Facebook launches new feature for small businesses announces Mark Zuckerberg

KEY Highlights: · CEO Mark Zuckerberg declares about the launch of Facebook Shops, a new feature of e-commerce that lets the businesses to list down about their products on Instagram and Facebook. · This feature of Facebook lets the businesses to catalog their products on the pages of Facebook, stories or in ads and Instagram […]

Illegal File Sharing and Downloading : Preventive Measures

Illegal File Sharing or legal file sharing… the internet provides easy access to a range of downloadable videos, software, music, & documents. Find out how your child could benefit from legally and without risk of bullying, grooming, identity theft, and even viruses. Pirated Download There are various sites where we can legally download such files […]

Password : Tips to Make it as Secure as Possible

Passwords are vital for our workplace and computers as we’ve been on the internet for almost four decades. According to the newly generated security study about the topic, the most generally used web passwords are things like “password” and “123456.” For sure, these are easy to remember but making them just as vulnerable to be […]

The Best Cozy Gifts to Put in Their Stocking

Cozy Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner. You’re probably wondering “Where did the time go?” The weeks have flown by and you haven’t bought any gifts yet. If you need some amazing last-minute gift ideas, be sure to add these items to your list.

Credit Unions’ Tool for Secure Communications: Board Portal Software


Our era is marked by both the ubiquity of pocket-sized electronic devices powerful enough to connect us to people around the world and paranoia over cyber security. If the most powerful multinational corporations and even political parties are getting hacked, can the rest of us be safe?

How Does Swagbucks Video Work?

working on website

The next time you come home after a long day, and you’re ready to watch some movies from your favorite streaming service, consider this: You can actually make money by watching videos online with Swagbucks. It’s true! Swagbucks Watch allows users to watch videos from various genres and earn points while doing so. From there, […]

Bibium Launches #AskBibium, The First Social Media Q&A Service For Coffee Machines

coffee machine

Bibium launches a consumer-facing Q&A service, #AskBibium, to help the general public get better informed about commercial coffee machines Service is entirely free and can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn It’s aimed at end users – people who are thinking of buying a machine or who already have one but are experiencing a problem […]

Tips to Enjoy More Your Workout Despite the Sweat


Working out helps your body becomes stronger and at the same time gives you overall healthy well-being. This is not just for people who want to lose weight. Working out is for everybody who cares for their health. However, we cannot deny the fact that this is not an easy routine to get into. Most […]