Algae Urban Farm – The ultra-modern ecological project from the British architectural studio ecoLogicStudio

The ultra-modern ecological project Algae Urban Farm – a product of the creative work of experts from the British architectural studio ecoLogicStudio , specializing in innovative development, aimed at a combination of new technologies with the principles of natural ecosystem processes.

   The concept of an object designed for one of the regions of Iran, was found in the “recycling” of past traditions of Iranian architecture, which remains deeply rooted in the culture of construction in the region. However, the sponsors have provided solutions that are ideally suited for the conditions of the local microclimate.

 The project involves a radical rethinking of the traditional appearance of the building plan and the relationship of its interior space. This innovative solution requires the use of the latest eco-systems and communications.

 The basis of the model structure derived transformed but recognizable geometry, patterns of Islamic culture, which are used as the organizational principles of the plan, the facade and the main functional systems.

 Here we have used passive cooling techniques, radiation control, the innovative system for monitoring and adjusting the degree of natural sunlight, and passive methods of ventilation and temperature control systems, using thermal mass of the shell of the building, land and water.

 Hybridization, this new model, the proto-system was achieved by introducing a set of innovative components / technologies.The project authors have developed a parametric and associative modeling system of the building that provides a direct manipulation of the structure in real time, including changes in the external form and internal organization, responsive to fluctuations in climate and requirements of different functional programs.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, headquartered in London:

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