Drones deployed for controlling locusts in Rajasthan

Drones deployed for controlling locusts in Rajasthan as Union Ministry of Civil Aviation has permitted the Rajasthan government’s Agriculture Department to use remotely piloted aircraft systems for anti-locust operations in the broad areas where the swarms of insect have landed. The locust attack has affected approximately 90,000 hectares in 20 districts of Rajasthan. In order, […]

Marut Drones : Reforestation, Agriculture, Insect Menace

Marut Drones was founded by Prem Kumar Vislawath, Suraj Peddi, and Saikumar Chinthala, IIT Guwahati alumni. The idea takes the help of drones for reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and tackling insect menace on lakes. While they had not anticipated a situation such as COVID-19, they still rose to the occasion to help the needy. 11 districts […]

Drones : An Amazing Transformation in Healthcare

Drone being used for commercial purposes has gotten faster as Amazon has announced that it wants to use drones to deliver to customers. This is a very transformational idea with many consequences. The future use of drones in healthcare is very thought-provoking. Industrial use of technology to improve safety and care for delivery purposes is […]

5 Drones With the Best Range


Flight range is one of the most important factors with of course the pricing of a drone. We have come up with a list of five drones with the best range in 2018 so far. You will also find the battery time a drone works for, which is another feature that needs to be noted while […]