecosystem or people absorbed in building an integrated, connected home.

Igloohome Smart Electronic Deadbolt 2S

Shopping on Amazon, you will see a lot of apparently knock-off products with brand names that are not acquainted. The Smart Electronic Deadbolt 2S originates from a slighter known brand, but it is not one of those inexpensive simulations. It is an agreeably intended, well-built smart lock with some single features.

Igloohome made a very flat, smooth touch pad with a concealed aperture that feels very modern. The key is rare, in that the square shaft has dimples on four sides. They will not be capable to be derivative at the local hardware store, but do not worry, five come with the lock. The device on the confidential of the door is justly ordinary, though it has a metal battery cover that competitions the rest of the cover and pops off with the press of a button—a minor, but nice part. (Other locks have malleable cover that breaks in place or needs a tool to eliminate.)

The Smart Electronic Deadbolt 2S also originates with a door device. While the app can’t tell if the door is open, the 2S will not actually lock except the door is shut, stopping damage to the slim that can occur when a door swipes closed with the bolt lengthy.

And this lock is not Wi-Fi allowed, so the app can’t monitor or expose it distantly—this can only be done within Bluetooth range. Though, it will give entree codes—from anyplace—using a procedure to arbitrarily make pins and keys that are previously stored in the lock. Once the app makes keys, it will quick you to share and send them to family or guests via text, email, or a messaging app. Keys are nine digits, so you will never run out of codes (there are 999,999,999 code mixtures). Plus, it can be linked to an Air BnB account, so crowds can make access codes and send them conventional to guests.

Igloohome app functionality:

  • Accomplish numerous smart locks in several homes
  • Test lock status whether (locked/unlocked) when in Bluetooth range
  • Lock or unlock doors when in Bluetooth array
  • Create access codes or virtual keys to provide access
  • Set access: always, recurring, temporary
  • See activity logs when in Bluetooth range
  • Edit ability settings like auto lock when in Bluetooth assortment
  • Link to Air BnB account

The Smart Electronic Deadbolt 2S is a decent excellent for people with untrustworthy or no Wi-Fi influences or property bosses with a lot of guest traffic.

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