Reddit prohibits r / The Donald and r / ChapoTrapHouse as a result of expanded regulations

On Monday more than 2,000 groups are being suspended for breaching the latest content policies of Reddit Upon changing its community policies to further specifically prohibit hate speech, Reddit would suspend r / The Donald, r / ChapoTrapHouse, and around 2000 other groups today. The policy change came three weeks after demonstrations from Black Lives […]

Exclusive: Facebook ad boycott campaign to go worldwide, suggest organizers

(Reuters) — the organizing committee of a Facebook Inc (FB.O) advertisement boycott movement which has attracted help from a steadily growing list of big corporations is now planning to step up the global fight to raise leverage on the social networking company to eliminate hate speech. The “Stop Hate for Profit” movement will continue calling […]

Facebook toughens controls on Speech as Ad Boycott Grows

Facebook Inc. rose under scrutiny from advertisers. FB -8.32 per cent said that it would begin to mark political expression which breaks its laws and introduce certain steps to avoid the intimidation of voters and to defend minorities from violence. The proposed rules were revealed Friday soon after The Wall Street Journal confirmed that U.S. […]


Twitter is the place you go to discuss what’s going on. Throughout the years, photographs, recordings, gifs, video and additional characters have permitted you to include your own energy and character to your discussions. Yet sometimes, here and there 280 characters aren’t sufficient, and some conversational subtleties are lost in translation. So beginning today, we’re […]

In july house probe wants to testify big tech CEOs

Axios has learned that house antitrust investigators are pushing the CEOs of Alphabet, Facebook, Apple and Amazon to testify, as a part of Judiciary Committee’s tech competition probe by Sunday. The big picture: The power of the biggest tech companies platforms will heat up as the public examining their heads. Details: This week judiciary Committee sent […]

Facebook launches new feature for small businesses announces Mark Zuckerberg

KEY Highlights: · CEO Mark Zuckerberg declares about the launch of Facebook Shops, a new feature of e-commerce that lets the businesses to list down about their products on Instagram and Facebook. · This feature of Facebook lets the businesses to catalog their products on the pages of Facebook, stories or in ads and Instagram […]

Illegal File Sharing and Downloading : Preventive Measures

Illegal File Sharing or legal file sharing… the internet provides easy access to a range of downloadable videos, software, music, & documents. Find out how your child could benefit from legally and without risk of bullying, grooming, identity theft, and even viruses. Pirated Download There are various sites where we can legally download such files […]

Password : Tips to Make it as Secure as Possible

Passwords are vital for our workplace and computers as we’ve been on the internet for almost four decades. According to the newly generated security study about the topic, the most generally used web passwords are things like “password” and “123456.” For sure, these are easy to remember but making them just as vulnerable to be […]