Concept Soleil City Car – Conveniently folded into a Suitcase


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Many motorists are forced daily to deal with the same problem, namely, the inability to find parking in the city center, where they arrived for work, shopping or entertainment. But it turns out, this inconvenience is easily solved if … the car folded into a suitcase . So say the authors of the Concept Car City Soleil .

We have already talked about the bags that are both generators and battery power. As an example, the concepts named Yill and Suitcase Travel Changer . But in the Michelin Challenge Design Company propose to use as a form of a suitcase for storing a car.

In many older cities, there are whole areas of narrow streets, which, sometimes, even two cars can not pass one another. They can not expand – the historical legacy. That’s it for such sites and created a car Soleil City Car! He has a very small size, both in length and in width.

This machine is designed, of course, one person, so that he got this morning from home to work, and in the evening – in the opposite direction. Furthermore, with Soleil City Car, it will no longer have to wander around the destination of his trip to find a free parking place.This car can easily be folded to a size close to the suitcase on wheels. A folded Soleil City Car, you can take him by the hand and take with you right in the office or shop.

Why are there! Even traveling by train or bus with Soleil City Car can be! It’s so convenient – to bring in another city your favorite car.

Rather, the electric car! After Soleil City Car is equipped with a small electric motor. He certainly does not allow much to be dispersed on a trip, but in cities it to anything – the average speed of the car flow in them is quite low. Work same engine Soleil City Car will from both batteries, and from solar panels built into the outer surface of the body electric.

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