30 Best Room Pictures of the Week – June 29th to July 6th, 2012

1. One cool curved door!

2. Cabin in a dwarf redwood grove, central coast of California

3. Indoor Pool at the Crown Towers Hotel in Taipa Island, Macau

4. Indoor/outdoor office in Sao Paolo, Brazil

5. Gorgeous penthouse living room in NYC

6. Entrance to indoor pool

7. Valley View

8. Finished my front room – black marble, gold and chocolate

9. Cockpit Bedroom

10. ‘The Long Room’ library at my university, Trinity College Dublin

11. Cozy but modern: Inside the HGTV dream home of 2011

12. Amazing tree bed, too bad I’m a poor student.

13. Beautiful patio with outdoor fireplace and pool.

14. Is the TV even really necessary when you have a view like that? In New York. 

15. Even prettier attic!

16. Leaden hall Market London (dragon alley from Harry potter)

17. A Modern Tiny Urban Balcony

18. Inside Les Invalides – Napoleon’s personal cemetery

19. Contemporary living space photographed by William MacCollum

20. My dream stairs!

21. Stone Creek Camp – Andersson Wise Architects – Bigfork, MT

22. An empty Japanese bath house.

23. Bright attic space

24. Control room abandoned power station

25. A study.

26. Chapel in abandoned castle Italy

27. Modern apartment in the city

28. Palazzo Pubblico – Siena/Italy

29. Wonderfully Detailed Peacock Room, Italy, Higher Resolution.

30. Coffee shop in Alkmaar has one up on a Starbucks for grand room to enjoy while you drink your coffee. Alkmaar, The Netherlands

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