A Series of Mugroso furniture basements and alleys of the designer Liliana Ovalle

To create the project original and custom furniture, and just something you need that walk through the city, looking into the gate and walk past the landfill. It was there, where they find temporary shelter homeless people, found its inspiration from the designer Liliana Ovalle from Mexico. Furniture from a series of Mugroso – inspired the city dump.

 Simply and spartan: a wooden bench littered with cushions and rags of various colors and sizes, rope and cloth, blankets and other stuff – this is a typical Mexican furniture slums, which are seen enough Liliana Ovalle before starting to work on Mugroso.What is stranger, more interesting than the shocking, the more attractive than the scandalous, the greatest of – do not forget, on which whales construct the popularity and fame in the modern world. A piece of “cake” Liliana Ovalle managed to snatch.


Sofas and chairs, and something resembling a couch or a cot, created by the same principle of “the more stuff is better” can be called art-furniture, because hardly anyone would ever think to use such things in modern interior apartment or office.However, if you spare them from extra pillows and blankets, and chairs, and sofas would become much more stylish and functional … But the author, apparently, a special look at things, so it is an art project and will Mugroso design concept.

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