10 Most Unique Water Parks all Around the World


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Whether you are a kid or a teenager, an adult or a grown up man you never say no to some water park, beach or river bank. When you get frustrate of working for a long time in summers you just die to go to some water park to cool you down and believe me water parks are magical, they just remove your anxiety as you enter them.

So here are details about some of the very unusual and unique water parks in the world who are wonderful and surprising at the same time. Just check out the list below.

Water park in an old aircraft hangar:

Water park in an old aircraft hangar
This huge indoor water park is situated in Germany, near the village of Ritsnoyendorf Shtakov. It is created in the aviation hangar which was built before World War II. This water park which is actually an entertainment complex is called Tropical Islands. Here you can enjoy in swimming pools and water slides.

Water park under the wing of an airplane:

Water park under the wing of an airplane
One more unusual water park is situated in the cities of Oregon. The building is located on the roof of the aircraft Howard Hughes HK-1. Interior of the building is inspired from aviation as here are hanging small planes and helicopters under the roof.

Floating sauna in the middle of the Vltava River in Prague:

Floating sauna in the middle of the Vltava River in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city with a very unusual object – a floating island. It is located inside the water park. There are bath cabins, swimming pool, cafes and shops to enjoy.

NordPoolen – the northernmost water park:

NordPoolen - the northernmost water park Northern counties are the coolest one but still they like to go to water parks. That is why in the Swedish city of Boden there is a water park called NordPoolen which is known as the northern water park in the world.

Water Park in the Olympic Aquatic Cuba:

Water Park in the Olympic Aquatic Cuba Olympics is not famous for games only. In 2008 in Beijing there was built a building called “Water Cube” for swimming competition. This huge pool was converted into a water park called Happy Magic Water Park after Olympics. It can easily be converted back into the pool when necessary.

Water Park in the style of Disney:

Water Park in the style of Disney
A water park based on Disney theme called Disney’s Blizzard Beach is located in the Walt Disney World Resort. It is built near the city of Orlando in the U.S. state of Miami. You can recall your childhood here.

Inflatable mini-water park:

Inflatable mini-water park
This is a movable water park and can be fixed anywhere. A water park can be not only a fixed institution, but also mobile. It is ideal for small resorts that are not profitable to build a large water park. It has mini-pools, slides, trampolines, etc.

Water park at the bottom of the pit:

Water park at the bottom of the pit
In the series we have Sunway Lagoon Water Park in Kuala Lumpur. It was built at the bottom and slopes of an old granite quarry and its facilities which includes a waterfall, looks very natural. It is one of the largest and most unusual water parks.

Serpentine Water Park:

Serpentine Water Park
Are you afraid of snakes? If yes, then this water park is not for you because one of the attractions of this water park is a huge, natural cobra slide. Name of this amazing water park is Hurricane Harbor Water Park which is located in New Jersey.

The world’s largest water park:

The world's largest water park
Here ten thousand people can accommodate at a time so it is world’s largest water park named Ocean Dome which is situated on the island of Kyushu in Japan. Most amazing thing about Water Park is its roof as it is extensible and can be opened on sunny days, and closed on snowy.

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