The World’s First All Diamond Ring


March 27, 2012Miscellaneous3 Comments

Marilyn Monroe once said that the girl’s best friend – is diamonds. But if she saw the creature that made ​​the jewelry company Shawish , it probably would have come up with any popular expression. Or even two. Another would be: do not experience the thrill at the sight of “the biggest diamond ring in the world” would not have been any fatal blonde, nor any other woman.

 The real miracle of jewelry has recently introduced the Swiss Mohamed Shaweesh . Creation is called “The World’s Fist All Diamond Ring” weighs no less than 150 carats. If suddenly you’re going to offer his hand and heart of his girlfriend, then had a chance to give her a wedding ring, unique not found in the whole world. The problem rests only in money. During this diamond will have to pay only some 68 million dollars. You say a lot? Not at all. And precious minerals, and manual work is highly appreciated. And Mohamed Shaweesh needed a year to handle the diamond.

 Swiss jeweler ogranyal diamond with a special laser. Some bloggers say that creation is painfully reminiscent of popular in the early 2000’s children’s plastic ring. But you will agree that while the unpretentious design of a diamond is a diamond and it looks great.

Now all the most expensive ring of stars they seem just a little jewelry zilch. Mohammed himself said Shawish about his brainchild: “Creating a solid ring of faceted diamond has always been a fantasy, it seemed impossible. But we decided to take a risk and accept the challenge. But the “ideal” and a fully diamond ring was a real piece of art. ”

3 Responses to “The World’s First All Diamond Ring”
  1. Tension set rings says:


    as a jeweler i can say with pride this is the most stupidest thing i have ever heard of!!!! no sane person could wear it one whack and 70 million worth of broken stone

    Jane Fonda

  2. Diamond Bands says:


    we had to do multiple tests with the design, to get the precision of the circle right. Diamonds are made of carbon and molecules that can change, even the colour can be altered when attempting to cut it.

    Jon voight

  3. Vintageengagement says:


    The company is claiming it to be “the world’s first diamond ring,” and while that assertion isn’t backed up, it’s clear that the ring is no doubt impressive. Just to give perspective, Elizabeth Taylor’s famed ring was 33.19 carats while Kim Kardashian’s clocked in at 20.5 carats.

    Burgess Meredith

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