Prolong sitting with the flexed spinal curve results in cramps and causes the muscles to tense. Besides, most of us have a habit of slouching forward when sitting for an extended time. It is one of the leading causes of lower back pain and lumbar lordosis.

A good seating posture is essential to keep the spinal curves in its natural position. It is of the essence for all of us to recognize the fact that our spine forms the framework around which the other body organs are formed.  It maintains our body upright and holds the head straight. If your posture is good, your spine performs its job at its best.  In the case of slouching, the lower back is pushed outwards and the bottom spine is flattened causing pain in the back. An individual who suffers from lumbar disc issues also experiences pain down their legs.

Nevertheless, we hold no alternative than to sit for long hours in the office seats that offer minimal documentation to our lumbar. But, you can use lumbar pillows to support your back and minimize the risk of a backache and lumbar lordosis.

What is a lumbar pillow

Lumbar pillows are support pads that keep your spine in its natural position even while sitting and also eases back pain. The shape of these pillows is such that it rests along the spine’s inner curve and cradles the lower back offering constant support even in sitting position. It increases the sitting stability and comfort and also gives the freedom to place the support in the best place for our back. By enforcing right posture, lumbar pillows maintain a healthy spinal alignment.

Where is a lumbar support set

Lumbar pillows are placed in the chair in a vertical position so that it rests in the small or curve of the lower back so that the proper curvature of the spine is maintained. Likewise, it also keeps the shoulders, ears and hips in natural alignment. Keep lumbar pillow in such a way that you are comfortably able to sit in your chair as much of the chair back and your feet are flat on the ground.

How to choose a lumbar pillow for yourself

Before selecting a lumbar pillow, there are few points to be kept in mind. First of all, a lumbar pillow should be easily attachable to your sitting chair. It should be soft yet supportive and fixed in place. One more important thing you need to consider is that the support pillow is under your budget. To make your search easy we tested some pillows that were highly ranked on Amazon and ended with the list of best lumbar support pillows. Have a look.

Top 10 beast lumbar support pillows

  1. Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion

It is an orthopedic design. It is a 100 percent pure foam pillow that relieves a backache and muscle pain. You can buy it for your office chair, car and also for the couch, wheelchair or can carry it on airplanes. It is useful in arthritis, herniated disks, and stenosis. Its universal curvature and dual premium adjustable strap places it anywhere along the back of a chair for thoracic, lower back, neck and spine relief. Also, the pillow will stay in its place rather than falling down your chair. It is also provided with hypoallergenic 3D mesh cover that allows the air to flow freely through the cushion and keeps it dry and cool. You get a lifetime guarantee on this product.

Price- $35 approx.

  1. Mastery Mart Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

This support pillow is made up of 100 percent polyurethane and is available in 13x12x 5inch/ 33x31x12 Cm sizes. It is made up of premium grade memory foam that is soft and firm balanced but highly resilient. It moulds according to your back to give it optimal support. The cushion is provided with a removable and machine washable cover that is made up of 3-D mesh fabric that ensures the airflow, keeps the lumbar pillow soft and dry and provides it with extreme durability. The pad will correct and improve your back posture. You will also get 100 percent guarantee.

Price- $39 approx.

  1. Back Cushion Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

This lumbar pillow is made up of 50D density memory foam to support the spine evenly. It prevents the uneven bending of the spine that is a result of poor posture. Likewise, it also relieves back pain that is caused due to prolonged sitting. It is also helpful in waist shaping and beauty hip. The curved support deigns of the pillow fits into the back, ensures that the body is aligned correctly and eliminates pressure points. The dual adjustable straps of the cushion keeps it in place. Its covers is made up of soft shearing fabric that makes sure that the air flows freely. The cover is removable, washable, no static electricity and anti-corrosion bacteria. The invisible zipper design makes the cover beautiful. This product comes with 100 percent risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

Price-$89 approx.

  1. Lumbar Support Lower Back Cushion Pillow

It is a 100 percent high-density memory foam lumbar pillow that not only provides an optimal support for our back, but also improve the posture and relieves back pain as well as arthritis pain. It also relieves pain or muscle ache caused due to curvature, herniated disc, stenosis and general soreness.  It is one of the perfect cushions for prolonged sitting or long drives. The adjustable straps hold the cushion firmly in the proper position. The hypoallergenic and breathable cover keeps the pillow dry and fresh. These pads are backed by unmatched customer support along with quality assurance.

Price- $79 approx.

  1. Back Cushion Wuudi 100% Pure Memory Foam

This cushion will provide all the support to your neck, back and spine. It promotes healthy posture, relieves lower back pain and reduces stress. If you spend too much of your time sitting, then it is highly recommended for you. Likewise, it is useful in arthritis, stenosis, muscle ache and backache. It is a high quality and 100 percent pure memory foam pillow with a dual adjustable strap to maintain the cushion at its place. Its cover is breathable and washable and keeps the cushion dry and cool. Being, lightweight and portable size, you can easily carry this support pillow where ever needed.

Price- $50 approx.

  1. Cheer Collection Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion

This lumbar cushion improves the blood circulation and alleviates back pain, lumbar ache, and the suffering that is associated with the herniated disc. It is shaped to support the natural curve of the spine and correct the posture. It is not just comfortable for prolonged sitting in chair but also great for long drives and on airplanes, trains, and wheelchair.  It is made up of high-density memory foam. It has micro plush, washable cover that renders soft velvety feeling and makes sitting more comfortable. It has a fully adjustable elastic strap that fits a chair even 25″ wide. In addition to its lightweight, this pillow is provided with a handle and a travel case making it easy to carry everywhere you go.

Price- $15 approx.

  1. Latex Lumbar Support

It is a lumbar support pillow that is made up of environmental and natural latex material. It is anti-mite and odorless. This pillow won’t get hardened or yellow with time. It has a honeycomb structure that makes it breathable and features excellent heat dispersion. It reduces nerve and vascular compression, supports your back and promotes vibrant and healthy posture. It has removable and washable zip cover. This product is provided with a 100 percent risk-free customer satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free 60 day return window.

Price- $50 Approx.

  1. Nurture Soft Orthopedic Lumbar Support Back Cushion Pillow

This pillow will pain off your spinal column, lower and upper thoracic region and sciatic nerve.  It is made of 100 percent premium memory foam that contours to your back curve and corrects your posture. It is soft yet firm and has easy to attach adjustable straps. Its cover is made up of antimicrobial and mesh fabric that allows free flow of the air, absorbs moisture and keeps it fresh and cool.

Price- $69 Approx.

  1. Smart Lumbar Support Back Cushion by Liliyo

If you suffer from tightness, pain or back pressure from prolonging sitting then this pillow from LIliyo is your solution. It is soft and comfortable yet provides firm support. It has a particular 3-strap design that helps you to adjust the cushion vertically as well as horizontally and also prevents the cushion from sliding down.  It is anti-flattening and is made up of 100 percent therapeutic grade high-density rebound foam. This product is sold with a one-year guarantee.

  1. Simple Posture Lower Back Pain Cushion

Simple posture lower back lumbar support is a complete solution to tightness or a pressure felt on your lower back. It promotes healthy posture and makes your relaxed and comfortable while sitting. It has an anti-slipping back cover and doubles adjustable strap to keep it at the place. It is available in the compact size and is easy to carry anywhere you like.  If you do not like it, you can send it back even after using, and you will get all your refund without any question or hassle.

Price- $24 approx.

Hope this article has given you the required details before you shop around for lumbar pillows. Better buy two or more lumbar pillows to use in your office, one for home and one more in your car to make the support pads readily available and increase your possibility to use them.

Using lumbar pillows doesn’t mean that you should now sit for prolonged time in one position. It is recommended not to sit for more than 2 hours in opposition. Then, after 2 hours get up from your chair and move for a minute or two before sitting again. In case you can’t avoid long sittings, then in addition to a lumbar pillow place your feet on a small stool to relieve your back from additional stress. And yes, your spine will certainly thank you if you take your lumbar pillow along with you while traveling through long-distance modes of transportation or even in the car for a trip that involves more than 15 minutes.