present for dads

You know you’re lucky. While most people your age have become the uncertified IT experts for their parents, you’ve managed to escape this unpaid position. You’ve never had to carefully explain to your father how to connect the home computer to Wi-Fi over a phone call or remind him not to update a Facebook status with a Google search. He loves everything to do with tech.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a present idea for Father’s Day, you should get him a new gadget. Here is a quick list of options that work with different hobbies, interests and spending budgets:

For the dad that’s a die-hard Apple fan:

Your dad is an Apple fanboy, to say the least. He could spend hours browsing the selection in the sleek and futuristic store. For the holiday, feed into his obsession and get him a gift from the tech giant.

Big Budget:

If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, you can get your dad an iPhone XS Max as a memorable Father’s Day gift and as a noticeable upgrade to his current smartphone. Reviews have praised the version for its stellar performance, beautiful design and its massive screen. The display comes in at an impressive 6.5 inches.

It’s very likely that your dad has fawned over ads and reviews about this smartphone ever since it was announced. You could make his dreams come true.

Small Budget:

Instead of buying an iPhone XS Max, you could grab something to spruce up your dad’s current phone without emptying your wallet. You could get custom fit skins that bring mad style to his iPhone and keep it protected from scrapes and scratches caused by pocket change, keys and cards. Order a selection of iPhone skins in different designs that he can pick out like hyperblack titanium, orange carbon fiber, matrix and zebra wood.

For the dad that’s a complete bookworm:

Your dad always has his nose buried into a digital book on the screen of his glowing e-reader.

Big Budget:

If he’s had one particular e-reader for a few years, he could use a replacement. The Kindle Paperwhite was named one of the best e-readers by TechHive because users have access to more than eBooks — they can read magazines, periodicals, comics and audiobooks with the help of Audible. It’s waterproof, so he can get lost in the latest page-turner by the swimming pool without worrying about splashes ruining his device.

Another great option is the Kobo Clara HD because it has several features that improve the reading experience for users. It has a six-inch HD screen, ComfortLight Pro and adjustable settings to make browsing a complete breeze. Eye strain will never be an obstacle. The device also has tons of storage space, giving your dad the ability to stock up to 6,000 eBooks in his digital library.

Small Budget:

If your dad is happy with his current e-reader or you don’t have the budget to get him an upgrade, don’t worry, you can still get him gift cards for eBooks. He’ll appreciate the opportunity to add more titles to his to-read list.

For the dad that’s always in the kitchen:

His kitchen looks like the set of a professional cooking show. The countertop is stacked with devices to help whip up incredible meals, from an immersion blender to a breadmaker. To impress your dad, you should get him an appliance that will guarantee his recipes come out perfect.

Big Budget:

One challenge that comes with cooking meat is getting the temperature just right. Going too overboard leads to a tough leathery slab that’s a chore to chew. On the other hand, going too light on the heat means pulling out a dish that’s not safe for consumption.

Get him a SousVide Supreme water oven and some vacuum pouches to get the temperature and texture right every time. The machine is a smaller version of what the pros use at high-end restaurants. After your dad gets this machine, he will start serving dishes worth a Michelin Star.

Small Budget:

For a more affordable option, you can get your dad a ThermoPop pocket thermometer to find out an ingredient’s internal temperature in the span of 3 to 4 seconds. The old-school way of tracking the temperature has gotten a few helpful upgrades, like a rotating display and backlit digits for easy reading. A thermometer may feel like a small gift, but it’s an essential item for a busy kitchen. 

The average Father’s Day ads will assume your dad only has two hobbies: watching baseball or sitting in a small boat with a fishing rod floating in the water. Don’t get one of those narrow options just because stores have sales on them. Get him something that actually appeals to his passion for tech. He’ll love the gift you hand him, whether it gives his smartphone, his reading list or his kitchen a considerable upgrade.