20 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Aug 15th to Aug 21th, 2012


1. So I have some handheld strobes

2. Girl and dolphin fountain tower bridge London

3. Silhouette Long Exposure, AZ

4. Motorway in Turku, Finland

5. Pittsburgh PA Skyline, from Mt. Washington Overlook, with a jet getting into the pattern to land at Pittsburgh Int. Airport.

6. Night at the Wyoming State Fair

7. product of a bonfire and a good exposure

  8. Long exposure with a twist at a local park.

  9. A Photo of a storm and the Milky Way from my backyard

10. Star Attempts at Mt Baldy

11. Steel wool in abandoned campground

12. Waterfall in Monrovia Canyon, CA

13. Thunderstorm at night over Peden Stadium – Athens, Ohio

14. I’ve been meaning to take this picture for a couple of months now, finally got to the right place in Italy to make it!

15. Headlamp trail Joshua Tree Jumbo Rocks

16. Lightning over Florida.

17. Playing with long shutter speeds and mid-exposure zooming.

18. Whistler

19. Inner City Pittsburgh Skyline

20. Strobe Hula Hoop

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