What is the Gamble Option in Online Slots?


With players becoming more demanding with the changing casino trends, the online slot developers are bound to introduce new and innovative features in their online slots to entice more players towards them. But some classics never grow old when it comes to online slot game features. One such example is the Gamble Option or Feature.

As the name indicates, this feature is the purest form of gamble any online slot at Mega Reel can offer. But the temptation is too significant to let this offer go. Hence, players keep coming for this option and trying their luck with all their rewards on the line.

Despite all the risks attached to this option, if you wish to try the Gamble Option in all its glory, then the perfect place to start would be the low-volatility online slots. These online slots offer winning opportunities more frequently but with lower reward values. Hence, you are more likely to come across the Gamble option quite often.

Secondly, to give you a head start with this feature, we highlight here the possible forms in which the Gamble option can appear in an online slot.

Various Forms of the Gamble Option

1.       Card Guessing Gamble

The most common form of Gamble option is when the players need to guess the colour, suit or the value of the card shown on the screen. When you make a guess, the card reveals itself, and your win or loss is determined.

2.       Wheel of Fortune Gamble

Another classic gamble style is the famous wheel of fortune. You are presented with a wheel having two zones marked with two different colours. The ‘win’ side can be green or blue. Whereas, the ‘lose’ side is always painted red. You spin the wheel, and your reward is decided by the zone where at arrow lands at.

Many online slots allow you to increase or decrease your winning chances by increasing the sizes of the corresponding zones on the wheel. If you expand the ‘win’ zone, your rewards decrease in their value. On the other hand, if you play with greater risk by increasing the ‘lose’ zone, you win more if you get lucky.

3.       Heads or Tails Gamble

Like any other game, the toss of a coin has its unique place in online slots. Here, you can find it as a gamble feature where you have to guess which side the tossed coin will land in.

4.       Guess the Number Gamble

Another form of gamble option appears when you see a number flashing on your screen, anywhere between 1 and 12. You have to guess whether the next number to appear will be greater or smaller than the number already present on the screen.

5.       Guess the Hidden Symbol Gamble

Here, you have to make a wild guess of the symbol that is concealed behind a card on the screen.

Now that you know what this gamble option is, weigh your odds before putting all on the line, as it is about having all or nothing!

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