TEA Thermos : Thermos-mechanical pit perfect for brewing tea by designer Eddie Gandelman

True connoisseurs of tea, the true chaemany, perfectly aware of how many minutes should brew this noble drink, that the result is a tasty and healthy, and not as usually happens. We usually put the bag in boiling water and went about his business. And as remembered, then got him out of the cup and drink it that boldly call the tea. And it concerns not only bags, but loose tea is sold in bulk in boxes and bags. Designer Eddie Gandelman came up with a wonderful concept called TEA Thermos , which will help to make the perfect tea lovers drink.

System of a thermos-Kettle is simple and resembles something like the system works well, the Ukrainian “Krinitsa”. High-tech lid of the device, referred to as the well is equipped with a chain drum. It is attached to a tea bag, and then loaded with a chain immersed in a full Kettle, and the timer is put up for some time. Well, how much they need to get tea brewed correctly. And the process has begun.


As soon as the time expires, the chain of higher and higher raises the bag with tea leaves, and when the timer otschelknet mark of “zero”, the chain is fully lift its load of water. As a result, perfectly brewed tea properly, and will remain warm, as coined by designer Eddie Gandelman Kettle is also a thermos. Alas, it is ystroystvo yet still remains a concept …

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