30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – April 30th to May 07th, 2012

1. My Awkward Family Photo


2. Norwegian Chess Prodigy Magnus Carlsen 

3. Bad Ass Old Man

4. We think our life is so hard. Hug your kids and count your blessings. A little girl looks for food in Tegucigalpa dump, Honduras 

5. Kids dressed as characters from folklore are hoisted above the heads of adults in a parade in Zhengyangguan, China

6. Hypnotic Eyes: Nepal

7. “Warmth”, B&W env portrait of a Nepali boy having lunch 

8. Romanian Gypsy girl and little boy 

9. Mustang Woman

10. Distracted Lama

11. Japanese children on a field trip to see the cherry blossoms

12. A young woman getting her hair done in the 60’s. 

13. Elderly Tibetan Nun from Nepal 

14. Immediate Family by Sally Mann

15. Two young Somali refugees on the streets of Sana’a, Yemen 

16. Girl selling candles in a Temple in Tiruchirapalli – India 

17. Irma Jenta, the tattood lady

18. Brahmin Priest on the ghats of Varanasi – India

19. “Tough”, B&W Portrait of Rai Nepali Boy 

20. Dancing Orthodox Jewish girls

21. Homeless Man Outside Restaurant

22. African Boy Jumping

23. HDR Portrait of Cowboy 

24. Chechen Dancers

25. Redheaded boy

26. May Queen and Green Man at Beltane 2012

27. Musicians on horses at the Sokoto Celebration, 1960’s Nigeria 

28. Portrait of a man in Panchanantala Slum in Kolkata – India

29. Sun Fengqin, 60, takes part in a pole-dancing class in Nanjing, China

30. Man survives point blank gunshot to the face

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