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February 7, 2012Miscellaneous1 Comment

What was the carefree childhood, the better to remember it in adulthood. Few designers resist the order to put these memories in their projects. Do not spared this fate, and the Slovak author named Boris Klimek. His childhood is associated with a bunch of balloons , which he described as a conceptual Lamp Light Memory.

Kids love balloons, by definition, but a special love are still those that are inflated with helium, and therefore can fly, hovering near the ceiling. These are the balls flying became the prototypes for a series of fixtures Memory Light. They include chandeliers, since each of them attached to the ceiling, and the switch is presented in the form of lace, which need to pull to turn on the light, and then pull it again to turn it off.

Balloon does not happen much, so the number of floating near the ceiling lights is limited to only the financial condition of the client.Memory Lights exist in three different sizes to choose from and three colors: white, green and crimson.

Balloon , which glows from the ceiling, not the only original concept in the portfolio of the author, deserves attention. In the author’s website ( ) Klimek Boris (Boris Klimek) – Mass of the amazing developments that could beautify our life, getting a start in life – and on the shelves.

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  1. adrianamumaw says:

    Love this!!! What a wonderful concept 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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