All You Need To Know About Windows 11

Upgradation Has become the most important tool of Technology every Technology which comes at the present moment has to get upgraded and innovated shortly to ensure its survival in the long run. It is extremely important to remember that no technology can remain as it is for a long period without incorporating the Latest type […]

AI to take over human journalists in Microsoft

We have been hearing about Artificial Intelligence to take over humans for a long time, but now it’s the time to witness it. Dozens of journalists and editorial workers at Microsoft News and MSN organizations have been laid off as a part of Artificial Intelligence pushing humans for picking up news and content which is […]

Xbox One : Open NAT by enabling UPnP

Xbox One is on, and during this period if you are encountering connectivity issues, Network Address Translation (NAT) type is the first place to look. NAT establishes how easily we connect to other players, potentially limiting who we can enjoy games with. While various solutions can alter NAT type, enabling Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) […]

Google Classroom: 10 Tips for Remote Learning

Google Classroom, right now, teachers are jumping on board with it…., sink or swim! So in this article, I am going to give you 10 Google Classroom tips for remote learning. During the unprecedented time of close school downs, Google Classroom has become a must-have software to distribute, communicate, and remote learning assignments. This following […]