30 Best Earth Pictures of the Week – Aug 8th to Aug 14th, 2012

1. Elephant Foot Glacier, Greenland

2. Sunrise on Palouse Hills, Eastern Washington.

3. Mountains reflected in the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

4. Lush green covering the Alps

5. Moss-Covered Forest in Yakushima

6. This is where I spent last Friday night: Lakes of the Clouds Mt. Washinton, NH

7. Sunset over a Hawaiian Beach

8. On a road going from Yellowstone, I saw the most beautiful view of my life, – by Andy Hodapp

9. Alpine Scenic, Washington

10. Cliffs of Dover, England

11. Uluru-Ayers Rock – Northern Territory, Australia

12. Taejongdae, Busan, South Korea

13. Heading upstream in San Blas, Panama

14. Lençois Maranhenses, Brazil

15. Peaceful river..

16. Lake McDonald – Glacier National Park

17. Looking West from Boulder Pass- Glacier National Park

18. Mt. Rainier: over Reflection Lake, under Ursa Major

19. Somewhere in the Faroe Islands

20. Northern Oregon Coast

21. Badlands National Park, South Dakota

22. Walenstadt, Switzerland

23. Revelstoke, BC

24. Rapeseed Plants in Full Bloom in China’s Yunnan Province.

25. Sunburst Lake, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

26. The Matterhorn, Switzerland

27. Photo of mountains in the Bojin Region in Slovenia, taken by my dad

  28. Nymph Lake, Yellowstone National Park

29. Tuja, Latvia by Tamara Patrejeva

  30. Snowdonia, Wales

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