Apple’s shaking it down for a cut of its subscriptions, said a new email startup

On Monday morning Hey established its email service. That’s also when Apple began demanding it change the way people pay, or risk getting tossed out of the App Store. Accurate around the time the group at Basecamp was propelling their Hey email services to the general population on Monday, Basecamp’s lead iOS engineer, Zach Waugh, […]

Mac vs. PC: Which is better for a student?

Mac and Windows-based PC are different. But how to understand this in layman terms. Let’s give you some idea about it. The Mac OS always supports both a left-click and a right-click for the mouse. Besides, we can hook up the mouse we use on our Windows PC to a Mac. While Apple’s Magic Mouse […]

Mac : Ways To Automate Your Daily Life

Mac does a lot of background tasks without you having any input. Time Machine, for example, backs up on its own and will continue to do so until the disk is full. This article is going to show you a variety of different methods and tools which you can use to automate the other parts […]