Russian Military bases on the Moon and Mars as early as Year 2050

Perhaps in the not too distant future, and at last the dream of Soviet schoolchildren, singing a song at the time that “on Mars will be apple blossom.” The fact that the Russian Space Agency announced its plans to equip the base on the Moon and Mars as early as 2050.

 A little over a year since then, as the Russian company “Orbital Technologies” and the Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia” declared their intention to open in Earth orbit space station for tourists The Commercial Space Station (CSS) . A few days ago Roskosmos shocked world opinion with his new, much more ambitious ideas.

   This is a comprehensive program of development of Russian Space designed for long life – up to 2050. Reading them, it seems that it is a science fiction novel. First Federal Space Agency plans to move most of its space launches from Baikonur Cosmodrome on the new East, located on the territory of Russia, the Far East. For start-ups will create a new rocket, the Angara, which will begin trials in 2013, the year.

 In 2020-30s, Russia plans to shut down its program to the International Space Station. At the same time will begin work on the lunar program, in which the planned manned mission to Earth’s only natural satellite in 2029, the year, exactly 60 years after landing on the moon Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Lunar program will be expanded until 2050. Moreover, by the end of this period, Russia is planning to have a permanent lunar work station.
In parallel with this, and will develop a program for the development of Mars. Adjoining it is planning to do Roskosmos in 2035, the year that the 2050 has already started the deployment of the first in the history of humanity a Martian industrial base.After all, as scientists believe, Red Planet is full of resources that will be in high demand on the Earth a few decades.

Russian Space Agency plans to really impress! But if they are realized (and to what extent), only time will tell!

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