What is the best time and day to play online slots?

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When do you tend to play online slots? Perhaps you’re a morning person who enjoys playing them with your morning coffee, or perhaps you prefer to relax with slots like the Great Rhino slot and a beer after a long day at work. We can see the positives in both, but did you know that some people believe that there is a specific time of the day to play slots? That’s right – read on to find out our take on what is the best time and day to play online slots!

6pm – midnight on Fridays

Many people believe that the best time and day to play online slots is between 6pm and 12am on Friday nights.  That’s so specific, what on Earth makes them think that? Well, there are several key reasons behind this:

–          Friday nights are by far the busiest days of the week for online slot sites

–          People tend to play between 6pm and Midnight on Friday nights as a way to relax after a long week at work

–          Therefore, many people believe that online slot sites increase the payout rate of their slots during this time period, as it attracts more people to play during the rush period.

So, is any of this true? Well, we can’t say for sure – there has never been any official confirmation of this happening, but we have to agree that it does seem to be the case. There’s only one way to find out – get online between 6pm and midnight next Friday and see for yourself!

Midnight – 6am, Any Day of the Week

This might seem like a bit of an odd one, and it directly contradicts the last points made. Surely midnight to 6am would be the quietest time for online slots, particularly on weekdays? That’s absolutely right, and this is why we have a theory that it is the best time to play. Don’t dismiss us just yet, here out our theory:

–          Point 1: Progressive slots have the biggest jackpots out there, with some hitting the millions of pounds

–          Point 2: Anybody can win a progressive jackpot at any moment, and someone could win it whilst you’re playing the same game

–          Point 3: Not many people play progressive jackpots or any slots between midnight and 6am as they’re probably sleeping!

–          Point 4: Therefore, if you play progressive jackpots between midnight and 6am, the chances of the jackpot being snatched from you are decreased significantly!

Obviously, this is just a theory, and it would ultimately all come down to time zones, but we think it’s genius! Feel free to steal that idea from us and give it a test run – but please share a fraction of your insane jackpot if it works!

Final Thoughts

Overall, nobody really knows whether there is an optimum time to play online slots. The online casinos will generally say that these points are myths, but we think they make sense. Whether you believe them or not, one thing is for sure – the best time to play online slots is whenever you feel like having some fun! 

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