30 Best Earth Pictures of the Week – May 08th to May 15th, 2012

 1. Hang Son Doong (AKA “Mountain River Cave), Vietnam. 

2. Rainbow at Mt. Rundle, Canada 

3. Blue Lagoon Beach, Micronesia

4. Whims of the winter river – Location unknown

5. Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada

6. An incredible shot of the Scottish Highlands

7. The Piúva is a tree native to the Atlantic Forest in Brazil 

8. The lights of Glencoe

9. Cinque Terre, Italy

10. Death Valley, California

11. Lake Guichard, France

12. The Australian Outback in flood

13. Mauna Kea, and its shadow engulfing the Moon; Hawaii 

14. Beautiful sunrise over Convict Lake, California

15. The Eye of Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park

16. The hole that will soon be the Aurora Lake on the Black Rapids Glacier

17. Quadruple light shaft, Antelope Canyon, AZ

18. Lake San Cristobal, Colorado

19. Waterfall Bridge, Watkins Glen, New York

20. Morskie oko, Poland

21. Coumeenole Beach, Dingle Peninsula Ireland

22. Skyline Divide and Mount Baker in Washington

23. Basque County Spain

24. Mitsukejima Island in Japan 

26. Cliffs of Moher seen from the beach 

27. World of mist 

28. Fantastic panoramic shot of Dragon Falls in Venezuela 

29. Forest of Dean, England

30. Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar

3 Responses to “30 Best Earth Pictures of the Week – May 08th to May 15th, 2012”
  1. agyragobogar says:

    stunning photos! as usual 😀

  2. anant shirpurkar says:

    killing photography!!!

  3. TampyDampy says:

    Those are some of the coolest pics I have ever seen. WOw.

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