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Gaming has become an enjoyable and addictive means of relaxing and getting fun forever. It was an essential part of human culture, and many nations also have their national games. Gaming not only strengthens our physical strength and our intellectual ability because we have to use our creativity and brain to pick our next step. Sports are a sort of social interaction; our games developed like the rest of the stuff as time went by. The gaming world for humanity starts with “Knucklebones” and dice games, and we have now entered the age of computer games of diverse styles such as action sports, auto sports, arcade games, etc. They may buy games from DVDs, Apple App Stores, or Google Play, or stream them from specific websites. In the post, I will share some of the best sites for playing games on a PC or Mac machine, and also downloading game sites for Android devices.

  • Part 1: Best PC Game Download Sites
  • Part 2: Top Android Game Download Site
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Part 1: Best Game Download Sites for PC [2019]

Here is the list of top 8 websites to download games on the PC.

1. Steam

This downloading games website is developed by Valve Corporations and has been in operation for the last 13 years. Steam is considered to be the biggest relevant and current digital video game distribution platform. They have more than a thousand titles, spanning from independent games to action sports, they have everything accessible for their fans. Steam runs now in 28 languages.

  • Single Player and Multiplayer

Steam games allow both multiplayer gaming and single-player gaming. They will have fun with family and friends by engaging them over a game, and also have enjoyment and at the same time relaxing. The will contest a game locally as well as contest someone online.

  • Streaming video

This gaming platform allows gamers in the form of films, demonstrations, tutorial videos, or episodes to stream videos of games. Anime, humour, romance, suspense, action, and sci-fi are among the groups.

  • Social Networking 

The app offers the players to communicate socially, meet thousands of new people, create clans and talk via their group throughout the game.

  • Availability

Steam operates on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It allows players the right to buy a game once, play wherever, anywhere.

  • Create and Share

They will build new games via the ‘Steam Laboratory’ on this web platform. It enables game animation and modelling, sound production, picture editing, game development, and other function. They may even offer their mates presents and even exchange products.


  • It has a range of games and for a short period, gives early access to such games.
  • The can play online via an automatic player, a friend of others or a random person that enhances joy.
  • Because of its built-in interpreter, it is accessible in 28 languages, so it is simpler for people around the world to get and recognize.
  • It is simple to install and quick to use.


  • Some of those games are pretty costly.
  • The games freely available lack a wide range and have very few features that stimulate enthusiasm within a player.

2. GOG is GOG Limited ‘s operation. Previously it was regarded as Good Old Games. is a streaming Cypriot video game and movie platform. The can access and buy some movies and games online.

  • Install and update automatically:

With only one click the can launch the app, so they don’t have to use a particular application to access or play games. The game is still patched periodically with new content, so if they don’t want to upgrade their game, then they may opt to pause the automated changes. 

  • Cloud Saving :

The can never miss the game progress as the game would immediately be stored in the cloud, which will remain compatible with all their devices.

  • Offline mode:

The games installed from such a platform may not require to operate an internet link. They can also play offline and still back up the score.

  • Rollback the updates :

If they don’t like installing the latest game, then they may opt to restore the update earlier.


  • Simple to use, to download, and to connect.
  • The games are not costly
  • and still puts up several games for occasional promotions and takes gift cards too.
  • It has a large variety of games with fantastic functionality.
  • It supports Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • The games are old, and there aren’t many new games coming up.
  • It does not have the features of multiplayer gaming.

3. G2A is seen as the fastest-growing digital marketplace worldwide. It has more than 12 million customers worldwide and 2 million sellers. serves as an agent and connects buyers with sellers. It does not itself sell or buy games; it instead offers various outlets for others to sell and purchase digital goods.

  • Platform diversity:

G2A offers its customers all kinds of platforms, such as Xbox, Steam, PSN, Origin, Apple, Gameforge, Battlenet, Uplay, GOG, etc.

  • Genres Variety:

This digital marketplace comprises different genres, such as action, arcade, children’s games, puzzle, simulation, song games, racing, sports, etc.

  • Gift cards:

Gift cards are also available online, for different sites.

  • G2A 3D+:

Such apps encourage the consumer to select from their favourite game their favourite hero or iconic arms, and then G2A can print it, paint it and send it to the doorway.

  • G2A Goldmine:

This function lets the real earn money to promote items to other gamers around the world. There is no registration charge or commitment necessary, and they can do it from home.


  • provides a home-based career in which players can benefit and compete side by side with a fair paycheck.
  • There are plenty of innovative ventures being launched, and the anticipation never fades.
  • The platform is available in over 20 languages.


  • The platform is not well secured and is sensitive to fraud.

4. Origin

Origin is a platform for digital distribution, supporting online gaming. It was published by Electronic Arts, a corporation that is behind other popular games across the globe. The will buy games both on the Laptop and their cell phone.

  • Social Characteristics:

Origin offers many social apps to its users, such as management monitors, networking with mates via messaging, and video sharing through TwitchTV. They may also use social media and social networking platforms including Facebook, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Nintendo Network to upload the game libraries and group integration.

  • Playing Variety:

This offers a wide range of titles from Xbox gaming to Fifa, and there are also retro titles like Plant Vs Zombies.

  • Offers:

It delivers the best and lowest prices, and sometimes even throws up few games for sale.


  • It offers excellent features for streaming gameplay.
  • It is developed so a renowned and successful firm can accept it.
  • There are lots of gamers appreciating ‘on the house specials’ which enables them to play a paid game now and then for free.


  • It does have a lot of updates and needs to take excessive time to install and update the software.
  • Customers claimed they sell outdated discount codes.
  • There is a need to enhance customer support because it is not sensitive.

5. PC games

An online gaming platform. This platform helps to play and buy different games. EA sports manage this.

  • Categories:

PC games are comprised of specific groups such as combat, platform, children’s play, puzzle, computer, music gaming, racing, athletics, etc.

  • Origin

This helps them to purchase the games, which are also run by EA games.

  •  Community forum:

It has a community forum, open 24/7 to reply to the questions.


  • Access and download are simple.
  • This includes one of the games, which is both fun and addictive.


  • The number of downloadable games is minimal, and there is not much choice of play.
  • The site crashes sometimes, and the games have to be downloaded right from the start.

6. Ocean of Games

It is developed by Ocean Software, a British software firm.

This has a broad selection of games such as action games, music games, platform games, RPG, fantasy games, survival games, etc.

Via its group portal, it offers networking tools where all players can meet new people and also talk during gameplay.

It allows multiplayer and single-player games.


  • The player can target an automatic player, with the partner, or with an online stranger, that enhances the game.
  • It offers excellent apps for streaming gameplay.
  • It supports Ios, Windows, and Linux.


  • This is not well secured and is thus vulnerable to fraud.
  • The games are not up to date and still play old models.
  • Several users are using the online platform to threaten other players and no action is being taken in this respect.

7. Softpedia

Softpedia is an online gaming platform that offers facilities for consumers to buy and play games at a rather affordable price.

Softpedia features an extensive catalogue of games in various genres such as action games, music games, platform games, RPG, fantasy games, survival games, etc.

It’s offering players free game cheats and demos.

The game finder functionality helps the find the real game they’re searching for.

The games are also available for all Windows, Desktop, Linux, Android, and Drivers.


  • The games are not expensive and are available at a meagre price.


  • And uses the community site hardly.
  • The Website isn’t modified, so no new content is available.
  • The games don’t get updated immediately.

8. Skidrow reloaded

Skidrow reloaded is an online gaming website where games can be bought and downloaded from.

Softpedia features an extensive catalogue of games in various genres such as action games, music games, platform games, RPG, fantasy games, survival games, etc.

The Website is not well maintained, and this platform does not have adequate functionality for its customer.

The games are downloadable via torrent, multilink, katfile, go4up, hitfile, turbobit, mirror ace, iceberg, down ace, userscloud and numerous other connections.

It gives its users a choice to order whatever games they need to import links to.


  • This makes users request for games.
  • It offers various links for downloading a game.


  • The Website is not managed correctly.
  • There is no forum for the community.
  • Games don’t deliver such variety.
  • The games aren’t top quality.

Part 2: Top Game Download Sites for Android

Android is the device with the highest development and is favoured by millions. In addition to the websites, we selected for installing games on a Windows or Mac device, we did some work and identified some of the most reliable sites for downloading games on android:

1. Google play

Google Play is run by Google for the android platform and has been in service for the last three years. Google Play includes millions of various types of software, and there is something for everybody. Google Play offers a wide variety of game types.

  • Each game can be conveniently played, so it just relies on internet access.
  • The methods of payment are by credit cards, and the procedure is quite easy.
  • The Website permits marketing their products to anyone and everyone else.
  • To get access to these apps, the need to register with the Google account.


  • It is easy to get to.
  • It is preloaded in all smartphones which are powered by android.
  • It includes a large variety of exclusive games.


  • Because anyone and everybody will do it without charging any subscription charge, they are vulnerable to fraud and abuse.
  • A few games don’t work and can start to crash.

2. Android Games Room

It has thousands of games which are free and paid.

  • This has thousands of different types of play.
  • The games are easy to access.
  • The games are now available for download on their smartphone Phone.
  • Simply scanning a QR file, they can reach this site on the smartphone.


  • The Website is easy to navigate online.
  • The games are inexpensive and easily downloadable.


  • The platform lacks a forum for the community.
  • Customer service is inappropriate.
  • It is a slow downloading operation.
  • No gaming multiplayer.

3. Android Apps

It’s an internet gaming platform where games are either personally selected for free or at a fair price daily.

  • It has a vast catalogue of specific types of sports.
  • They may also support the games by using the function ‘foster the app.’


  • It’s easy to reach, and simple to use.
  • The app is updated daily, and new games are accessible every day.


  • Multiplayer gaming doesn’t exist.
  • Customer service is inappropriate.
  • It has a lot of takes and updates with excessive time to download and upgrade the system.

Above are the top 10 free games websites, I trust they’ll get the exciting games and have fun while playing them. They should add some cool visual effects and features to the picture to create a better gaming picture, too.

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