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Toasters are the best appliances that you can have in your kitchen if you have kids at your home. Just keep on messing around with the fillings and you can get a great outcome that is loved by all. Make delicious sandwiches and enjoy relishing them with various sauces. They form an important option for those who have busy mornings and generally tend to skip their breakfast because of the same. 

There are three types of toaster variants available in the market that you can grab your hands on the pop-up, toaster ovens, and conveyor belts one. If you want to buy the best toaster for your family then you must grab your hands keeping two things in mind:

  • Browning control
  • Number of slots

Buying Guide For The Best Toasters

Want to buy the best toaster for your home then here are some important things you need to keep in mind before you hit the buy now button:


You must keep in mind that a brand that has been serving from the past many years will understand what the customer really demands. It works according to the feedback received and also knows how to work according to the trends. A toaster from Phillips will offer you better life and service than a toaster from the pigeon.

Lifespan Of The Toaster

The toaster ‘s lifespan is another important factor to consider. It ensures that the bread toaster lasts for as long as possible. One way of learning about a product ‘s provisional existence is by knowing how quickly and how far the toaster is heated when doing its job. Make sure you ‘re buying a toaster that isn’t too heated up during your work. Still, the efficiency decreases, thereby reducing the bread toaster ‘s lifetime.

The Durability Of The Toaster

Durability means the ability to withstand unpleasant conditions or variations in temperature. A toaster bread made of fine materials will last a longer duration. There is a misconception that only high-class models have more longevity, but that might not always be correct. The toasters are also made from high-quality materials with the non-branded models having solid, sustainable characteristics.

The Best Toaster Will Not Cost Much 

It is best to stick to the budget if one wants to purchase a home appliance. But you should also take into account the characteristics that you need. We advise you not just because the price tag suits your budget to a commodity that doesn’t offer quality service. Save a little bit more instead and buy a long-lasting, good quality product.

Do Not Forget About The Length Of The Cord

The length of the cord does not matter so much in most electrical appliances. As the short length of the cable can easily be substituted by an extension. The scope, however, matters a lot for kitchen appliances.

The kitchens are places where food is cooked and is high in water. The open socket in the middle of the kitchen plate may cause malfunctions. Therefore, it should be important for security purposes that the length of the cord comfortably meets the power socket.

Option For Saving Energy

Saving energy is one of the main features that must be taken into account by all when buying toasters. Because it gives the user an idea to allow him to understand how many slots are used in accordance with the demand.

For example, you’ll eventually be browner on both sides if you toast one piece of bread. The use of energy-efficient bread toasters also leads to minimizing erratic brewing and offers delicious food.

The type of toaster you use to assess the level of power consumption is also worthy of mention here. For example, a pop-up model certainly uses less energy than a toaster oven.

Best Toasters You Must Lookout For In 2020

PHILIPS Pop-Up Toaster

Philips is one of the leading manufacturers for domestic home equipment. It has a wide variety of merchandise to make our lives trouble-free. Philips toaster has eight browning controlling settings and springs with a vehicle-mobile close off feature that protects the bread from over-browning or getting burnt. 

Product Features

  • The equipment also comes with a cancel button that can unexpectedly forestall toasting of bread slices if required. 
  • There are substantial bread slots that could suit all sizes of slices of bread. 
  • It additionally comes with a detachable crumb tray for clean cleansing of the tool. 
  • The tool has an energy intake of 830 watts, comes with a two years guarantee period. 
  • This tool is an excellent purchase for nuclear families.

Product Advantages

  • Integrated bun rack with eight browning controls
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Facility to reheat and defrost in one go
  • Comes with a dust protection cover

Product Disadvantages

  • The pop-up function needs improvement 

Buy now: Amazon

BAJAJ Pop-Up Toaster:

This is a pocket-friendly toaster that incorporates six browning management settings. Apart from the two bread slots, the equipment comes with a tiny reheating button for defrosting and reheating bloodless bread slices and has a detachable crumb tray connected to it. 

Product Features

  • It additionally has an automated close-off characteristic that prevents the bread from over-browning or burning. 
  • The frame of the appliance is white and gives a groovy touch. 
  • This equipment comes with a two years production guarantee and 750 watts working energy.

Product Advantages

  • A simple looking toaster with a removable crumb tray
  • Sudden stop button along with less power consumption
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sleek look makes it easy to store

Product Disadvantages

  • The heating functions though give a variety but still lag a lot

Shop From: Amazon

Morphy Richards Pop-Up Toaster

This is a luxurious domestic emblem that manufactures domestic home equipment and sells them at a financial pricing level. The AT201 toaster version comes with substantial bread slots, a forestall button, a vehicle-mobile close off feature, and seven browning manage settings. 

Product Features

  • It has a boost characteristic for getting rid of bits and portions of crumb from the toaster. 
  • Its simplest consumes 650 watts, has years production guarantee, and has an anti-skid base.
  • The body of the instrument is cold. 
  • This is also designed with a slip tray on the bottom of the tray to catch the crumbs and remove them.

Product Advantages

  • The Morphy Richard AT-201 is fitted with seven variable settings, from simple bread heating to golden brown toasting. 
  • The automatic shut-off function turns off the device automatically after the bread toasts to your desired state. 
  • There is also a cancel/stop button to unexpectedly stop the toaster work.

Product Limitations

  • The overall quality needs to be improved.

Shop from: Amazon

Koryo Pop-Up Toaster

It is a less expensive model of a toaster and springs with color variants. Koryo KPT925 consumes 750 watts. With bread slice slots, seven brownings manage features, vehicle mobile forestall button, reheat mode, and a detachable crumb tray. It’s miles like another toaster to be had withinside the marketplace. It comes with 12 months of producing guarantee.

Product Features

  • The bottom of the unit consists of a removable crumb tray for removing any crumbs inside the tray. 
  • An emergency stop button is also available to stop the toaster abruptly.
  • There is a reheat mode besides the 7 browning controls and stop button. 
  • Place the waffles or bread in cold or frozen buns and the appliance freezes and heats it again.

Product Advantages

  • Pocket-friendly price with a lot of flagship features that make it a must buy.
  • Consumes less electricity and also looks great when kept on the dining table itself. 

Product Limitations

  • The body needs improvement as the rivals offer much better quality in this price range. 

Buy Now: Amazon

Pigeon Pop-Up toaster

This organization has been withinside the marketplace because generations and those depend upon their merchandise because of their consumer pride levels. Like different toasters, it additionally comes with a pop-up facility after toasts are made just the way you like them. 

Product Features

  • It has six browning management features and works primarily based totally at the timer this is set. 
  • It purchases seven hundred watts of electricity and has a minimalistic frame design. 
  • It is a pocket-friendly toaster to offer you features that any premium brand will do at a higher price.

Product Advantages

  • The price is the biggest advantage that makes it the best toaster to buy. 
  • The cord binder is a great add-on to keep your wires tangle-free.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty to give you extra peace of mind.

Product Limitations

  • The toaster does not have any breadcrumb tray

Buy Now: Amazon

Prestige Pop-Up Toaster

One of the best toasters to buy in 2020 is from Prestige. The brand is a huge name in itself and offers excellent service. The toaster comes with a defrost button and a reheat button. It has five variable browning management features, a crumb tray, and an automated close-off characteristic after the toast is ready. 

Product Features

  • This equipment’s energy intake is 800 watts, and there’s a 365 days guarantee supplied with this tool.
  • It’s a budget-friendly and economic commodity. 
  • While most toasters in this range have a single defrost / reheat button, the latter are two. 
  • But it has only 5 variable browning control choices on its screen, unlike most toasters on the list. 

Product Advantages

  • Depending on your taste you can set from simple mild heat to golden brown or dark brown. 
  • The toasting slots’ grilled nature also gives the bread its optimum soft, crunchy ratio and great taste.

Product Limitations

  • Nothing. It is a great option to look out for in this budget. 

Shop From: Amazon

Kent Pop-Up Toaster

The slice pops up a toaster from Kent is just like the Prestige pop up toaster. It has separate defrost and reheat buttons and a cancel button like several different toasters. It comes with more comprehensive and longer slots and a clean pull crumb tray. 

Product Features

  • The toaster slots are sufficiently long and wide to suit all types of bread and dimensions. 
  • When the bread is toasted, it will shut down and the toast will be released from the toaster.
  • The toaster is made by keeping style, comfort and price in mind.

Product Advantages

  • With a one year warranty, this is one of the best toasters you can look out for. 
  • The toaster comes with a great design and looks good on your shelf.
  • The motor is strong and does not consume a lot of electricity. 

Product Disadvantages

  • None. It is a decent product you can buy at this price range. 

Buy Now: Amazon

Cello Pop-Up Toaster

One of the best toasters to grab your hands on this is also a great smart appliance that looks perfect in your kitchen. For the ones who do not have the time of making breakfast, this toaster is going to be the best companion. 

Product Features

  • While the bread tray slots look small, they are big and long enough to take in any kind of sandwich, cassock or waffle.
  • The high lifting feature on the side is useful to extract small bread pieces which are inside the toaster.
  • This has 7 brown choices and stops when the bread toasts are finished. This stops automatically. 
  • There is also a cancelling button in the middle to stop the toasting. But there are no additional defrosting or reheating buttons available.

Product Advantages

  • The price and the looks just make this toaster a must-buy for your kitchen.
  • The motor is of good quality and gives you a good time saving on your electricity bill.
  • The built is strong and of good quality to offer you a long life.

Product Limitations

  • There could have been some additional features from the brand to make it top the charts.

Shop Now: Amazon

Black+Decker Pop-Up Toaster

A great toaster to buy at a pocket-friendly price that offers a good design, a strong body, a powerful motor and a lot more.  The 2-slice slots are broad and long and feature thin rods. Such rods can also be used to steam up your pancakes, waffles, pastries and much more when used as bun heaters.

Product Features

  • There are 6 total settings to choose from for browning power. 
  • In addition, it also has separate defrost and reheating buttons for defrosting and refrozen bakeries. 
  • The bottom is stylized with a slight gap, which is easily removed, which allows it to easily be pulled back.
  • Complete and hit the power button in your desired browning state. When the toast is finished, the unit automatically closes.

Product Advantages

  • The toaster comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty to offer you a great deal.
  • The body is made from high-quality plastic and looks just great.
  • The price of the toaster is well within the range and the electricity consumption is also minimal.

Product Limitations

  • None. It is a great buy at this price. 

Shop From: Amazon

Borosil Pop-Up Toaster

One of the best toasters that is also loved by the bachelors. if you are looking for a product that will last longer and give you the pleasure of enjoying crisp brown toasts then this toaster is going to be your best friend for a long time. 

Product Features

  • It is a 750-watt toaster with six browning management settings. 
  • It has a reheat button, a cancel button, and springs with grilling rods. 
  • It has a 12 months production guarantee. 
  • The slices of bread desires to be flipped after some time if you want to attain even browning from each side. 

Product Advantages

  • Economical price and a strong motor that offers you a durable life 
  • Sleek body with a great design that a flagship brand can offer.

Product Limitations

  • The wire is short and hence it has to be placed near the socket.

Shop Now: Amazon

Why To Lookout For Pop Up Toasters Over The Normal Variants

The number one attention while deciding on a toaster is the design, length, and budget. Pop-up toasters are perfect for toasting slices of bread. Toasters also are compact in width and clean in your pocket. Here are some motives why pop-up toasters are rating higher than toaster ovens.

Ideal for Crispy Toasts

If a plateful of crispy toast is all you need, Pop-up toasters are your excellent option. The purpose is pop-up toasters brown the toasts always and frivolously in comparison to toaster ovens. Also, a pop-up toaster can toast bread slices in 1-four mins compared to ovens, which take 3-nine mins.

Saves Time

The time to toast a slice of the bread relies upon volume. As a result, quicker toaster ovens take two times the time as pop-up toasters. A -slice toaster comes with all of the essential functions which can make your mornings much less hectic.

Features To Consider When You Shop For A Pop – Up Toaster

When shopping for a pop-up toaster you must keep these points in mind to bring home one of the best toasters:

Browning Options

The brand new toasters from a number of the famed manufacturers include extraordinary browning modes. 

Size of the Slots

The subsequent factor is the dimensions of the slots. When you choose a -slot toaster, ensure it has deep grooves. This makes it easy to toast massive slices of bread effortlessly with perfection.

Cleaning Tray

Cleaning bread crumbs from the floor of the toaster is a tough task. This is the purpose why you must ensure the toaster comes with a detachable tray to clean the bread crumbs effortlessly.

Features Of A Standard Toaster That You Must Lookout For

  • Cancel: Another fundamental feature, this one permits you to prevent complaints mid-cycle.
  • Reheat: If you want to reheat your toast or you think that it is still not in the perfect form then this option can be used to reheat to make it perfect. 
  • Crumb tray: yes, it is a huge hurdle to clean your toaster. But if you have a bread crumb tray then you can easily clean them without many hassles. 
  • Keep heat: This is much like a reheat feature; however, it is going one step similarly through retaining the toast heat till you are geared up for it.
  • A bit more: If your toast is not pretty brown sufficient to your liking, you press this button to offer it only a little bit longer.
  • Quick look: This convenient feature method you do not should reset the cycle to take a sneaky peek at your toast development.

Which are the best toasters: Two-Slice Or Four-Slice?

You cannot decide the best toaster with the number of slots. The requirement for the slots totally depends on the size of the family you have. If you live in a big family it is a better option to go for more slots. Generally, people shop for a two-slot toaster. This takes less space and also looks good. There are customers who also believe that making toasts is messier in the toasters that offer you more slots. 

Fancy Features That The Best Toasters Have

Toasters are quite simple machines; however, in recent times, toasters include a few fancier features. Here are a number of the other superb matters they could do:

  • These days the best toasters come with LED lights that show you the timer in the dark too. 
  • The defrost option is one of the fancy features that has been added to the best toasters to make them look great. 
  • Different sound alerts that help you know that your toasts are ready to be eaten.

How We Check Toasters To Make Them Rank In The Best Toaster List?

In our toaster exams so far, we have got toasted a big 2,886 slices of bread to locate the quality fashions. We first test whether or not the slots can accommodate thick farmhouse slices in addition to bagels. Then we test the browning consistency for every niche, and we time it to peer how lengthy it takes to get that best slice. Above all, we’re seeking out crisp, gold, or even results, even if it has to defrost the bread earlier than toasting. The temperature of the outdoors casing while toasting is every other essential factor – a few toasters get as excessive as 70 levels in use, which can be dangerous.


This was a list of best toasters to help you guide in shopping for the best ones. Hope you like it and will keep the points in mind when planning to shop for one for your home. 

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