Breeches, Conceptual design furniture from WamHouse

Kings of unconventional design, the Polish company WamHouse , came up with another strange project of modern furniture. Kit called Rajtuzy consists of tables and chairs, in the outlines and images which you can easily find the same article of clothing that is specified in the designation and which our grandmothers wore to keep warm in the biting cold.

If you look at the unusual furniture at a certain angle, it can really seem like a table, a chair, dressed in a polka-dot panties.Funny “dress” for furniture lovers will appreciate the non-standard solutions in the interior, as well as those who are friends with humor and misses no opportunity to once again laugh and a bit to prolong his life. It is expected that the furniture is made of Rajtuzy smooth shiny plastic, which makes it easy and convenient to transport and relatively inexpensive, rather than wood.


However, at present, this concept is under discussion and remains only on paper in the form of illustrations. Just like many other non-standard, but the creative interior design, which can be found on the website Wamhouse.

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